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From Yael:

Each day when I meditate, I am lifted into the most indescribable love and beauty. My consciousness expands into limitless freedom and exquisite joy and I am fully awake to the deep, profound and tender gift of communion with God. A communion that is our birthright and Love that is our true nature. It is an experience that is beyond my ability to place into words. It is being alive and conscious as the heart of All That Is while at the same time being aware of a relationship with our Creator that is intimate and tender, a gift that creates a circle of Love that is the purpose of Creation.

From this place of expanded awareness and indescribable love, I do my best to place words on the experience. While I speak these words into a recorder, it is the vibration of love that is the true gift that is given to us in these Messages from God.

It has always been my experience that listening to the recordings is the most powerful experience of this vibration of Real Love. While the vibration is, of course, present in the typed Messages from God, it is effortlessly accessed while listening to the recordings.

I'm so excited about offering these recordings! These are the unedited recordings of The Messages from God as they are being received. (In some of them, you will even hear birdsong if it's summer and I'm meditating outside on the deck). Most of all, you will feel the vibration of Love that is the most important part of these Messages.

It is Doug's and my heartfelt prayer to be able to place all of our focus on getting the Messages from God and the Messages of Love out to a greater and greater audience, to bring this vibration of Love to humanity. After praying for this, through many wonderful circumstances, we have been guided to offer these Messages to you as downloadable audio files, for a small cost.

As well as being an attunement to Love, I believe that these audio Messages will powerfully speak to each person according to the needs of the moment. And, these Messages are a perfect daily meditation. They will lift you into the glorious realms of Love effortlessly, open your heart and attune your vibration to the vibration of Real Love while bringing you to your own communion with God. So I encourage you to download as many as you can to use for your meditation times. (I know that you will always include Circle of Light/me as the vehicle through which these come so others can come to our website and explore for themselves.)

As well as these audio recordings, we also send out a typed Message from God (free) every month by email. We also send out biweekly Messages Love and offer audio downloads for free periodically.

These are wonderful– accessible, potent, uplifting and easy to share. (You receive these automatically if you are on our mailing list.)

Thank you for your beautiful heart, for serving Love and for your dedication to creating a world of only Love.

If you haven't yet explored the rest of our website, please do. There is so much that is offered here. And, stay tuned for our new offerings coming soon to assist in the Shift to the Heart.

PLEASE NOTE: After you order your digital media (audio download or ebooks), you will be sent an email. It will come from and it will have the link for you to click to get your download. Please look for this email. If for any reason you don't get it, please check your spam/junk folder before contacting us. But if for any reason you don't get your download, please know we will make sure that you do!

With love and blessings,


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We Are Close

Summary: God reminds us how close we are and how to remember through our consistent communion.

Excerpt: “All the ideas of the little mind, of believing that you are less-than, less-than perfect, less-than what is needed in the world or in your life, all of this disappears when you recognize the message that is coming to you from your heart right now, as you accept and take delight in our closeness. Look for Me each day, every hour. Let Me sing you to sleep at night. Let Me hold you in perfection as you close your eyes. And as you slip free of the bonds of earth, step into the freedom of My Love and I will show you how deep our closeness is and how eternal.” .

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The World is Far Less Solid

Summary: God shares that the density and gravity of the physical plane is quickly being shifted into a new world of light, levity and Love.

Excerpt: “You are My Love being given to the world. You are My heart that celebrates your wholeness. The world you see is not yet visible as only Love, but it is coming quickly, beloved ones, as you practice seeing with your heart.”.

27 minutes $4.oo

The Reason for Life on Earth

Summary: God reminds us that as we encounter resistance in our lives, it is a blessing and a gift that we can easily love everything back into wholeness.

Excerpt: “I Am Love and you are My heart. You are that which is the center of All I Am. You are the miracle of the flow of life, of Love, and consciousness and the power of creation. You are here to practice recognition, to feel your freedom and to take delight in it. You are here to allow your heart to fully open. And as it does, to be thankful to be giving Love, until you are only the Love that appears here in the world in openness and grace. That you might effortlessly embrace the whole for the en-conscious-ment of Real and holy Love on earth.” .

35 minutes $4.oo

You Are Here To Be God Expressing

Summary: God explains that your true purpose is to let God live as you.

