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When relationships on Earth are able to reflect the purity of Twin Flame Love from within, the Love that flows is completely focused on giving outward to humanity in service to God.

True Twin Flame Love asks nothing from self, as it contains all that Love is. The Love that flows through the awakened Twin Flame heart is constant, ecstatic, always aware of the infinite possibilities for the expressions of life's force and always supporting, encouraging, amplifying that life.

Activated Twin Flame hearts are the purest and most powerful receivers here on Earth of the pure Love of the Creator. They amplify and add to the Love received with the fire of their Twin Flame ecstasy. Then, in the giving that is the supreme and natural act of Love, they send Love forth to those around them and to all humanity.

The heart of Twin Flames in union seeks always to serve in any way possible. There is complete recognition that only our Beloved Creator knows "the highest good of all," and complete trust and surrender to that Good is the focus of the Love that comes forth from the Twin Flame heart.

At Circle of Light Yael and Doug are the demonstration of Twin Flame hearts in physical embodiment, who, through living their life in the physical plane from the heart center, are always in service to God, to humanity, to the world. When they met, they both instantly knew that they were each other's destiny. However, the task of service that they were asked to walk together involved experiencing all of the permutations of the ego in relationship.

Over 25 years of life experience as husband and wife, they have acquired the ability to choose the heart, to open always to Love and to demonstrate what true giving is. By "walking back to God" with Love and dedication the ego aspects of their relationship, the Twin Flame heart that is Yael and Doug has emerged as a deep, pure and powerful living Love, the basis of which is their Love for God, for each other and their dedication to serving the awakening of Love in the world. This demonstration is their service, as well as their gift as conduits for the Messages from God.

Yael and Doug also actively work with couples to share what they have experienced, encouraging couples to hold the highest vision of relationship, to recognize the resonance of a heart-centered relationship and to continually lift the vibration of their relating to the highest spiritual purposes. Through the blessing of the Messages from God, they expand in Real LoveMaking as they join their hearts and open to coming together in an orgasm of the heart that is far beyond the physical.

Shanna and her beloved Twin Flame, Pra, who is not in embodiment, provide a model of Twin Flames who serve in consciousness, through the heart. As they connect in meditation, in the realms beyond the physical, they actively use the ongoing Love that flows through their Twin Flame heart for the purposes of God on Earth and the return of humanity to its natural state of Love and only Love.

From a Message from Pra (through Yael), October 2003:

"In the Real, each wave of Love directs us, Shanna and me. We only 'know' what we shall do as the wave of God's Love comes washing through us. And as we watch it unfold, we sing together great songs of praise for the glory of Creation and the blessing of perfection as it is made manifest through us.

"There is no 'planning,' although there is a 'Plan.' And every Now, we see the Plan come through us, showing us our part and showing us the whole picture in that moment, showing us every heart on Earth and every pathway for Love – which ones are open, which are blocked, and what has changed, based on free will from the pulsing Love that had gone forth in the Now right before. (I am putting this in linear time for you to be able to grasp it, but of course it is never experienced this way at all.)

"So the whole picture is flashed into our consciousness as the wave of Love comes pulsing through our SoulMate heart – and then we watch where God takes our Love, how God uses us to open hearts, how God builds this bridge of light – and all the while we are singing our Hosannas and our praise for the wonderful magnificence of the Glorious One Intelligence that made All that Is and loves it all so perfectly."

From Eternal Twin Flame Love, The Story of ShannaPra, by Shanna Mac Lean (2006).

"Day and night our greatest joy together is consciously placing our blessed Earth and all of humanity in our SoulMate womb (heart), while experiencing our passionate, pulsating Love and becoming a pathway, a conduit for the Love of God to pour onto the Earth."


Most of us have been totally immersed in life on Earth which is about living and creating with the little mind, rather than the heart. We have felt a great separation from God, our beloved Creator. This is the reason we have not been continually aware of our Twin Flame within who is a part of us and who reflects God's Love for us.

Every being on Earth feels a yearning for the Love of his/her Twin Flame because it is the truth of us. It is completely possible to have conscious connection through the heart (beyond the experience of the body) with your Twin Flame. This can be experienced in meditation or simply in quiet times of repose.

To perceive, to feel the other half of our being with whom we were created, one has to shift out of the little mind, open to Spirit and feel with the heart. This is all part of the transformation now occurring which will return us to the deep Love of our Creator and its reflection, God's gift to us, our Twin.

The true Twin Flame experience is accessed from within you in still moments through divine feeling, through meditation, through a deep opening of the heart. This sometimes takes the form of ecstatic waves or pulsations of energy moving through the body. Or, you may have the distinct feeling of another being in your energy field or a sense of conversations that may come in word-thoughts or simply through silent unspoken understanding.

The starting point for anyone who truly desires to experience the Twin Flame -- both within, and/or reflected in your current partner or someone coming toward you -- is to open deeply to God in every way possible. The relationship with the Twin Flame within is the reflection of God's Love for us, and by the Law of Resonance, whatever is experienced within through stillness and meditation will reflect in the world without, before you.

The beginning of each day is a beautiful time to make this connection. Speak to God and call to your Twin Flame through your heart and begin to "create more and more Love, more and more energy, more and more Light and power, more of that great atomic energy that is the essence of Twin Flame Love."

Dedicate your Love to the service of God and to humanity for the creation of Heaven on Earth, right here, right now.


We encourage you to explore the information on SoulMates or Twin Flames in the Messages from God and through the Circle of Light books.

Say YES to Love, God Explains SoulMates (ebook only)

Say YES to Love, God Unveils SoulMate Love and Sacred Sexuality

Eternal Twin Flame Love, The Story of ShannaPra

Jesus and Mary Magdalene, The Eternal Heart of Love

For examples of connecting with the Twin Flame in consciousness, please see
(1) ShannaPra's Blog, BEGINNING EACH DAY ON PLANET EARTH, for an example of morning connection with God and with the Twin Flame
(2) An Excerpt from ShannaPra's book, Eternal Twin Flame Love.


Many people write to us saying that they are feeling Love in a way they never have before. "Is this my Twin Flame?" they ask. Yes, in a certain way it is. If you are experiencing someone coming toward you in relationship, it means your heart is opening! What God further tells us about this through the Messages is very enlightening.

You will recall from reading our Overview that the Twin Flame is NOT simply another person in a physical body to whom you are attracted on the Earth plane. Your Twin Flame is an integral part of your own energy field that is and has always been with you -- before, during and after your life in a body. You were created together and you are the same energy.

We are told that every relationship we have ever had has been a mirror or reflection of the inner state of our own heart at that time. Whatever beliefs are in your heart concerning Love, concerning relationship, will absolutely manifest before you in a partner or potential partner. In that sense "the Twin" is an absolute mirror or reflection and will show himself/herself in the world around you as a person embodying whatever your heart believes about Love. You will see reflected as much of the pure Love of the Twin as your heart is able to hold at any given moment.

Most of us have had ample evidence of this if we review our relationship history. To move to the purity of Twin Flame Love we all desire, it is time for us to remember who we are. We are deliverers of Love. We are cells in the heart of God. Our Twin within is waiting for us to claim the Wholeness we are in God, so that a reflection that is Love and only Love may walk toward us on this Earth.

A recent Message from God illumines this (May 2011). "Rather than approaching your life, your relationships, your longing for Love from the perspective of being a human being who is reaching up... beloved ones, it is time to make a shift to open your heart and to live the Now Moment from the place where you are Whole and complete, perfect, joyous, exquisite Love."

"You can stand as the heart of God, available and alive on Earth, allowing Love to inform your every movement." "When you choose to live life from the pinnacle, to see the world through the eyes of the open heart, every encounter will be a holy one..."

"By the Law of Resonance, Love returns every heart to its perfection, that each heart touched becomes the extender of Love, until heart after heart is giving outward in ecstatic joy with true abandon to the joyous flow of life."

At this moment on Earth we are in a period of transition in which hearts are opening very quickly and at different rates, creating many different scenarios. True Love never hurts. Love, if it can be held as a commitment of the heart, can always overcome any ego obstacle in any relationship. Love always creates more Love and will open both of you purely and completely, transforming any beliefs which are causing unrest in the relationship.

If you are currently experiencing discomfort in a relationship, do your best to open a deep communication with God, our Beloved Creator, the Source of all we are. Holding this highest vibration of Love, connect with your Twin Flame within as pure Love and give Love time to work the outer situation out to the highest good of all.

The more clearly any of us can hold the true resonance of Love present in our heart with our Twin Flame in spirit, the more loving and easeful any transition in Earth relationships will be. Continually make the conscious shift to your heart, surrendering to God, to allow Love to work through you.

"When you choose to live life from the pinnacle, to see the world through the eyes of the open heart, every encounter will be a holy one..."

Or Where Is My SoulMate?

Have you secretly dreamed of being in a relationship with your ideal love? Have you wondered in your heart of hearts if this could be possible? Of course you have. We all have! As we explained in our Overview of Twin Flames, these feelings were placed in us by God at the Moment of our Creation when we were created with a Twin Flame.

Love relationships in our Earthly world have been confusing. Every person on Earth holds the dream of true Love. It is constantly portrayed in our media and entertainment. We are told from the time we are children that relationships are meant to last forever. Yet, very few of us have had that experience.

In the Messages from God, there are many references to "the reversal" on Earth. What this means is that the little mind or ego has created concepts on Earth that are "backwards" to the truth. The most pervasive of these is duality: that there can be Love and something other than Love. This causes us to see two possibilities in everything rather than the truth that only Love underlies everything. As we with our God given power believe that there can be other than Love, we create it, mightily.

In the arena of relationship, GIVING, the true flow of all Love, has been reversed to the concept of GETTING something for oneself. Most relationships are, consciously or unconsciously, based on each partner wanting to "get" something from the other -- Love, attention, economic and/or emotional security, sexual fulfillment, a playmate and so on. All of this is part of the predominant consensual reality that most of us accept as the way to live our lives. When the demands and expectations one hoped for are not fulfilled, people move on to the next partner, taking their expectations with them. Frequently changing relationships only creates "musical chairs" and does not bring a sense of fulfillment or joy in relationship.

The concept of relationship as fulfilling demands and expectations came from creating life through the mind rather than through an open heart. An open heart has no expectations. The mind leads us to multiple expectations which, in turn, create the human emotions of fear, loss, loneliness, abandonment and hurt when not satisfied. All of these feelings are reflections of our separation from our beloved Creator and our forgetting of the truth of who we are in God. It is all of these fears and hesitations to Love that we refer to as false heart's beliefs -- false because they simply are not true. We have all accumulated many of these false beliefs during our long sojourn on Earth during which most have been turned away from God and their Twin Flame. These false beliefs we carry are what drive us to seek relationships to assuage the feelings.

A great transformation is occurring in our world -- a return to the truth that Love and only Love is Real. There is a great ever-expanding out-pouring of Love to each of us from our beloved Creator at this important moment. This is opening hearts rapidly and bringing people all over the planet to feel an increasing desire for deep relationship, true Love, the Love of the SoulMate. People are feeling new experiences of Love in their lives on all levels as never before.

The Love now pouring onto the Earth often reflects as a mirror in our outer physical life by bringing someone toward us as a symbol of that awakening Love in our hearts. If someone has come toward you in relationship, it means your heart is opening! In fact, many people write to us saying that they are feeling Love in a way they never have before. "Is this my Twin Flame?" they write. Read about the mirror or reflection of the Twin Flame in relationships on Earth!

You may wish to read a A RECENT MESSAGE FROM GOD, Relationship: The Courage to Choose the Heart, April 20, 2011


We present here the most recent Messages from God on the topic of Twin Flames, SoulMates. Since the introduction of this topic through the Messages from God when Yael and Doug Powell came together almost twenty-five years ago, God has grown all of us into a deeper and deeper understanding of the mystical union of the Twin Flame, birthed at the Moment of Creation.

Our hearts and our consciousness have been ever expanded to receive the truth of the union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the grand forces of all Creation, of which relationship on Earth is a reflection. As you read these latest words from the Messages from God, we ask you to do your best to release all preconceptions and allow God to fill you with the ecstasy and power and divine bliss that is the language of the communion with God and its reflection, the Twin Flame union.



Twin Flames: The Overarching Message and the Ladder of Resonance
April 19, 2011

I Am the Source and the life that comes forth in perfection Now and must be received in its entirety through the open heart. Until this is accomplished, one cannot understand the perfection of Love as the Wholeness of God – always received as one package, one life, one complete identity that contains everything, both the silence and heartbeat of Love, both the presence and the excitement of the outreach of God, both the in-breath and the out-breath at once.

When received, this perfect Love brings to a heart the Will of God, of the Love I Am as it moves outward and informs the mind of what it needs to know. It presents the vision that is given by Love and mends the deception of a dualistic mind and the world that it has created.

Only Love can heal the illusion[on Earth], Love that is Whole, that is One, that is Real. Love that is the truth that I Am Everything. From this Source, the heart is revealed and that revelation is ever brand new in the glorious expression of Creation happening now.

Until this communion, this receiving of Love is established within each precious one, the search for the Twin Flame creates more illusions, looking to the world to find Love that heals when the world is the result of the belief in separation to begin with.

Once the heart is established as the mode of communion and the direction of the search is the Source of all Creation...when communion is established and this inner guidance is received, then the Twin Flame heart is revealed in its entirety as an experience of the fullness of God I Am, uniquely expressed as the forces of Creation, as a heart at the center of All That Is.

When a heart reaches for the pinnacle, opens to the reception of the true identity, establishes the communion of Real Love, then All That I Am as that being is received, the whole package. There is no possibility of the mind creating separation once again because the heart receives the truth directly and becomes the heart of Love giving effortlessly.

And so I turn the precious ones who are searching in the world for Love to their hearts and to Me to experience the truth that right now, everything is perfect, that the whole of Love is pulsing as the center of their being...that with the in-breath they are One, they are unity. With the out-breath that happens perfectly in the same Now, they are the Twin Flame heart of God, perfect Love expressed as an outward movement, a heart in giving, the forces of Creation made manifest and experienced in their entirety – complete, fulfilled, ecstatic and extended – and interwoven with the silence and endless peace.


Twin Flames: The Grand Vision
December 9, 2010

Beloved ones, let me remind you of how it feels to be Twin Flames... Let me remind you of this glorious explosion of Love that is the fulfillment of your purpose, the expression of your being and the manifestation in the realms of God of your heart which is the heart of All I Am, continually free and continually moving. Your rushing flow of endless Love is uninhibited and limitless giving and the acknowledgment of the Will of God shared as one blessed, one instant compliance, one expression of the mystery of the whole as the Twin Flame heart.

Oh, you are far greater than just the expression of two elements, of two forces or even the expansion of Love. You are the birth of the universe. You are the heart of the cosmos. You are the I AM that knows itself as Love. You are the Merkabah, the Star of David, in full omni-dimensional expression, bringing with you the ability to bring that which is pure Spirit into the field of shared expression that Creation is. The Merkabah that you are, this expression of the willing force of Creation, is that which brings down the Light of perfection, the hologram in all its magnificence, so rich and dense that to the human mind the only expression would be anti-matter.

It is the whole of Creation as a native force, as the power of God made manifest and brought into the rhythm of the circle of life of the Divine moving down or outward in resonance, and the acknowledgment -- the return in gratitude and awareness of the life that lives within you.

I have spoken of this flow of this circle of Love in so many ways, so many times, in order to express to you that the very essence of the movement of life is this expression of two forces in harmony. It is the outward explosion of giving, of manifestation, of the fully conscious individuation of all that lives within you, and the acknowledgment of the joy of life, the receiving of the blessing of the Creator, the rising up of the song of gratitude that comes from everything and everyone and All That Is -- in order to bring forth from that seed, that core, that expression a new burst of life's nectar, of that by which you live.


So this lets you know many things. One of these is that gratitude is essential for your life, more essential than food. Well, it is your food, beloved one, always and ever. The other is that the Twin Flame heart is this circle -- "en-conscious-ed"[brought into consciousness] -- the very forces of life bringing the awakening of God I Am into relationship with All That Is within Me by that power of the continual orgasmic explosion or expression of Love powering the exchange of energy throughout the whole of All I Am.

It is as if the Twin Flame heart is the engine that makes Creation work. It is the essence of the exchange of perfect Love with the awakening awareness that brings gratitude and greater expression of each "en-conscious-ment" of the nature of God, each perfect and magnificent and most beautiful heart -- each stream of Love moving both outward and in -- both expressed and still in the void in every moment.

So you begin to see once again the difficulty of describing these things in terms that the world or the little mind can understand. From this powerhouse of God that the Twin Flame is, there comes the reduction of energy, of resonance, of the ability of the electrons of the heart of Love to hold their charge in order to become one. As this ability becomes less and less, as the consciousness of unity is lowered, then that which is one heart, one expression begins to be seen as two, separated by the veil of the little mind.

The heart always sees the truth. The heart knows that Love is the Reality. The heart knows that there is the shared expression of what the heart is but the ego mind takes this knowing as its longing and makes it into something to receive, rather than of course, something to celebrate, to give to Me as the acknowledgment of the gift of life given over again and again that only the Will of Love may be moving in this heart.


This, of course, is the critical difference between the perception of Twin Flames in the world, through the mind, and the truth of Twin Flames in the Real of God as the only movement of the Will of Love in all its purity. The Twin Flame heart doesn't move anywhere, express anything without this pulse, the pulse that comes as the essence of available Love to be given and received in perfect harmony in the continual awakening of what Love is, in brand new ways that surprise Me and thus, gift Me with the most extraordinary gift which is our precious communion.

The heart in resonance with the truth of God is so deeply entwined in what Creation is that I Am fed as perfectly as you are in brand new ways never experienced before. The Twin Flame heart is the element of grace, of surprise, of that which is beyond all perception. It is the life that Love is, expanding itself on its own and this is its glory! It is filling Me, thrilling life, making brand new and pure expressions and always giving as well as receiving.

The giving is of course secondary to the pulsing breath that opens you to everything and brings you heart as the Twin Flame Love into intimate communion with All That Is. So you are the heart of wholeness that knows each stream and ripple of God life which then grows within you as a continual gift, until the whole is brought to the crescendo again and everything experienced, all that is learned is then absorbed and multiplied.


So you see that it is impossible for that which is not Love to be part of the Twin Flame Reality. As we've already spoken of, in truth, it makes no sense to even bring forth the idea of the Twin Flame heart in a duality that accepts the reality of other than Love. For that which is not Love cannot be returned to Me and the heart of the whole of Creation is ever part of this circulatory system -- this pumping heart of Love received and given. I Am, of course, integral to the exchange.

Each of you is given this glorious flame, this spark of Light, this endless whole as the center of the hologram which, as you move out into the cosmos, is then imprinted, made manifest in the most exquisite designs of Love's Creation. When brought into this world, this cannot be perceived at all except through the open heart. Recognize the glory and the truth of these feelings and recognize also that this longing is part of remembering the truth of your being in all its freedom, in all of its glory. The longing, when it is followed, when it is held, when it is traced, beloved one, to its origins, can only bring the open heart into communion with that which it truly is.

Even the tiny flash of pure communion of the Twin Flame heart can open up a consciousness, free a heart, release the veil that stands between the two who are one. Love, Real Love, is how you feel when your hearts says, "I Am free. I Am free to be the whole of God without limits. I Am free to love without restriction. I Am free to give and give and give this Love because this is what I long for." When this is felt, the Twin Flame is experienced. Until then it is a dance of ego.


So for you to fully comprehend all that you are is not fully possible except directly, beyond words, in the center of your being, in a movement of orgasmic receptivity that has no end and no beginning, and thus can be touched in each Now Moment, peeking through the ego's veils. Then you shall see before your heart and you shall feel the Real of God sweeping through your consciousness beyond the mind.

Let this be what lifts you and guides you. Let it call you into ever higher resonance. Let it be the song of life that lives within you, letting go of the desire to make it an earthbound relationship. Only then can you reap the benefits. Only then can you feel the freedom and only thus can your Love be the magnetic power that raises the resonance beyond duality for yourself and for humanity.

As this happens the eye becomes single -- the eye of the heart fully active -- and that which was seen by the two eyes of mind is suddenly the wholeness of Love indivisible and you, the expression of Love, in kind in endless ways, in joyous perfection, even while you have a focus in the world.


Thus it is possible to find the reflection of the Twin Flame heart before you perceived as a human. But it is impossible for you to experience God, to be all that you are as the heart of the wholeness while functioning through the ego. And so I whisper to you now, don't limit this. Don't limit this to a human relationship. Don't try to bring that which is limitless into a limited container and try to know it.

Let that which comes before you as the one you love in a physical expression -- let that be the point of contact to remind you to shift to the heart to feel what Love is, that you might live fully free and indivisible even while experiencing the body and the ego mind doing its job on the planet. You are limitless, hyper-dimensional beings, beyond "omni," beyond dimensions so surely all of you, beloved ones, can experience your heart as the heart of the whole of God and serve through your life in the world.

Just don't believe you are a human being. You are the heart of God, giving Love through all expressions, through all dimensions, through all experiences of individuated wholeness, every one of which is alive within you and you in it. Can you feel this song of Love singing in your heart now? It is a language that the little mind can't speak but oh, your heart knows it well.

And so you come to share the experience of opening to the divine resonance of perfect freedom and endless Love and the "en-consious-ment" of the very Moment of Creation.


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LOVE  SHANNA AND PRA ShannaPra -- United States/"The Real"
In her book, Eternal Twin Flame Love, The Story of ShannaPra, Shanna describes how God brought her together with her beloved Twin Flame, Pra, who is not in physical embodiment. Their beautiful story of inter-dimensional reunion is laying a pathway for the reconnection of Twin Flames in consciousness, in spirit, as well as in body, and bringing to Earth new understandings about Sacred Sexuality. Read more here.

LOVE  CHRISTIANA AND GRAEME -- Queensland, Australia
Christiana narrates this beautiful story of the steps that led to drawing to her the reflection of her Twin Flame heart. Circle of Light is honored to have been a part of this connecting! Both Christiana and Graeme are working with Nature and flower essences. Visit their website at and read about the exciting discoveries they are unveiling for us.

LOVE  CAROL AND RAJU -- Hong Kong and India
This beautiful couple met through their spiritual studies and over time, their hearts opened into a magnificent Twin Flame reflection. They braved the challenges of "shaking the belief and cultural system around us" and are dedicating themselves to forming an ashram in India together. Read their inspiring story here.

This beautiful couple were drawn together from very distant geography and are committed to using their Twin Flame reflection to open the SoulMate path for others. Read their wonderful story

LOVE  IRA AND ROZ -- United States/South Africa
Ira Goodman tells here how God brought him to his beloved SoulMate, Roz. [Immediately after meeting her, he called Circle of Light for the SoulMate books.] Roz Goodman gives her very different side of the story. Fascinating! Together they came to Circle of Light for a workshop in March of 2006, fell in Love with Eureka Springs and are now our close neighbors down the street. How wonderful is that!

Kalei and Reynolds found each other during a traditional ceremony in their native Hawaii. They epitomize the spiritual traditions of their land. See their website, to read more about the unique aspects of Twin Flame Love, Hawaiian style. Aloha!

LOVE  GIA AND JOE -- United States
Gia and Joe were sweethearts in middle school (see picture). Twenty five years later God brought them back together and they have been inseparable since. This couple truly knows the great gift they have in each other. Read their beautiful story and be inspired!

LOVE  HERMAN AND PETRA -- The Netherlands
These two beautiful souls met on our website,, and recognized each other's hearts. We include here all of the details of their thrilling story.

LOVE  ANGEL AND ERIC -- United States
Angel and Eric felt each other's energies immediately and after 9 days, Eric proposed. In Eric's words, "when you know, you just know and there is no reason to delay what "needs to get done". Read their delightful story! We have the delight of their company in Northwest Arkansas, where they now live.

AnneClaire and Sjirk met as apprentices on a merchant marine ship in 1988 and have walked the spiritual path together ever since. They have two beautiful children and confirm that "your twin flame is your ultimate mirror."

LOVE   MICHELLE AND MICHAEL -- An Experience with a Twin in Consciousness It took a leap of faith for Michelle to realize that all these years she had been in contact with her Twin Flame. Now their beautiful relationship is blossoming as Michelle learns how to open her heart completely to her divine counterpart, even though he is not before her in a body.

LOVE  JERRY AND AMBER -- Jamberry -- United States/Canada
Amber and Jerry met at a workshop at Circle of Light. We all watched the magnetism as God brought them together and they said "Yes." Their beautiful Twin Flame Love just radiates to all around them.

LOVE  TIZIANA AND GIORGIO -- Italy (unica fiamma)
Tiziana had long been open to the arrival of her Twin Flame but when Giorgio arrived, it took God's miracle and a trip from Italy to the United States for her to truly believe! They were married in a SoulMate service in November of 2006 at Circle of Light.