Excerpt: “I have always said to you that we are one. And you have nodded and said, “Yes God, I know”. Yet all the while, the little mind did the speaking and its desires held the forefront for a long time. But now the search for purpose is ending, because your purpose, beloved ones, is here to claim you. That you might be this Love I Am expressing. That you might cherish that which lives as you. That as one heart, one life you are perfection expressing itself here and now in the world.”.

31 minutes $4.oo

Accessing the New World

Summary: God reminds and assures us that the new world is here, ready to be accessed through our heart’s perception.

Excerpt: “It is bigger than envisioning your personal world. It is bigger than envisioning a perfect world for humankind. It is bigger, and more grand and more glorious than anything that you can picture with your mind.

But you can feel it. You can feel yourself as the heart of God, the truth I Am, the powerful awakening of consciousness and grace, the pulsations of creation that move through you to endlessly create more perfection, and more beauty and more expressions of trust, and of communion and freedom.”.

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Jeshua's Easter Blessing 23 minutes FREE!

The World of Love is Already Here

Summary: God shares that we can only see and experience what has been promised when we fully commit to the shift from our ego-mind’s perception to our heart’s perception.

Excerpt: “So I have said to you for some time now that humanity’s success is assured -- that the ideas of the past and of the physical world are already falling away. And yet, it seems it has not occurred and all these messages aren’t telling the truth. But the reality is, all that’s needed is the instrument that can show you what is already happening. And that, beloved ones, is your open heart.”.

33 minutes $4.00

The Heart's Vision (Part II)

Summary: God reminds and encourages us to step into the open heart of Love that is fully available to us in this Now moment, that we might experience the ecstasy of that which we are.

Excerpt: “I Am with you and I Am in you, and you are My Love and this is a moment, in what you call human history, that is the absolute pinnacle for which you’ve been waiting. Rejoice, beloved ones, it is here. You are the open heart of God.”.

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The Heart’s Vision

Summary: God invites us to join in witnessing the glory and beauty of Love’s creation in the now moment through our heart focus and continuous prayers of gratitude.

Excerpt: “There is a point when you come to live this Love, when you open to receive your identity, when you live and breathe your gratitude, and live your communion with Me always, that the thoughts that have filled the mind completely and created the experience of separation, simply fall away and are replaced by the sparkling truth of the emergence of the whole - the gift of perfect Love and the wonder of the open heart.”.

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Conscious Creating

Summary: In this message God shares that we have entered a new time period that is to be filled with wondrous discovery as we begin to recognize our co-creative power as Love to manifest our dreams.

Excerpt: “It is true that all your fetters are within your mind. But beloved ones, the time of mind is done. You have entered and passed the vortex of the heart. The mind is like an echo that now fades away and you instead are the functioning of pure light, pure life and the substance of Love where they meet and join. And that place that is the meeting place of God and world is right in your center. When you feel it and you say ‘I Am’, when you recognize our unity and our communion and you take that power and speak it forth with Love holding only the clear light, then that which is chosen, that which comes to birth in that meeting place of pure consciousness and Love must come forth immediately.”.

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Conscious Communion With All Life

Summary: God gently reminds us that being Love is the only truth that we need to discover. A beautiful vibrational alignment with the birth of Love that is now occurring on Earth.

Excerpt:Only when you are present with Me, only when this Love is your identity, only when you are living free of time, can you be the expression of Real Love arriving to create this wonderful world, and to acknowledge its true beauty and grace."

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As the World of Love Appears

Summary: The following is a beautiful Message from God about the time we are entering now. It is the time of the "big release" – the release of our limited human identities and the acceptance of our truth as the heart of God.

Excerpt: “Beloved ones, everywhere there is Love. It is bursting through every boundary, filling you up with the nourishment of the divine. It is causing the most joyous celebration. And it is tenderly and powerfully transforming the mind, opening up the consensual dream that the reality of Love can fully shine and make of you a beacon of light.”

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A Wondrous Stream of Love

Summary: God continues to encourage us to open more fully to this journey of self-discovery and remembering our true identity as the heart of God itself.

Excerpt: “When you recognize that everyone is a stream of My endless Love, and that your connection is to honor this miracle of self-awareness, then you become that which amplifies the connection and offers every heart the experience of more. Lifting others up to the vibration of the heart of God and being witness to the truth of each and everyone, including yourself.”

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Trust Me

Summary: God assures us that our deep trust in Love each Now Moment brings us closer to truth and manifests as all that we desire in the symbols of the world.