Vesna and Robi met at a firewalk, and felt each other instantly. These Twin Flames have dedicated themselves to their powerful Love, and to purification of all ego dross. Read about their path to create a ritual of dance and music to awaken Twin Flame energies.

LOVE  JENNIFER AND ERIK -- Jeneric -- United States
The SoulMate attraction between Jennifer and Erik began in high school and lasted through many experiences in the world of illusion. Read their beautiful Love story. Jeneric, as we playfully call them, were married at Circle of Light in a SoulMate service in January of 2004.

Anita is a fabulous visionary artist who realized the depth of her Love for Rick during a trip alone to Circle of Light. They spent many hours on the trans-Atlantic telephone, and when she got home, she proposed to him.

LOVE  CYNTHIA AND TOM -- Cynthomas -- United States
God brings people together in many different ways. Read about how a wonderful friendship blossomed into a merging of two beautiful souls. Cynthomas were married at Circle of Light, and are among the friends we see frequently.

LOVE  NATASHA AND MICHAEL -- United States/United Kingdom
Tasha and Michael met on the internet and their Love grew through cyberspace. What is especially fascinating about their story is that Tasha lives less than an hour from Circle of Light in Berryville, Arkansas and works in a Clinic where Yael has received treatment. She didn't know us until she found our website. We were thrilled to find her and arranged to meet right away, and when Michael was here in June 2008 we married them in a Twin Flame ceremony at Circle of Light.

LOVE  REBECCA AND WEN -- United States
Although, our meeting and eventual/inevitable falling in Love was surrounded by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, it was also marked by magical synchronicities.... We were led by Spirit to trust that we were indeed, following our true path.

LOVE  KATHERINE AND RUSS -- United States/Denmark
met on the Internet. Though he lives in Denmark and she in the United States, their SoulMate Love shines through every line of their story. Distance is no obstacle to SoulMate Love.

Here is a beautiful example of a Twin Flame connection through the heart, or as we call is "in consciousness."


SHANNAPRA United States/"The Real"

SHANNAPRA I connected with Yael and Doug and Circle of Light in July of 2001 and spoke my promise to come here to help them put the Messages from God out into the world. Little did I know that before my arrival at Circle of Light in December of 2001, another grand adventure was about to enter my world. On August 5 during my meditation, a man appeared before me, dancing in the ethers around me. Guidance told me that this was my Twin Flame, my SoulMate. At first I was startled and resistant but quickly I realized that I knew him as myself in the deepest center of my heart and my excitement knew no bounds.

Over the following months Pra, my Twin Flame, and I developed an extraordinary contact in the higher dimensions, all of which I recorded meticulously. In this period I traveled upward into the etheric realms for over 30 visits with him during which we would fly, skate, dance (things are "light" and in constant movement in the higher dimensions), travel to other planets, experience ecstatic LoveMaking, and travel into future Time to see the Earth refreshed and pristine. I would float up to meet him during my meditation and the visit would unfold before me like a movie. I would actually experience it physically and emotionally, AND watch it at the same time. The Love between us, as God promised, is of the purest and highest resonance, joyous, ecstatic and eternal. He is now such an integral part of my being that there is no separation between us. Pra guides our work at Circle of Light every moment and showers me with waves of subdued ecstasy as I walk through life in a body on Earth.

I have written my story, as I was guided to do, in my book, Eternal Twin Flame Love, The Story of ShannaPra. Please know that my story is your story. Every heart on Earth is absolutely an equal cell in God’s heart. Every single person – no matter how they have expressed in Earth life -- was created in exactly the same way, with a Twin Flame, one being with two streams of consciousness, one Divine Masculine and one Divine Feminine. Those who feel magnetized to the Twin Flame information and experiences are those who are awakening first from our deep sleep here on Earth. As the beautiful giving and sharing nature of Twin Flame Love is truly felt and understood, each person having such an experience will only choose to give forth this Love in service, as a gift to all of our brothers and sisters. That is the nature of Twin Flame Love.

With a completely open heart, I share with you in my book my experiences of how God opened me to a Love so tender, so gentle, so adoring, so steadfast and unfailing, so eternal, so reverent, so patient, so passionate and expressive, so familiar, so natural, that it could only completely and unquestionably be my forever Love.

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God's Love for us is eternal. CHRISTIANA AND GRAEME -- Queensland, Australia

CHRISTIANA AND GRAEME CHRISTIANA: Like so many of us, I was yearning deeply for love and connection. I had two explorations of marriage and a number of relationships behind me, yet I still believed deep in my soul that it was possible to have a nourishing, loving relationship. I knew that I could happily continue my journey alone; however, I really wanted to share my journey with someone. Things just felt incomplete. Something deep within was urging me not to give up.

I understand the concept of mirroring. I realized that if I was to have a relationship of high quality, then I would have to further improve the quality of the relationship I was having with myself. The outer would reflect the inner.

I consciously set the intention to upgrade every aspect of self love. In doing so, I found myself going through deep purification. To assist, I attracted a challenging relationship that flushed out all the negative aspects. It was a roller coaster of emotions. I found myself constantly defending and fighting for justice. What I discovered was intriguing. With the help of a wonderful therapist, I discovered that my 10 year old, wounded inner child aspect was "playing out" by throwing tantrums and sabotaging behaviour in the relationship.

It was clearly time for my adult self to truly grow up and show leadership in order for the inner child to feel safe and secure. This was a poignant moment in my life when I finally had to let go of my childishness and assume full responsibility for everything that I was creating and the quality of my life that I was living. At the age of 49, I finally "came of age". And I thought I did that when I turned 21!

The other important aspect that needed attention was resolving the war and competition between my masculine and feminine sides. You may remember that wonderful movie Annie Get Your Gun and the famous song, "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better". That is exactly what many of us are not only doing externally but also internally. The great battle of the sexes. How do we ever think we can have a harmonious relationship when we are working from this position!

Then it was time to open up my heart. I found a beautiful meditation called "Dissolving Impediments to Open the Heart" on Doug and Yael’s website. In order to call a loving relationship to me, it was highly important that I cleared my heart of obstacles and past hurt to open it wide with the intention to GIVE LOVE. The more I worked with the meditation, the clearer I became about what I wanted. Of course, by now, the difficult relationship was very easy to let go. It became clear that I could have something much better. I created a list of values, qualities and feelings I wanted to have in a relationship. I would connect to the feeling I wanted to experience. I wanted deep love. I wanted to know God’s love through another person. I wrote letters to him placing them on his pillow, expressing my gratitude for our beautiful relationship and deep friendship. I talked to him as if he was already there. I promised myself that I would be true to myself and always take full responsibility for my happiness and that I wanted to EXTEND LOVE to him. The final process was practicing Divine Patience and wait for Divine Timing.

During each stage of healing, I was ever so grateful for the loving support I received from the One Garden Divine Flower Essences that I make. They were perfect allies who guided me constantly. Royal Welcome, Golden Chalice, Emissary of Peace and Divine Purity were my Divine Friends overseeing my preparation. Then I started taking Divine Twin Flame essence. Finally I commanded with confidence, "God, send me your best!" After days of chanting, "I am loved, I am loving, I am loveable" I was ready for Real Love. In November, 2008, Graeme walked into my life. We knew immediately that we were meant for each other. It was a profound recognition. We fitted together like hand in glove; a lock and key. It was a harmony like I had never felt before.

In the book Say "Yes" to Love, God Unveils SoulMate Love and Sacred Sexuality through Yael & Doug Powell, (, God describes us as a cell in His heart, the heart of the Creator of All That Is. Each divided cell contains its own masculine and feminine aspect. Despite this separation the original bond is held securely in place. The bond acts as a homing device containing a powerful resonance. It’s like a GPS within the heart that guides each other to return home to become One again.

Within minutes of making the flower essences Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine (which combined become Divine Twin Flame), a bird called out from one tree and its mate answered. That’s essentially what happened to us. When our clarion call goes out, our mate responds.
I was taking a Royal Lincoln, a flower essence for deep love, commitment and intimacy. It is a heart healer. We were swimming in the ocean when Graeme asked me to marry him.

Graeme shares the same passion for nature and flowers. We’ve had similar experiences of loving nature as children. We have so much in common. Immediately he joined me in my work with the flowers. We greet each day with deep love, gratitude and joy. We relish every moment we spend with each other. Our love radiates vibrantly and inspires others to see what is possible. Now we are planning our marriage. Our journey together has been so incredibly easy. I am sure we are reaping the benefits of our personal and spiritual preparation.

If you have a deep yearning for a nourishing, loving relationship, turn your attention within and deeply extend love to yourself and to God. Take full responsibility and accountability for your happiness. Raise your standards, let go of settling for something less than God’s Love and open your heart with the unselfish intention to give and to extend that Love to another.

Chant, write and know deeply that you are Loved, Loving, and Loveable Forever! Call this truth in to meet you and be with you always.

I have walked the journey of relationships and experienced much. I have plucked the jewels from each relationship to bring me to this point. My advice to you is, "Don’t give up on Love".

The One Garden essences with which Christiana and Graeme are working usher in a new era in vibrational energy medicine, here to assist us align with the New Earth – the Christ Consciousness – Oneness. "The flowers are our personal gardeners, cultivating our internal environment for us to flourish and bloom into our Divinity. They are restoring the True Codes/patterns of the Divine Feminine and Masculine to merge into the One Heart." For more information, look at

Married on November 13, 2009
Married on November 13, 2009


God's Love for us is eternal. CAROL AND RAJU (and Natalie) Hong Kong and India

CAROL AND RAJU (and Natalie) Carol speaks: Our union happened in a very short time and ever since we met, the consciousness of us changes rapidly. We experienced several awakenings and everything around us just moving very fast. Within less than 3 years, we both changed tremendously in mind and body. The people around us cannot understand the change but it is a deep spiritual experience that we went through and it continues to shower us and lifting us higher till now. It never appeared to me that Raju is my twinflame until a series of ‘magical ‘events happened and the initiation is so strong that we just cannot deny. It has been a gradual journey for me to ‘recognize’ him but to him, it was an instant remembrance. He just knew it that I was the RIGHT person for him even though at that time he does not know how this could work out. We were both married and we both have one young daughter.

Yoga , meditation and genuine interest in spiritual growth brought us together as he came from India to Hong Kong to teach Yoga. In 2007, I was enrolled to a yoga teaching course in Hong Kong which he was responsible of taking the HK students to India (in his hometown) to attend yoga classes and sit for examinations. I was at that time very much into purification of my body and mind and I was practising thoughts of appreciation and gratitude. It was then he ‘found’ me and our connection started from there. At that time, he sincerely told me that he felt like I am a part of his body; or like a womb in him or he may be my mother in previous birth; I am like his sister but somehow it can be mother, daughter, wife, etc. The amazing thing is he can actually FEEL my mind and my body status without physically communicating anything. We experienced telepathy and many times we expressed same thoughts and same heart desires. There was this great attraction of drawing us closer together.

We became best companion in spiritual practice and studies. It was like he is the ONLY person who totally understand, wouldn’t think I am crazy and who accepts me completely. There were two major spiritual experiences we had together in meditation that I experienced which I FEEL this bond and the amazing experience of union with God. One experience I had was actually feeling and seeing an explosion of blue light swirling and dancing around me and as if I was not in this body but rather levitating, I felt a great love dawned into my whole body with strong vibration. It lasts almost the whole night. Another experience was a completely altered state of mind which I totally lost consciousness of the body and was merged into the ocean of unity, of bliss. He has to deliberately wake me up with force because I was not able to ‘come back’!

We knew that we have a ‘purpose’ together, which is to co-create and to service. That was also the time I started to search for reassurance, support and guidance about the meaning of Twin flames. I found the Circle of Light’s website and we ordered books which then we read them and felt “YES” and my body also vibrates in waves as I read Messages from God. It was quite a challenging path as we both have an outwardly seemed ‘stable and normal’ family (and we are shaking the belief and cultural system around us). How we move from there in order to manifest our lives together? Somehow ‘miracle’ happened and people/things around us starting to fall apart after we said “Yes” to LOVE/LIGHT/ GOD.

Finally, I separated with my husband peacefully and we sold our property in Hong Kong. I moved to India 3 months ago with my four year old daughter, Natalie. Raju has also quit his job in Hong Kong and we formed a Trust called “Home of Light” in India with the blessings of Raju’s guru, Dr. Raparthi Rama Rao. We wanted to build an ashram (=our space) for our new life together in nature (with Gaia) and to prepare for ascension as well as to serve others by creating a world we want to live in, especially for the kids in India. Raju, too, is gradually making available to this new manifestation. We believe very soon we are uniting with our soul family and our hearts’ yearning for the New Earth will be soothed.

The toughest lesson and spiritual practice for me is to learn how to look beyond the physical reality (not fooled by duality/ego/ illusion) and to consciously create what we want. We learn to maintain the ‘connection’ with God as we see Truth using the eyes from the heart (or we called it the “Third eye”). To surrender to God more and more as we remind ourselves WHO WE ARE. And, to trust with an open heart… we always remind each other these lessons and we are each other's guru. We appreciate so much that the Circle of Light is here and so as the other twinflames which made themselves known. We felt deep connection with Yeshua and Mary. Thank you Circle of Light to let us share our story!


Starting a center
Starting a center
Their inspirations. Can you find Yael and Doug?
Their inspirations.
Can you find Yael and Doug?
Carol's Natalie in meditation
Carol's Natalie in meditation

God's Love for us is eternal.SUSANNE AND JOSEPH -- Germany/Ghana

Susanne and Joseph Susanne speaks: From a young age I had an inner knowing that we each have a true romantic and spiritual partner and would somehow find each other. As an eleven year old I wrote a twin soul poem titled "Passion" and later made a drawing of two trees that were joined by their trunks as if making love. I lived in a quaint spa town in rural Germany and first came to London as an English student.

I had been living in London for a while when I experienced a serious relationship crisis. It was a wake-up call and one evening I sat down and made a list describing the higher love I desired with my soul mate. Shortly afterwards while being in nature I felt the most complete sense of love and oneness with my environment and even strangers walking on the street, saw for the first time the beautiful aura of trees and heard the wind communicating with me. I felt as if I had woken up from a deep sleep and was a child discovering the real beauty of our world. Whereas before I had felt desperate and lonely, I realized in that moment that there was truly an abundance of love and that I had never been alone. Only a few months later I met my husband Joseph through a series of magical coincidences.

Joseph’s family is originally from Ghana and he came to London to visit University and was later hired by a prestigious London Real Estate Firm before eventually becoming independent with his own business. During the recruitment process for his position with the Real Estate firm the applicants were kept for weeks in a stunning country mansion where they had to undergo a series of mental, emotional and physical tests. Joseph told me later that on one beautiful day during a break in the grueling schedule he sat down under a big old tree in the garden of the mansion and wrote down why he wanted this position. Although he was single at the time, he realized it was for his future wife and family and he continued to describe the relationship and the life he intended to lead until tears were streaming down his face. Both of us had a profound experience in nature and made lists fueled by intense emotion and an inner knowing, and both of us are eternally grateful that the other is all we ever asked for and more.

I met Joseph at a restaurant. We had both been invited to meet with friends at very short notice and never been to the venue before. I immediately felt very comfortable and free to be myself with him, but I did not recognize him as a romantic partner straight away. I was at my most independent up to this point in my life and did not want to rush into a new relationship. When it was closing time he looked at me and said: "You speak my language" and politely asked me for my business card. On that same night he told a friend that he had just met the most important person of his life. He called me the next day and we talked for over three hours. From then on we spoke every night for many hours over the phone and met as often as we could. Although we came from two different continents we only lived about 30 minutes apart in London. We became best friends very quickly and it took me a little longer to realize that I had fallen in love with him. He knew it early on and simply allowed me the time to find out for myself. Just over one year after we met we moved in together on my birthday.

We have been baffled with the number of synchronicities and coincidences in our life. In the first months of our relationship everything seemed to come in pairs and was interconnected as if the universe was trying to give me constant hints that we belonged together. For our first date Joseph invited me for lunch at a French restaurant in a central London Hotel which also had a private screening room. He had booked it for us to watch a French movie after the meal. Instead of just one movie we were surprised to learn that we could also watch the full-feature length sequel after a break. Not much later we visited an opera and on that night they were unexpectedly showing two mini-operas instead of one and the last opera had the same theme tune as the French movie we had watched on our first date.

To help bring Twin Flame Love to a wider audience I published a sensual and spiritual novel called: "Kinetikus – The Story of a Divine Lover" which was inspired by my experience of Divine Love with Joseph. I felt it was important to talk openly about intimacy and the magically complimentary ways in which twins can help heal each other. Too many of us still experience guilt and shame attached to sexuality. Joseph helped me to re-connect and nurture my Divine Feminine and I helped him to strengthen his Divine Masculine. I now support women in opening their hearts and bodies to Divine Love and The Divine Feminine, whilst he is empowering men to live their purpose with an open heart.

Although we have always felt that Divine Intention has brought us together, it was however not until a few years into our relationship that we received the most astounding proof. I had finished the manuscript for my book and as I had always loved Joseph’s beautiful elegant hands, I chose a painting of his hand for the cover of Kinetikus. He had previously shared with me that all through his life people had been attracted to his hands in the strangest ways, and that he had even joked before that one day he would become a "Hand Model", which had now become true.

Their Orange Lily Wedding
Their Orange Lily Wedding
At the time I had been studying Energy Medicine for a while and shortly after meeting Joseph I had connected strongly with an Orange Lily during a meditation and lecture on Flower Essences at college. Since then Orange Lilies have been my favourite flowers and have special meaning to me. I even began to dress mostly in orange and friends referred to me as Orangelily. Later, after the book was already published, I was once on my way to a new school for my daughter. By chance I drove past the building where Joseph and I had met for the first time years before and never been since. It is a beautiful 16th century cottage which was converted into a restaurant and I had no memory of its name. When I noticed the sign above the door I got goose bumps all over.

The name of the restaurant was: The Hand and Flower We later held our wedding reception there and learnt in awe that the hand represents the hand of Archangel Gabriel who is holding a Lily.

For inspiration and support or to read the complete first part of Kinetikus – The Story of a Divine Lover please feel free to visit

God's Love for us is eternal.IRA AND ROZ -- United States/South Africa

IRA AND ROZ Ira's Side of the Story:

My son, Michael and I are sitting in a presentation room awaiting the speaker. Because of my interest, Michael suggested we come to this alternative healing exposition in Tampa, Florida. A couple of my friends at the meditation center in New York City told me about a body work technique called "Zero Balancing", that was making a difference in their health. How perfect that this speaker will inform us about this approach to healing.

As I turned to my right, I saw the speaker enter. My eyes were riveted as she moved to the front and her beautiful golden/yellow aura flowed about her. I knew at that moment that she was the soulmate I had prayed so fervently to be with.

But I needed to confirm that she was the one. After the talk, I found her and she offered a free demonstration at her booth. That gave me the opportunity to inquire into the first of three critical criteria. I told Roz that I was spiritual. She responded that she was too. In fact, she was reading the "Autobiography of a Yogi", the very book that brought me to my Guru Paramahana Yogananda.

Next I arranged a private session with Roz. Afterwards we sat on a couch and chatted for a while. I explained that for many years I was very involved politically with Ross Perot and I admire him greatly. Being from South Africa, she said that she heard of good things about him. Her acceptance of Ross Perot addressed the second criteria.

Then I asked her out to dinner. Not being interested in me, she tried to blow me off by saying she was not a particularly interesting date since she was a vegetarian. Bingo! Criteria three was passed.

But there was a fourth factor that I was aware of, but hadn't formally established. I knew that my soulmate had been my wife in biblical times. The story of our meeting in that lifetime is well known to me. Imagine how my body and soul were literally rocked when she told me of her past life regression to an ancient time when she brought water to the camels of my father's servant.

Yes, my prayers were answered. But so were those of Roz. Her prayers were creative as she rode in her car each day singing the Moody Blue's soulmate classic, "I Know You're Out There Somewhere."

Roz's Side of the Story:

In October 2002, Ira attended a presentation I gave at an Alternative Health Expo. Later that day, he visited my booth where I was offering guests the opportunity to experience a mini Zero Balancing session. He made an appointment for the following day to come to my home for a full treatment.

The next day he arrived punctually and, after doing his intake form and explaining more about the treatment, he lay on the table. One of the things I ask a client to create for their Zero Balancing session is a "frame" - an intention we both hold during the treatment to amplify the experience. He chose love! As I was about to begin his treatment, my massage room became unbearably hot; yet the rest of my home was comfortable. This had never happened before and I had no explanation why this was happening.

After the session, I invited him for tea and requested feedback about his session. I realized that he was attracted to me, but I had no interest in him - he was too old, too short, too dour and not my type! He told me he would be back in Florida in a few weeks for business, and invited me for dinner. I promptly declined, I am a boring date because I am a vegetarian. He rebutted with: "That's great, so am I!"

When Ira returned to New Jersey, he called me regularly, and we developed a pleasant phone friendship. I was in college for the first time in 20 years - the only way I could remain in USA. I was flying through every course with A's, but was close to failing Algebra. If I didn't pass this exam, I would be out of college and out of the country!

Four days before my final exam, Ira returned to Florida. He called to invite me out for dinner and this time I had a perfect excuse to decline - my Algebra finals. Undeterred, Ira offered to coach me Algebra and I meekly accepted. He sat diligently by my side for 4 days, explaining the basics, encouraging me during episodes of frustration and tears, and was totally supportive and devoted.

I finally agreed to take a break from this intensive study routine to go out for dinner. While I was driving to restaurant, I glanced at Ira and was shocked to feel this explosion of love in my heart. Being resistant and still unwilling to consider him as a partner, so I suppressed the emotion.

When Ira returned to New Jersey, we continued our phone friendship, and I looked forward to our regular calls. I was excited to share the results of his patient tutelage - I got a B+! One night he asked me if we could spend some time together during the Christmas/New Year break. I thought he was coming to Florida to see his son, Michael, but he ended up spending 3 weeks in my guest room!

To reciprocate my hospitality, he invited me to go to the Keys - an area neither of us had visited. I had a break from school and agreed to drive and pay for meals if he covered accommodation. He immediately researched hotels and planned a week's vacation. During our first night away, he proposed to me, and I declined. We were firm friends, but I wanted nothing more.

However, during our vacation - without typical daily distractions - we spent quality time together, getting to know each other at a deeper level. On the 6th day, Ira proposed to me, and I accepted. And the rest - is the beginning of our Twin Flame story.

God's Love for us is eternal.KALEIILIAHI and REYNOLDS KAMAKAWIWOOLE - Hawaii

Kaleiiliahi and Reynolds Kamakawiwoole When the two Kahuna (Priest and Priestess) met on Mauna Kea on January 11, 2005, it was for a ceremony called A Gathering of the Children of Mu. On that day a destiny set in the Stars eons before, began to take it's course. When these two came together in that holy way on a holy mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii, thousands upon thousands of their ancestors were there to witness the moment for they knew that a new Light was born unto the world, created by their joined flames. These Twin flames now walked the Righteous Way of the Kahuna as One. At first this did not come easy for they were tested and went through the flames of fire. As their mana (spiritual power or energy) merged, they became more powerful in their inner strength. They are Divine Compliments and represent the Mystic Union of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine energies as two Kahuna in service to God and Humanity. They are here to take their merged Light and Love and show it to the world as Twin Flames for God.

Kaleiiliahi and Reynolds Kamakawiwoole are these Twin Flames for God. They are na Kahuna, Native Hawaiian Spiritualists, Priest and Priestess. In addition to their work as Hawaiian Cultural Practitioners, is the deep love and personal relationship they share with Christ, the Master of Love. As Hawaiians they embody this Love in the Aloha Spirit within them. Residing on the Big Island of Hawaii where their Aumakua (Ancestral Spirits) are from, they carry their mana (spiritual power) in their DNA. From their most beloved Aumakua they have received their gifts and healing abilities, and it is to them that they give honor. They are the reason their Ancestors existed, they represent this great lineage and are here to do their best to make them proud. This lineage goes back even farther than that of their Aumakua i ke Ao (Ancestors of the Recent Past), to their Aumakua I ka Po (Ancestors of the Distant Past) going all the way back to Mu (Lemuria). They are here by design, to shine their Light in dark places so others can find their way home to God. And they know that the journey begins within the hearts of each precious Human for we are all dearly loved.