Excerpt: “I have said to you before; “Live as if you were in Heaven. Live those things that happen after the body drops. Live where everything is beautiful and good, and is accepted. Live the truth of Love as I Am showing it to you.” And what I show you always is that Love has no opposite. And anything appearing as other than Love is not Real.”

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Feeling Fully Alive

Summary: God asks us to step into communion with the fires of life and creation that we truly are and step out of the illusion of “humanness” that we’ve been pretending we are for so long.

Excerpt: How does it feel to live your days as pure and glorious life? To be so full of energy nothing can stop you. To fly free this instant from limiting concepts like death, or ideas of disintegration or limited bodies. And to embrace every moment as an exploration of Love, living in the heart of the furnace, being the explosion of Love even while you continue to “live on the earth”.

“Oh yes, these are times of great change. The energies of life are revving. And when they reach the perfect amplitude, the right vibration, everything will have to shift to Love. Nothing else is possible”

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Easter Transformation

Summary: Jeshua asks us to view Easter as a time of great joy and upliftment and encourages us to celebrate the transformation of our awareness to the truth of Love this year.

Excerpt: “As I take your hand, let us move joyously through the ideas and stories of Good Friday, through thoughts of suffering, loneliness, betrayal or distress. And let us move effortlessly into the glorious culmination of Easter itself, which is the shift of the truth of Love and the Reality of the heart. For My beloved friends, there is nothing more important or Real than this.”

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Let There Be Light (Jeshua)

Summary: Jeshua declares, “Let there be light” as our activated hearts open

Excerpt: “This activation is already accomplished. It has easily been your heart’s intention for this whole incarnation. You are ready to be the pulsing of Real Love, that it may be seen and felt by the whole of humanity”

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The Search is Over

Summary: God encourages us to remember the search is over and it is time for us to remember that we are Love and to let ourselves be found.

Excerpt: “Oh beloved ones, you no longer need to search. For the veils between this world and the Real of Love have fallen. All you must do now is to remember that the limitations of the ego’s world are gone and you are free to be this Love in all its glorious expression. Search no more. Even if the search wasn’t conscious, there was always part of you that waited. Waited to experience your awakening. Waited to know your true heart. Now there is no more waiting, for Love is here and it is whole and united in celebration.”

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The Spiral of Life

Summary: God shares that we are ready to step free of the limitations of thought and language and feel our way into being the heart of the universe.

Excerpt: “Your heart can easily grasp this deep truth beloved ones. That the awakening of the ego, the spiritual path of the human personae is not real. All you can do is step past it, move beyond it, shift to the heart and become Love and everything else will fall from you. All that the world expects that has been programmed into the little-mind is burned away in an instant when you behold My face as yours."

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The Antidote to Fear

Summary: God shares that we need not confront or try to fix the last vestiges of fear that may still be arising in our lives, but rather turn our powerful attention to our magnificent hearts and communion with All-That-Is.

Excerpt: “So if you are seeking answers to situations outside of you, remember if they are less than Love they are created by shadows. Let me light your heart that you might become the torch that burns so brightly all shadows disappear. That which seemed to be fearsome, to be made of darkness turns out to be absolutely nothing. For Love, beloved ones, is always here and you are ready to be aware of it.”

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Your Fiery Clairsentient Heart (Part I)

Summary: God shares that we are ready to allow the fires of our heart to burn up the illusory world our egos have created and return to our natural state of Loving creators.

Excerpt: "You are ready to trust the fires of Love. You are ready to jump into the flames and allow them to consume the you that has kept you perceiving yourself in a box named time held down by concepts of gravity and limitation and even the possibility of the end of life, which is of course impossible."

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Releasing Ideas About Love

Summary: God shares that we are now ready to release our old egoic identities and step into our true nature as Love in a world of pure joy.

Excerpt: "Ideas of separation, of healing, of finding something that fulfills the ego are meant to now be superseded by the pure ecstatic experience of only Love. Beloved ones, let it live you. Let it in and don’t resist as it dissolves many cherished notions, many things you’ve thought. Ideas of who you are that are rooted in the past. Hopes that are grounded in the future that doesn’t really exist. Until you are pure Love being born whole and perfect right now expanding, acknowledging that the many are one and that each sweet expression of My Love is perfect in itself and completely blended into the magnificent tapestry of the whole."