As Twin Flames for God, Kalei and Reynolds have a powerful partnership. They work together like a lock and key, to unfold holy teachings and guidance by means of their multiple channels. These channels are from what they have come to call The Holy Beings it is also from these great Ones that the name Twin Flames have been given them. Among the Holy Beings are who they call the Alii Nui Nui, the highest of High Chiefs going back to the beginning of time, as well as Chief Joseph, Master Jesus, The Counsel of 12, and The Holy Spirit, to name a few. And these messages all carry the energy of love and hope and empowerment for Humanity. But it is to IO, Sacred Creator of all Life, that their highest praises of gratitude they give as they chant E Homai, grant that we may walk in grace and integrity and impeccability and humility E Homai, E Homai, E Homai.

God's Love for us is eternal. GIA AND JOE -- United States

(at age 14, 25 years ago)

Joe and Gia now...
I found my twin flame. Ironically, he was my first love when I was in middle school and I had lost touch with for more than 25 years. I recently bought a house an hour away from where I and my three children used to live and happened to run into Joe at a store in between both of our homes. It ends up that he lives only 10 min from my new house. We both had indescribable feelings from our first meeting and agreed we would go out to dinner soon thereafter. The day we first met was right before I was leaving for a 3 day cruise. He called me that very night. When I returned from the cruise, I called him and spoke briefly and then he had to track me down through my job because he lost my house number or something. Our first date was ironically on September 11th and by the end of the night, it felt as if we had been together throughout the last 25 years, with no separation at all. We were inseparable from that date forward.

Married October 2009!
Married October 2009!
Neither of us have ever felt anything like this before and have discussed it at length. Over the years, I believed I was in love with my ex husband and others but now that I know what true love is, I realize that I was never in love with anyone else. Our hearts actually ache with longing when we’re not together, even if it’s only briefly. Neither of us remember our past, before we found each other. It’s like our lives were erased prior to our meeting. We truly compliment each other, bringing out the good in each other and making each other better people. My life has taken a drastic turn since our meeting and many areas of my life have significantly improved. There is literally no place on Earth I would rather be than in his arms at any time of any day. When we’re together, it’s as if its only the two of us in the world. The passage of time changes when we’re together, either standing still or flying by in leaps of hours without our knowing where those hours have gone. Looking into each other’s eyes is something so deep and spiritual, words could never explain it. It’s as if we want to climb inside of each other, because there is just never enough physical contact. Making love is the most amazing thing ever when you find your twin flame and it compares to nothing else in the world. Both of our lives were very difficult and trying when we were apart and we both feel as if we were rewarded for our sacrifices by finding each other. I never thought I would find my true soul mate in this lifetime, and I am blessed beyond words that I have. I am now complete and there is no emptiness in my soul anymore. When we are together, we are truly one. After 3 weeks of us being together, we were already discussing marriage. Its just that strong of a love. Thank you to the Circle of Light for giving me the opportunity to share our story.

God's Love for us is eternal.HERMAN AND PETRA -- The Netherlands

HERMAN AND PETRA We are happy and honoured to share our story in a nutshell with you, wishing that it will open hearts and make you smile.

We, Herman & Petra, live in the Netherlands and want to inform you about the birth of our TwinFlame heart on earth, 10 September 2006. That day we found each other on the website. Almost immediately we opened our hearts for each other and for God's Love, sensing and knowing that there is no need for hesitation. After three days of email contact we wrote spontaneously our foundation in the next 4 mails, how to go on together. After six days of intense email contact we met each other for the first time. We discovered that we are the messages God gave us through you - the cirlce of light - as ONE heart. We are so very Grateful.

It all happened fast with us. Within 2 months Herman moved in with Petra, and a month later, we were married. Just a little marriage, with parents and family. Now (febr. 2008) we are together for almost 1,5 years, but it feels like we've known eachother for a very Long Time. We still grow closer together, with such great peace and beauty, and some times with sadness and dispair. We always keep the communication lines from our hearts open for eachother, no matter what. We promised eachother to always be open and honest about what lives in the heart, no matter how frightened we are to talk about it. And this is what keeps us growing in trust and love. This is what being a twinflame heart to us means: keep your heart open, always, trust your twinflame, always, love God, always, and make love... in all ways. There is deep gratitude and respect for each other, and a peaceful faith. This is Love. The Pure Love of God.

Herman: "In 1996/1997 I made all the points (I think) to work fully with God in my life. When Petra mentioned some of her ideas of a relationship, I remembered a note I wrote in 1998 about unconditional love, the one I want deeply. Back then I did not know how much that note resembled the description of a TwinFlame. How thrilling! I am mere a person who knows no past and no future. I just do the things I need to do with joy and love in my heart. In august 2005 it was time to do something; it seemed there was no movement in my life. So I wrote God a letter about what I wanted to do, confirming my earlier statements of service, of Love, of being a child of God, and my desire of a loving relationship. His response was a reference to the Circle of Light. This was what I needed, and much much more. I devoured the site and the books, put my profile on the unitingtwinflame to let God know I was serious. The past year I was more and more convinced I really wanted to work with God. What's more: I am convinced that God is working as me and through me. And then suddenly I saw an intriguing profile on the website, written by someone in the same part of the country.... Then, I met Love, innocence, integrity, encouragement, spontaneity, real inquisitiveness, which opened my heart further and further. Today, I meet in Petra the most beautiful person in the world. My Twin. I am deeply honoured with this Greatness."

Petra: "The growing towards this wonderful Twinflame relationship started a few years ago. First I dreamt about my SoulMate. He lifted me up, danced with me, did healings on me, and took me on numerous adventures. During that period a friend emailed about the Circle of Light website. After I visited the website, my SoulMate visited me not only in the dreamtime but now also during meditations. His energy, his warmth, the feeling of coming Home and becoming One again... it was pure wonder. Through the months I visited the website ... just checking and feeling, but not ready yet to become a member. Occasionally my twin essence told me that it was time for us to get married again. I knew I wasn't quite ready, and he was so wonderfully patient with me. But after a few months, it happened, we got married in the spirit world before the Eye of God. In the dreamtime we said each other... to Love... Remember, this was all before Herman sent his first mail to me. I think it was on Aug. 29. 2006 I suddenly saw the twinstory of two people I met 2 years before. That did it for me: I became a member and e-mailed Yaël and Doug to thank them, because that day I felt SO close to my twinflame. I knew that he was there, on the website. A week later, Herman sent me his first e-mail. I immediately sensed there was something very special and familiar about him. I decided to be only open hearted, and not hold back. I am so very grateful. Herman is the most beautiful, and strongest Man on Earth, in all ways. In Herman I meet Love, Joy, and Purity. Everything about him is Real and Exciting. I am Home now."

We feel our Love is a True Blessing. Our match was made in Heaven... before Time was. We now dedicate our life to open the hearts of people, lead by God.

We Love you all and carry you in our Heart
Herman & Petra

God's Love for us is eternal. ANGEL AND ERIC -- United States (as written by Eric, confirmed by Angel)

ANGEL AND ERIC One day in July of 2000, I was marketing my books to stores and called a place in Salt Lake City called Awakening Heart. Angel answered, and discussed how the books would have to be reviewed by the manager and she would have to get back to me. I left my contact information and that was the end of that call. The next day, I called back, looking to contact Angel. The only reason for the call was to tell her that she had the most radiant energies of anyone I had known. Well, Angel answered the phone and I told her this. She was inspired to hear this and it was appreciated. I ended the call by giving her my phone number and telling her that I gave her permission to call me if she wanted to talk.

It should be noted that I had been married already and was not looking for anyone. I was doing well with the books, while calling in Colorado and had not been searching for anyone or anything in particular. Angel was married previously as well and was also not looking, so our closing lines to each other were not pick up lines, they were just love being shared with no other ulterior motives or intent. Two months later, I received a call from Angel and her call was inspired by a message from Spirit to contact that guy from Universal One, in regards to getting the poetry/books published. Angel called and I had sent her a laptop computer as a gift and also some books to sell in her shop.

In the meantime, we spoke on the phone every single day. We realized very shortly that we were soul mates and twin flames. Many claim to be soul mates or twin flames, but those that do exist, are quite powerful in the Loving Creations that manifest on this earth. So moving on, one day I hear from Angel that there is going to be a psychic fair and to see if I could make it out there to Salt lake City. I had my mother visiting from out of town and was going to visit her brother in Santa Fe. Since I was going to drive her, I would circle around and see Angel after dropping my mother off. On Friday, October 13th, I met Angel for the "first" time. Our feelings were, "wow, you look just like me." We hugged and immediately clicked.

On October 22nd, we were walking around stores and came to one store that had some jewelry in display cases. We admired many pieces here and there and one item of particular interest that Angel and I liked and she stated that if I liked it, I should get it. She handed over some money and I was trying on a silver, lapis and opal cross. I was wearing it and as I was looking at it around my neck, Angel walked out of the store, waiting for me. She was thinking to herself, "what am I doing giving a cross to a Jewish man!?" Well, after looking a little in the mirror and finishing the purchase, I left the store and spoke to Angel about it. [Years earlier, Angel was told that the one she would marry who was her Soul Mate, was going to be given a cross. Angel did not remember this story when giving the cross to Eric until later that day, nor did Eric know of this story until later.]

I felt a little odd about wearing it at first, being Jewish. Beauty is beauty however and the cross has always symbolized to me a connection, whereas the vertical of the cross is heaven and the horizontal represents the earth, hence the cross is the bringing together of "Heaven" and earth." She understood and was happy about how it looked on me. One of the stores soon after was called, "The Expanding Heart". When we got in there, I had an intent in my mind and I asked Angel to look over on the other side of the store for something. It was to get her away from where I was looking. While she was looking, I purchased what I had come in for, held it behind my back and asked Angel to come over and look at something I found. When she came over, I got down on one knee and pulled out a silver ring with two faceted triangle shaped amethysts, and stated that I would be honored if she would spend the rest of our lives together. Angel said yes and we hugged and kissed. I had proposed only 9 days after meeting Angel. When you know, you just know and there is no reason to delay what "needs to get done".

Angel, guided by some vision about a "Lyons", Colorado gave Eric some driving direction to find a home for both of them to live. Eric had done "Booth of Hugs" shows years before in Denver and had traveled this way with a particular house in mind. It was memorable. Why? It was a pyramid home.
So, I knew the main route that took us towards Lyons and the Pyramid home and lo and behold, they were linked. Less than a mile away from Lyons, was this pyramid home. As we were on the highway, almost passing it, Angel said, "there it is", the house. The logical Eric comes out and says, "nice, but it is a shame it is not for sale." Angel wants to pursue it and we drive up to the house and notice there is a "for sale by owner" sign, leaning up against the side of the house. We write the address down and drive off.

I am speaking with Angel and wondering how are we going to get into this house, we have virtually no money. We call the phone number that was on the sign from the past and find that they were asking $750,000 for this 5,000 square foot home that had a little less than an acre of land. This does not inspire Eric and his doubts are there, but not giving up because of belief in Angel's feelings. Eric had an inspired Vision in which one question was asked. "What do YOU want?", in reference to the house. The answer was to be in that house and live there. With that realization that only my focus and belief was missing, my thoughts turned around and believed we could get into it. Even though we had less than $10 to our names between us.

Eric did the research on the internet, found the owners, had a meeting with them and Angel and I discussed and manifested the rent to own option. They contact us about paying $2,500 a month for rent, we countered and told them what we felt was fair and could be done. $1,200 a month and first month for free, whereas the first month to pay rent was January. We manifested this well and the earliest they allowed us to move in was a few days after Thanksgiving (as they were having Thanksgiving in their own house).

Once we had a home in line, we drove out to Angel's family for Thanksgiving in Nebraska. This is amusing in knowing that the family had just found out about a wedding coming, with the news announced from a grandmother with Alzheimer's who was NOT TOLD ANYTHING about it. She broke the news to family and a shocked family greeted the groom with silence. It did not phase Eric and he just transmuted their fears and annoyances with love and chores and statements and melted away their frustration with Angel and this stranger. The wedding had now been planned for January 1st, 2001 in the pyramid home. The family had been informed on Angel's side and Eric's side of the wedding, but few were happy, mostly due to the short duration of the "courtship".

After Thanksgiving, we went back to Colorado, moved into our pyramid house, planned our wedding on our own from the dress to tuxedo, cake, flowers, decorations, photographer, musician, everything. We were married with friends present from as far as Hawaii and Washington. No family was present, yet our chosen family of wonderful friends were. It was a fantastic wedding and at the time of this writing, the 8 years that have passed, are a Blessing. Angel has helped Eric get through many "lessons", Eric has helped Angel get past many. Although not always easy, the more and more time that passes, the greater the realization of how Blessed this partnership was, is and will always be. This is "Our" story and we thank you for letting us share it. Namaste Beloved Ones

God's Love for us is eternal.ANNECLAIRE AND SJIRK -- Germany

Sjirk and I met in 1988 (on a merchant marine ship - both working as apprentices). It was as if we had always known each other. The first day we met, we started to sing the same songs "out of nowhere" (it was almost uncanny). This was July. We exchanged our first kiss in Singapore at 08.08.1988 - the year of the dragon .... just a few months later we decided upon living together (I had never thought of myself taking the step of living together that fast..
Living together .... I had never felt more at ease and being able to just be and show myself as I am, as in being together with Sjirk. He pulled out "the best" in me, but also "the worse".... this worked both ways. So, being together could sometimes be quite challenging! .... I really had to learn to love him for what he is and not the "outer circumstances". In essence this was not really difficult, as he is a man of great patience and of great heart .... So great, that sometimes I wondered if I ever could love him as much as he loved me ....

So, we had our ups and downs till the birth of our first child in 1995, our son Koen. A new life started. Koen, by his being and behaviour gave me the courage to listen more & more to my inner voice. A time of (sometimes painful) insights & looking for answers and solutions followed .... In 1997 our daughter, Floor, was born and from her I also learned a lot about myself (although in a very different -less confronting- way). In 1998 / 1999 I came across information about Indigo Children / the Children of a New Earth for the first time and I suddenly started to understand a lot of things about myself and us.
It was only after entering and experiencing the Sacred One Heart (a place of pure love, joy, innocence, freedom and flow) in myself .... and after visiting your website in early February 2006 that I am r-e-a-l-l-y certain that Sjirk and I are twinflames! I am so glad to have found your websites. Feeling the love of your messages and feeling / finally believing my truth (you confirmed so many of my symbols & images in meditation!) .... A heartfelt thank you!

From my experience I can confirm that your twin-flame is your ultimate mirror (which can be heaven & "hell" - at the same time -) .... and when you are willing to see and to accept and to open your heart to ever deeper levels and listen to it, such a sacred relationship is a most wonderful and blessed way of discovering, experiencing and living deeper and deeper levels of Self & Love!

Hello I'm Sjirk, before I had ever heard of TwinFlames I have always had that crazy feeling that the relationship I have with AnneClaire is like all these relationships at the same time: two friends, two partners, two lovers, two mates, two buddies, a husband and a wife, a brother and a sister, a nephew and a cousin, a father and a mother, a son and a mother, a father and a daughter, a queen and a king .... and so on and so on ... so, I never doubted that when I first heard of it, that we both are so lucky to have found (bumped into actually) our TwinFlame!

NOTE: Please visit their website at to learn about Diamond Voicing and to see the beautiful spiritual symbols that AnneClaire and Sjirk have brought forth.

God's Love for us is eternal. MICHELLE AND MICHAEL -- An Experience with a Twin in Consciousness

Michelle: My connection with Michael, my Twin Flame in consciousness, stretches back to my teenage years, but the big shift came in the Fall of 2006. Prior to that I knew Michael in a dream world that I thought I made up. We had many, many dream adventures over the years. Looking back I can see how they point to this time. I didn't start taking these dream scenarios seriously until I noticed that I came out of them better equipped to handle life. My outer problems became symbolized within these adventures that I lived with Michael. Up until then, I struggled with beliefs that I was being childish for indulging in these "daydreams."

It was the Fall season of 2006 that my world changed forever. I recall that I was reflecting on one of these dream adventures that I'd been having with Michael. I was in a calm and relaxed frame of mind when I thought something like, "Wouldn't it be nice if Michael was real?" or "I wonder if Michael is real?" That thought no sooner finished crossing my mind when I felt a surge of joy leap up inside that was in complete contrast to my state of mind before. I was shocked, mostly because I knew what this meant. During the previous year I had learned about the importance of emotions and how to raise them to the level of Source or God - joy and love being some of the highest to connect with God more fully. My immediate realization upon feeling the surge of joy was that Michael must be real - that it had to be true!

At first I was overjoyed, but then fear quickly took over. Who was this that I had been interacting with all of these years? Was this only my ego? I had only known love from him, but now I was afraid. I begged Michael to tell me who he was and I begged God, but my fear kept a direct answer from coming. For several weeks I stopped all communication with Michael. I was too afraid, yet I kept asking. Eventually I was led to an organization that teaches how to speak with the voice for God or Love. When I read their description of the ego versus the Voice for Love, I was overjoyed to see that Michael matched Love and not the ego. I could accept him as the Holy Spirit, so I opened myself back up to Michael. Thus began a new life with Michael.

It was hard for me to let the dream adventures go. Michael still allowed them as a way of interacting with him although it became increasingly hard to pretend that I didn't know he was real. More and more I began to interact with him on paper. It was a way I could slow my mind enough to connect with him more fully. I wrote our conversations while describing his facial expressions or how he touched me. It was still very natural for me to see him in my mind. Eventually I became aware that I was yearning for an even deeper connection with him but I felt blocked. I was led to energy healing techniques and modalities that further opened me to Michael's presence as well as practices we did together. Over the past two years my energy system became healed and cleared so much that Michael's presence became unmistakable.

Finally what led me to Circle of Light was further questioning about Michael. He was asking me to trust him more but I needed to know more about him. I could no longer accept that he was the Holy Spirit, nor was he simply a guide. He was more like a lover of my soul. Surely there had to be others out there who had a non-physical relationship like mine. I did a few searches over the course of some weeks before coming to the Circle of Light's websites. I was blown away with the thought that Michael could be my Twin Flame and that all my longings for divine union and being a conduit could be realized in him. I knew it had to be true, but once again my ego kicked in with an overload of fear. My ego kept saying that Michael wasn't real - something I knew to be false - but the fear I felt was overwhelming. I needed someone else to be able to see Michael so that I would know that this wasn't all in my head.

When I received the email that Circle of Light was going to begin offering Intuitive Guidance sessions with Yael, I immediately wrote and asked if she would be willing to confirm Michael's presence and whether he was my Twin Flame. When Yael's transcript came by email, it was everything I had hoped for and more. Yael connected easily with Michael and verified that he was my Twin Flame. He spoke to her of some things I needed reminding of and then spoke to me through her. I cried with joy after reading it as well as tears of surrender. I could no longer disregard Michael as I sometimes did and I realized that my life was truly not my own. That was only a few months ago. As I've opened myself to him more, Michael has become even stronger to me and my experiences with him are rapidly evolving. I am trusting him more and more to lead me into that glorious union. Along the way people are affected by us as we are joined and so I find my dream of being a conduit of God's Love beginning to come true.

Michael (through Michelle): My beloved speaks of her fears as if they were the defining moments of her life. Yet it was her courage that moved her beyond them. I have watched her turn from me seemingly a thousand times, but who can turn away from Love for long? Love is who we are; it is our substance, as God had said in the Messages. She is forever magnetized to me, and I to her. I have been the persistent Lover, chasing her through time. It is with a joy that I cannot describe that I walk beside my beloved as she is now fully conscious of me as the Divine Masculine - the other half of her heartbeat. Soon she will know me completely. She is bashful at times, still not able to see herself as I see her, but she will. I can only mirror back to her what she is - my Love. May everyone who reads these words open to the same possibility. Let the longing of your heart keep you open to Love rather than shutting you down. Your Twin Flame awaits you.

God's Love for us is eternal.JERRY AND AMBER -- United States/Canada

AMBER AND JERRY -- JAMBERRY We sit to write this and are amazed at how small words are. How do you squish the great story of the reunion of Divine Love into one medium? The feeling of coming together at last is unspeakably joyful. We feel we are literally a two-flamed torch of Pure Love. The familiarity we feel with each other’s souls and the Spirit is so intense, it is indescribable.

Jerry and I feel that we have spent many lifelines unfolding, recognizing, overcoming and finally befriending our human ego. And so the magic happened: Reunion. We were ready. We’d done the soul work and it was time. Nothing could have stopped it, and oh, how God moved Heaven and Earth to bring us physically together. We both came to a Circle of Light workshop, recognized each other and said "YES." The details aren’t really important, just our response. A fearless, fiercely loving reunion in full recognizance of each other. There was a feeling of great awakening. And that Heaven had indeed been born on Earth.

After the workshop, I (Amber) flew home to wrap up my life in another state while Jerry waited for me to return to Eureka Springs. During those five weeks we emailed back and forth and talked on the phone and it was so intense we even blew the circuit breakers in the house! We were so softly held by our souls and spirit, lovingly tended by the seen and unseen forces of Love.

Oh, and the sighs. Now there’s sighs and then there’s SIIIIGHS! Our sighs could be heard through the cosmos as we let go of all the old – our stories, our egos, our personal "stuff." We were literally breathing into each other and into the ancient Oneness we were remembering.

The longing was very intense and we had to keep being present with that as well, letting it enter our cells fully, so that compassion for those who are waiting yet for their SoulMate to manifest in a body would always be a part of our path. We are holding awareness for you all! Simply be WITH the longing, fully living in the Now and allowing it to burn away the ego’s demands. It is a gift. Truly. Trust God, oh please, trust and surrender to God.

Five weeks later we stepped into each other’s arms, HOME in the Beloved. Physically present with each other again, and fully prepared for this time of assisting to raise the world’s vibration. We can FEEL the power of this Love. That very night we were married at Circle of Light before all our family here. We wished to honor each other in the highest way before we experienced physical union. Know that there are so many ways to make Love, in spirit, soul and body. There is no "time" when we are NOT creating this Love. Sometimes we simply spend hours surrendering to each other, gazing into each other’s eyes. Knowing that as we do this, we do it for all humanity.

Whether your SoulMate is embodied before you or not, we urge you to live from your heart, pushing back the borders of how to be with YOURSELF. Oh, Beloveds, say "YES" to God.

It’s hard to describe the feelings that are roaring, playing, fountain-ing within us. It is a Love so vast that we sail on and swim in, that we drink and create with. There is very little sense of time other than as a way to honor appointments with others. And most of all there is an overwhelming desire to serve one another, to truly put the other first, to tone the perfect sound of harmony, to be a safe place and to Remember the Truth as we mirror our eternal beingness. Heaven and Earth hold their breath as we bring the kingdom of God into visibility. We feel ourselves creating a divine Love resonance field everywhere we go, opening hearts to the magnificent YES that is SoulMate Love, that is the recovery of human power, and the birthplace of unspeakable Joy and Peace.

Jerry says this is just the beginning of our whole story, to be told again over heart fires everywhere. To be continued…Forever.

A SoulMate Marriage and wedding cake at Circle of Light

God's Love for us is eternal.TIZIANA AND GIORGIO -- Italy

TIZIANA AND GIORGIO We live in Sardinia, Italy. After meeting Giorgio, in 2004 and after we had experienced total joy and ecstasy in being together, fear crept in.

My greatest desire has always been to share my Love of God with my TwinFlame but although I had my Twin Flame in front of me, I could not believe it.

Before I came in contact with the Messages from God, through Shanna, Yael and Doug, I did my long spiritual searching. But Giorgio although he never had any experiences with meditation or spirituality, naturally believed in what I shared with him about God. Always. Giorgio had experienced God in his own special way and when we met there was an immediate recognition of our Love – the same way of loving.

Then we looked outside of us, outside of this Love and we experienced, fear, doubt, the lot. I kept asking God for guidance and God kept telling me that Giorgio WAS my TwinFlame. But I still could not believe it. All the while I was sharing my experiences with Shanna, Yael and Doug, until I decided to go to Circle of Light for the November 2005 seminar. God was leading us all the way.

At this point, our fairytale started. Like Cinderella I was running away from Giorgio, leaving behind part of my heart ( the crystal sleeper). Giorgio kept looking for me telling me that he really wanted to come to America with me. And I could not believe it, especially since he speaks almost no English. In total fear I booked the tickets, investing all the money we had in this adventure. During the trip I was literally shaking with fear and doubt, while Giorgio was calm and confident.

When we arrived all changed in an instant. Seeing my dear friend Shanna after four years of separation was a "blast" -- and hugging Yael and Doug, a dream coming true. Everybody from Circle of Light could see our shared Love always projecting it back to us. AND I FINALLY BELIEVED.

We where married with Yael as Minister right after the seminar – on Sunday night, past midnight. We lived the fairytale, where King and Queen unite IN God’s presence and in the presence of our beautiful Spiritual Family of Circle of Light. This time we knew it was REAL.