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How Does the Heart of God Feel Now?

Summary: God reminds us that it is not our thoughts but our feeling nature, our moment to moment resonance and vibration that bring about the shifts we desire in our lives and for the whole of humanity.

Excerpt: "Feeling true Love sets the resonance of life and will reflect before you a world of abundance. But what you feel, beloved ones, in your deepest heart, this is what powers all creation and allows you to restore right relationship with absolutely everything."

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Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose

Summary: God reminds us that our only purpose is to be the outreach of Love in each now moment and to be in a continuous state of gratitude to complete the circle of communion.

Excerpt: "So even I do not know what your purpose is until the need arises. The need that can only be filled by you because you are in position to be Love. To be the heart as the conduit for the truth of God. To be available for the transmission of Love that what is truly affected can be served on that deep level of the resonance of truth that often happens without the awareness of the mind at all."

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Beyond a World of Love: Holding the Divine Resonance

Summary: In this message God makes a most profound request. God asks us to turn our attention solely to our quest for God’s Love. S/He shares that this is the same choice Jeshua had to make - to focus beyond the human dream.

Excerpt: "Many of you have found that you can create things in the world and make them just the way you want. You’re excited about being co-creators, and this is good. But right now, beloved ones, there is a greater leap, a new meaning for your quest for God and the realization of what it means to be singularly focused on the reality of Love. For if you set your sights on what you deem "good" in the world, and you put your energies wholeheartedly into creating it, in truth beloved ones, it is still part of the ego’s game. For what is deemed "bad" or "good" that is still part of the world of illusion is not the truth of your hearts and can still keep you wandering in the dream for a long time."

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Stepping into 2015 as Multilayered Beings of Inclusiveness

Summary: God shares that 2015 is the turning point when freedom comes as we consciously step into our true nature and power as conscious creators.

Excerpt: “Thus, beloved ones, you can dance with every moment as it arises. You can meet the perfection of Love in absolutely everything. You can experience this endless bounty, this wondrous true prosperity. You can rejoice in this wondrous life in which everything is possible. And you can leave behind the human identity that you have carried for so long. For the time to be free is here. 2015 is the year of awakening consciousness and the glorious power of Love.”

NOTE: This Message from God was given on December 30, 2014. It contains a sentence that refers to New Year's Eve. This Message is so relevant and so clearly about entering this new time of exciting creativity that it was clear that it had to be made available. We are trusting that that one sentence won't be too confusing.

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A Letter from God to Humanity on Creating a World of Love

Summary: Given through Yael in 2002, this is a timeless overview of life on Earth. Perfect to share with those who are just beginning to open to the possibilities of the Heart. Recorded by Yael with music by ShannaPra.

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Summary: As Good Friday ends and we move into this powerful, transformative time before Easter day we are deeply aware of all of you and the circle of transformative love that we create. We are so grateful to be part of this.

Excerpt: On Sunday, let us all join our hearts consciously to create the opening for love that can never be closed.

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What to Do When Old Energies Arise

Summary: In this message God shares that the old energies that are coming up now are the greatest opportunity for us to restore them to the light and open up the flow of Love again around them. They are quite simply arising in your awareness that they might be transformed once, and literally for all, by you.

Excerpt: "So beloved ones, welcome each new awareness and recognize your purpose within it to greet it deeply from the heart and to bring it back to Love. This does not need to be a time that is difficult. Rather it can be a time of greatest celebration for you can use each new expanding awareness, of what blocks the flow in you, to the truth of Love as a launching place for opening up your own true power of the heart restoring your experience of oneness and becoming transparent to the Love of which you are made. And dancing free of the illusion of separation from Me effortlessly and with great joy."

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The Shift To The Heart is The Highest Priority

Summary: God is now truly on a campaign and stresses the immense importance of shifting continuously to the heart as we are the frontrunners enabling Love to be entrained through the heart’s of humanity.

Excerpt: It is possible to live your days in such ecstasy that everything and everyone you touch is instantly restored to wholeness. This is what Jeshua did. He was so present to the truth of Love that it blazed right through the ideas of separation from Me and brought forth the experience of wholeness in the symbols of the world. Many who stood in his presence took the Love and made it their own and were never fooled again into dancing the dance of duality. But others were not ready to take the leap and are here Now waiting for a new chance to make the choice for freedom.

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