With the enthusiasm of children, we watch Yael unite our Flames forever. Our hearts totally opened, and we proclaimed our service to humanity, while our brothers and sisters, our sweet Family, were witnesses of this beauty. They experienced it with us. They projected it to us and we were totally honored by their presence. But this time, maybe for the first time in our lives, we felt honored by our presence too. We felt that this Love Tale belonged to the world, to all, and especially to all the beings that still did not have (or see) their TwinFlame incarnated in front of them.

So we dedicate our Love to you, all of you. Knowing that if we are experiencing this Love, NOW YOU ARE TOO. We feel honored to be the carriers of part of this beautiful Love Tale, that united with yours becomes ONE -- expressed in many amazing and unique ways, but ONE.
Thank You God and thank all of you who are reading these words, while the Tale of the New World unfolds. Tiziana & Giorgio.

Tiziana and Giorgio
Lighting the Unity Candle at their SoulMate Marriage, Circle of Light

God's Love for us is eternal.VESNA AND ROBI -- ŠIVARAŠAŠU -- Slovenia

Vesna and Robi We both love fire, both the inner and the outer one, and fire gave initiation to our Divine love. During that time I was doing a lot of fire walking or more precisely fire dancing. And it happened while I was dancing on a fire carpet. I suddenly felt the strong embrace of a masculine hand around my waist and at that moment a primordial memory arose spontaneously in my mind: "I have been waiting for this touch for my whole life." We both entered a state of altered consciousness then, and I knew that something totally sacred had happened to me. We danced together. The fire was cooling down our heat.

He managed to get my phone number and one week later he made a contact with me and invited me to go with him to the seaside. I knew without any doubt or hesitation that I would surrender myself totally to what it was going to happen between us. A night before I left for the seaside to meet him I experienced something powerful. As I lay in my bed, enormous energies entered my body and were preparing me for this meeting. I only knew it was a bridge room. I had a feeling that I would not survive this night because it was so strong. I couldn't sleep almost the whole night. Before I lay down in my bed, I also playfully took my Tarot cards and asked a question: "What is the nature of our Love?" For the first time in my life my hand was pulled by a card – it was a Master.

A small stone hut surrounded by trees, the remote smell of the sea, the dance of the lights of a far-away town down the hill and a warm fire before the hut. We embraced each other. What happened then – we don't know. Our energies went wild. We literally swam in each other, sank into each other. Each touch of each part of our bodies was a revelation. Far beyond physical. I could hear music in his nipple. He breathed light through me. I seemed to lose consciousness so many times. Everything was beyond anything we knew until then. And we could not ever part again. By an accident we became separated as we walked along the coast and I turned on the wrong path. It is not possible to describe the anguish and physical pain I felt being separated from him. As the essential part of me was missing. But I could feel his breath in me and could not distinguish anymore who was breathing – he or I.

He did not penetrate me in three months of Love Making. We spontaneously felt that we had to merge all our chakras first. My gratitude for this I expressed to him in a few lines: "For three month you didn't penetrate into me. For three months. Thank you. When you sacredly penetrated into my Temple you told me: 'I have come Home.'" The force of our love was so enormous that we had to isolate ourselves from the outer world for more than three years (we still need this isolation). I was working on my Ph.D. on Philosophy then and I could not work on it anymore. I hardly could finish it.

We both were covered with a lot of "dust and dirt" - meaning our characters and ego patterns. Living as Twin Flames means cleaning all the dust away to total purity. It is the only way. When Twin Flames come together it is very wrong to think that it is only heaven. Most of all it is plodding at first. Each small disharmony is amplified a thousand times and you can only think what could happen if there were even bigger disharmonies – which only reflect ego states and call for being dissolved. It is an extreme suffering. And the path of each Twin Flame is so unique and beyond all current "psychology" that all presently accessible knowledge is not useful anymore. The solutions are unique and only Love gives that necessary power that you break through very hard situations. We both almost died few times – it was so hard. We experienced all possible extremes, we traveled into a thousand and one" perceptions, identities, views and meta-views. We talked for hours and hours and hours....... One of the most precious revelations for us is that it is only Love that is beyond all perceptions because Love is beyond any reason but it has wisdom instead. It has direct connection with the Source.

Our message to Twin Flames is: »Never give up!!! Each difficulty brings a pearl. This path is like a rose. To reach the Divine purity of the flower, you have to go through the pain of all its thorns. Looking on this vertically you see also that each thorn is also a step. Don't forget – at the end there is an open flower which is "eye to eye" with God. We wish you so much courage and good luck, our Sisters and Brothers!

We spend a lot of our time Love-making. Each time we were making love I told him that it was God's celebration and that it is our "work" here. Each touch is beyond physical. It is a complete union of the two in one, an extreme flow of energy, ecstasy and purification. This gave us the necessary power to go further, because only Love has the power to burn everything which is necessary to be burned. We’ve met God in our Love. I see God in him and he Goddess in me. We are in an embrace of God being together. And our embrace is for us most precious (beyond) physical manifestation of God's Love.

My essence is "a dancer" and in connection with our Love I danced very often as a preparation on our sacred Love-making. My trances during dance have become deeper and deeper. My Beloved was my Guardian and I am so grateful to him that he took this burden on his shoulders. Evolution of this dance (it was totally spontaneous, without any references to any dance form or anything manifested yet) has brought me into a state in which I completely disappear in a total merger with Divine Love which is our Love. I have become like a whirling dervish, performing at the same time unknown ritual gestures and spontaneous mudras. My voice as well becomes open with magical cries, unknown words, songs or even unknown languages during the dance. This dance is almost weightless and it is Our dance because it is only our Love that has given its manifestation. It is a flow of the energy of our Love.

Half a year ago we both began to write poetry also. For his birthday I gave him a book named Šivarašašu (this name represents our union and came to me spontaneously while writing) which is about our transcendental Love (written mostly during altered states of consciousness). We recorded some of the poems with me reciting with a sophisticated music background on a CD, and once he told me to dance to this CD. After the dance we both knew that "this is it." Something was completed. We knew that it was time that we should share this with other people and it was a hard step for us. Before this decision we made four sacred "Rituals of Love" (as we name this today) in our Temple.

The influence of this Ritual on people was shocking but at the same time we were aware what a powerful Ritual we had created – more precisely – has been created by God. We feel we are only instruments of His will. The whole preparation on this Ritual is only to surrender to our Love which is Divine Love. We are totally connected in this dance and I only step in the sacred place. Robi plays on a sacred drum (again – drum is playing through Robi), something is dancing me, and at the same moment we both feel when it is time to leave the space. People listen then to the poems to the end of CD. We never know what kind of dance will be manifested – each dance/Ritual is unique, never the same twice. No one from those invited could find any known references to which to compare this Ritual. It goes to the roots of everyone. It is like an initiation of Love and there are so many effects on people – from healing, releasing patterns, touching Divine and feeling this energy flowing through the body, traveling through space and time or going beyond space and time, seeing the dance of Light. There also can be confusion, anger or even fear – when people do not yet have the open consciousness and purity for understanding what is happening. And we know now what a responsibility is to perform this Ritual before others and that it is not for everyone. We know we are breaking completely new ground with no references to anything manifested yet.

Each day is a gift for us, full of synchronicities and miracles. "Miracles" have become a natural part of our lives today. We sit each day before the fire and watch the stories which the fire is speaking to us. And we are still purifying our souls to be God's mirror once. Slowly we are becoming more and more aware of what a huge task God has given to us as an awakened Twin Flame couple and we feel so small before this but at the same time so honored. Manifesting out Twin Flame in a physical form is also the biggest gift we could receive in our life. Each touch is a prayer and each touch is a gratitude to God. As I am writing, I am crying, my Friends, from this abundance... Be courageous. Forget everything you think you know. Trust your Heart and trust the wisdom of the Source.

Love, Love, Love,

Šivarašašu (Vesna & Robi from Slovenia)

Vesna and Robi
Vesna and Robi perform their ritual Twin Flame dance

God's Love for us is eternal.JENNIFER AND ERIK -- Jeneric -- United States

Our Story

1 It all began the summer before our senior year in high school. There was a summer program happening on a college campus that involved students from all over the state. I was hanging out with some friends under some trees dangling in a hammock. My friend Katherine says to me ‘Oh, there’s Erik over there’. This is someone she’d mentioned to me, but I had yet to meet him. I looked over to where she pointed and saw the backside of a man. What was so strange is that all these feelings boiled up, and I knew without a doubt in my heart that I loved this man. Love at first sight—something I didn’t even think was real—and yet, here it was, happening to me.

We did meet shortly after that, and began dating. Turns out he lived almost 200 miles away, but even with the distance we still managed to see each other occasionally. At some point I saw visions of things that informed me he was my soulmate, which I shared with him. Pretty heavy for a seventeen year old guy! Our lives took their courses, which led us both all over the country. Even into our early twenties, we were still in touch and saw each other a few times. But time and distance were busy.

I eventually married, and Erik was there. Before I walked down the aisle, I began sobbing uncontrollably. At the time I didn’t fully understand why, but I believe now it was because the man at the alter wasn’t Erik.

Years went by, and another marriage flopped. We’d lost track of each other at this point, but our trusty friend Katherine had managed to know the whereabouts of both of us. I’d made it back to my home state and was attending college. Recently I’d started life on my own terms again, and was enjoying the freedom and renewal of myself. Katherine had given Erik and I each others email addresses, but thus far, neither of us had done anything with it. One beautiful sunny day as I was walking across campus, I thought of him and decided to write. As I opened up my email, there was a letter from him!

A flurry of emails ensued between us. He wanted to explore ‘Us’ again. Turns out he was also in the state, about two and a half hours away. We started seeing each other once again long distance. The man I’d compared all others to, and here he was in my life again. After about nine months of this, I decided we either needed to take it up a notch, or call it off. He ended up moving up to my location, and the rest is pretty much history.

We eventually married, and are now pregnant with our first child. It’s been blissful and fulfilling along the way, and I’m so grateful to share this life with him!

Cyrus and Levi

God's Love for us is eternal. ANITA AND RICK -- Holland

Anita: I believe all relationships in life whether they are loving and fantastic or not so happy are important.Because each and every person you spent a part of your life with, you LEARN. So before I met Rick I was in such a relationship. We learned from each other but we grew apart.The main reason was my growing spirituality..... I make spiritual art for people and one evening there were two male friends who wanted to have a drawing of their light guides.The doorbell rang...I opened the door..and there he was... looking at me and giving me a beautiful smile. Something inside of me felt a bit stirred up because I "recognized "him in a way as though we had met before.
That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship......

My other relationship was getting more difficult and because of my friendship with Rick, I became even more aware of lacking one of the most important things you share in a relationship...communication. Rick and I could talk for hours and he really was supportive.
My partner and I decided it was the best for us to end our relation which had lasted for twelve years.. I am grateful to him that we still see each other and for the lessons he has taught me. I was developing my spiritual gift more and more. Rick and I came closer and closer.....We really fell in LOVE !! The weird thing is we are now at such a level that we experience a lot of times some sort of telepathy.
I have never experienced anything like this,so much love, respect equality,communication etc... It feels like coming home.
I visited the Circle of Light and Rick's presence was so clear because we missed each other. I had a session with Yael and she saw our energies became ONE and filled with diamonds. She told me our love is very important to set an example for other people. It was in America that I really could open myself up completely to Rick in a unconditional way. So I bought two rings in Eureka Springs and when I got back I asked him to marry me and he said YES !( to love ). He had felt my buying him a ring and he also had thoughts about marrying me ! Two spirits ONE thought ! We have found a home now for the both of us to live in and we are getting married ...some day !!
Thanks for reading our story ! Love Rick and Anita....
NOTE: Click here to see some of Anita's beautiful and inspirational SoulMate drawings.

Anita and Rick
Anita and Rick were married on August 11, 2006 in Holland

God's Love for us is eternal.CYNTHIA AND TOM -- Cynthomas -- United States

Tom and Cynthia Our SoulMate Story

Tom and I (Cynthia) met in Florida in 1995 while we were both working with Global Relationship Centers as assistants in the powerful weekend workshops. I had started the Leadership Training to become an instructor and Tom had managed a center in Daytona before moving to Tampa Bay. Tom had just ended his marriage and I was searching for the answers I needed to resolve my unfulfilling marriage. We became very good friends working together and there was an immediate honesty and supportiveness to the ‘friendship’. There was something ‘else’ there also and though we tried to ignore it at first, love was there. Perhaps in the process of surrendering ourselves to serve others we had surrendered to God’s will for us to be together.

I knew that something special was happening the evening we took a walk on the beach and sitting on the rocks, I shared a dream I had experienced a few nights before. Tom listened quietly and then commented simply, "You have a beautiful soul." Within a matter of weeks I had found the answers I needed and separated from my husband of 25 years and a couple of months later Tom and I were living together and planning our new beginnings.

There was nothing holding us in Florida--mediocre jobs left us restless, my son was off to college, the center we had worked at was closing – things seemed to be coming to a dead-end and we both felt the urge to move on. Synchronously the answer came from a catalog from Omega Institute and I submitted our applications to work the following spring and summer on staff at the retreat center in upstate New York. Two months later we heard that they accepted us and wanted us to arrive early spring to open the season. This was no small decision – we sold one car, all our furniture and ‘baggage’ from our previous lives, shipped some boxes of books and mementos to family, packed essentials in one car and took off for New York, without a clue what we would do after the 5 month tenure there where we would be living in cabin tents! Our only sadness in leaving Florida was knowing we would miss our Sufi teacher and weekly group that we had met with for over a year. But we found out our new ‘home’ would be only an hour or so away from The Abode of the Message, the east coast headquarters for the Sufi order.

The next step brought us to Arkansas, partly because of Tom’s mother who was not well, but more likely because of the spiritual work that we would accomplish there. Within two months I had begun the work and Tom joined in two months later as we became editors and publishers of a spiritual and holistic magazine, Dance of the Soul. In this work we grew as a partnership, created community and helped many people find new direction on their path of spirituality and healing. And we made many new friends, two of which were Yael and Doug Powell.

We were married in February of 2001 at Circle of Light by Yael. Though we had talked numerous times over those first five years about marriage we had not really talked ourselves into it! Both of us a little too rebellious to buy into the ‘system’, society’s expectations and such. We were in a comfort zone about it I suppose. But one day a woman I did not know called me about something I can’t remember now and we had a lengthy conversation about marriage – she asked me why we were not married and I did not have an answer that satisfied her. I can’t remember exactly but she said something that went straight to the heart, complete Truth was revealed and when I related it to Tom he also knew that it was time to make our commitment. It is interesting that I don’t recall what the message of ‘truth’ was but I just recall that it was all suddenly clear – we were meant to be together always and God had given us each a beautiful gift. Our wedding ceremony was a way of saying thank you. And another way of again surrendering to the flow of God’s love through us.

God's Love for us is eternal. NATASHA AND MICHAEL -- United States/United Kingdom

NATASHA AND MICHAEL Michael and I met on MySpace about 18 months ago. I, being in the United States, and Michael in the United Kingdom, we had no idea that we would ever meet but we instantly felt a very powerful spiritual connection. Soon,we were sending emails and notes to each other, uplifting each other always, and making our way to become best friends. I found that it was very easy to talk to Michael. It felt as if I had known him for years.

After about six months, I was browsing images on the internet, and found an image called 'Twin Soul'. Not knowing fully what it was, I copied the image and sent it to Michael. Within minutes, he responded with a message. He sent me a friend's blog post about Twin Flames! How uncanny that was! I cried as I read it, and knew right away that it described my relationship with Michael. For a week, I was silent. Was he sending that in response to the image that I had sent? Did he just know i would enjoy that article? Was he trying to tell me something?!? I didn't sleep for 3 nights. I knew that twin flame love was real, and I knew that no other relationship on this earth would match that. I had to respond, and I had to lay it all out for review.

I emailed Michael and told him about my struggling marriage, and my husband's resentment of my spirituality. It was my awakening process that drove the wedge between us. Michael understood perfectly. I told him that I had no idea of the future, but I knew that I was love, and that is all that I needed. I could now let go of all the pain and heartache in my marriage, and just BE love. In the end, I told him that I believed that he was my Twin Flame and that I would wait forever, even if there was never a chance for us to be together in this lifetime. The love is just that strong between us. We are connected, and were never really apart. There really is no separation. Michael responded, and told me that his marriage had been in a terrible state for a while now, too. He agreed that we were Twin Flames, and had no idea of where our relationship would go. In a matter of weeks, Michael's marriage also came to an end. Not knowing what was ahead, we remained in contact, and in a few months, we met for the first time.

Michael flew over to the US in late December 2007, and stayed for two weeks. It was the most incredible meeting of another person. We could both see and feel the merkabah around us as we stepped into the same energy field. We felt the Double Helix, and I saw us surrounded by the brightest and purest white light. We were standing in a column of white light, and white light was radiating from our very hearts!

We connected on every level, and have not missed a night of talking to each other in 18 months. We have created profiles on MySpace to share the story of our love and information on Twin Flames: 2 Hearts ~ 1 Soul and *Together As One*

Michael recently returned to the United States for 4 weeks in June, during which time, we married at Circle of Light on Beaver Lake. Yael Powell performed the ceremony. It was a very moving experience, and we know that we are united with purpose. Although Michael had to return to the UK for now, we are already in the process of applying for Michael to move to the United States.

God's Love for us is eternal. REBECCA AND WEN -- United States

Twinflame's story thus far!

It wasn't easy... The coming together of twinflames, at least not for us...

Although, our meeting and eventual/inevitable falling in Love was surrounded by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, it was also marked by magical synchronicities.... We were led by Spirit to trust that we were indeed, following our true path.

Wen was first introduced only to my voice when a mutual acquaintance played a tape of me singing acapella. He mentioned to Wen that he was going to make me a country star. Wen was struck with a sudden knowing and replied, "That isn't a country voice, that's a Celtic voice."

We met face to face a few days later when I went to Wen's recording studio to sing backups for another mutual acquaintance. My first impression of Wen was that he was "real". When I looked into his eyes, I saw directly into his soul, he was without pretense. I liked him instantly and felt a kindred spirit connection. At this point, there wasn't any indication that our relationship would be anything more than platonic.

Shortly after we met, Wen sat down at the keyboard and played for me his own music...

I heard qualities within his music that had been playing in my head for several years...

My heart skipped a beat, could this be the musician I had been praying for?

"When is my musician going to manifest?" had been a constant prayer of mine for the past couple of years. Now I was looking at the "When" as "Wen", and it just so happened that his record label at the time was called "Manifest Records". I gratefully recognized the gift that was being offered me... and it seems that Wen did too, as he had been hoping for a female Celtic singer to wander into his life and add a new dimension to his music.

A creative working relationship quickly followed. We both eagerly looked forward to our Tuesday and Friday mornings together. The music unfolded for us so effortlessly, so magically... there were times when Wen gave me music he had just written and I already had the melody lines and lyrics that fit perfectly... and times when I gave him melody lines and lyrics and the music would fall from his fingertips like a long lost friend, triggering many moments of déjà vu, witnessing the existence of multiple lives and realities we have shared. It was soon very apparent by the blissful ease of our musical partnership that we were fulfilling our divine purpose with each other.

A strange phenomenon began to happen during all that blissful music making. My body grew more and more uncomfortable by the physical distance between us during our long hours of musical co-creation. We had become so "one" on the creative, spiritual level but had still maintained "propriety" on the physical level for so long. My body was very uncomfortably rebelling. Eventually, I had to ask Wen (as silly as I felt) if I could touch him. If I lightly placed my hands over his as he played, or set my hands upon his shoulders, I felt that maybe that kind of merging would satisfy me. Relief did come at just the touch of his hand, enough so that the intolerable physical discomfort would dissipate for a while... but it would come back later even stronger.

Looking back on it now, it is quite humorous as well as mysterious that my own body's wisdom was far more "knowing" than my mind. One touch led to another and another until Wen was certain that I was open for developing our relationship on the physical level. One day he bravely stole a kiss. Still very conflicted in mind and body, I exclaimed, "Don't ever do that again!" leaving him thoroughly confused and disappointed. However, Wen was not one to be easily deterred, and soon convinced me that my objections were in error.

Nine months after we met, we moved in together, facing enormous challenges and experiencing the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows, all the while, our lives had a dreamlike quality every moment we were together.

The first couple of years were truly my "dark night of my soul" as I stepped through ring after ring of fear, surrendering more deeply into trust, and ultimately making my life congruent with my being. How wonderful to have my True Love to hold onto, and hang onto, with his unconditional love and support. Love was the thread of truth out of which I wove the tapestry of my new life.

Life did finally get better. The shift occurred the day we were married on 9/9/99, and we have continued in an upward ascending spiral ever since. We’ve created four albums of music to mark the seven years since the reuniting of our Twinflames. Interestingly enough, we chose "Twinflame" as the name by which our music would be known early in our relationship, intuiting the reality of our Divine compliment beyond the wildest imaginings of our conscious minds and lifelong yearnings of our wounded but healing hearts.

Our story is far from over, in fact we're sure that it’s only just begun... Right now we are being called to move more fully into alignment with our purpose, as are lightworkers all over the planet. Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude as we begin to taste the joy of the fullness of that _expression. Dreams are tangibly manifesting around us... erasing all trace of struggle and limitation.

NOTE: Rebecca and Wen are a musical duo named, appropriately, Twinflame. They have several CDs to their credit. Listen to their fabulous sounds and read about their wonderful work in opening hearts at

God's Love for us is eternal. RUSS AND KATHERINE -- Denmark/United States

Katherine and Russ
Russ: Thank you, Circle of Light, for the invitation to share our experiences with others. It is something we have wanted to do, because the love in our hearts just wants to sing out and celebrate the commitment of our union. We have known each other since February 2002, and it seems so strange to write this, as we truly feel we’ve always known one another. Of course now we know why it feels this way. We met on the Crimson Circle website when Katherine responded to a letter I had posted. Once we made contact, it continued to evolve and flourish into the most fulfilling relationship we have ever experienced, even though I live in Denmark and Katherine lives in New York City.

Before Katherine discovered Circle of Light not so long ago, we were already discussing the possibility that we were Twin Flames and although I wasn’t denying the possibility, I wasn’t wholly convinced either. I recognized this profound love of God in Katherine, but the pain of my earlier marriages made it difficult for me to let go. It wasn’t really until God validated it for me personally in meditation, after we had made our commitments, that I recognized that she really is my twin. Katherine, on the other hand, recognized me very quickly because she had been consciously looking for me all her life, even though she too has been married and has also experienced many difficult and trying years where rejection, denial and never being validated seemed to be all there was.

The major difficulties we have encountered have been issues with distance and the longing to be together physically. Many of my friends ask me about our relationship and find it incredulously difficult to relate to the idea that I have a "girlfriend" who lives in New York. They find it even more difficult to accept that I have made such a commitment based on telephone calls, Love letters and a couple of photos. And I don’t think they believe me when I tell them I loved her long before I knew how she looked and that outer appearances aren’t important. I tell them it’s the way the energy flows between us, the way we make each other feel and the support that we offer one another…

We are discovering that time and space are subject only to the rules of the ego and not to the heart. I seems we are learning this because of the distance, and it seems to be stretching our senses and teaching us to stay in our heart space, no matter what. When we are able to stay connected through our hearts, we continue to develop our sensitivity or telepathy on different levels. We feel how the other is and can carry on a conversation together through our heart. Maybe the most validating for us is our love-making for our sensitivity is becoming so fine-tuned that lovemaking is becoming more and more physical, despite the fact that we are on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Yael has told us that the pattern we are creating is different, for we didn’t meet as two individuals in the flesh and work through our ego differences. We met in the ethers so to speak, and the lack of body connection has been forcing us to deal with the ego in another way. We are both in awe and unbelievably grateful for the gift that God has given us in each other, and the journey Home is so wonderfully beautiful. What we mirror in each other is the comedy of our egos and the love of God. What we are learning to love and appreciate are the simple things that we have together.

I love Katherine and she loves me, and we are so sure of this that we are starting to say, "Oh, God you love me" to each other, as much as we say, "Oh, God I love you" and "Oh God I love loving you." It seems like this is God’s little joke on us for we’re beginning to see ourselves as God sees us through each other.

KATHERINE: Hi all and blessings of Love and joy to you. As you read the above message, it is not hard to see what I find in Russ – a heart so open to the love of God and the willingness to share that vulnerability with everyone. That open, honest heart of vulnerability that he so easily expresses was the open door for me to walk into. As he mentioned, at first when I read a writing of his in February of 2002 I didn’t really understand the way I felt. Something inside me was so deeply touched I cried uncontrollably. I wrote to him and told him and that was our first meeting.

We are remembering union and unwrapping each other as the most precious gift ever laid at our feet. It is very humbling and with each exposure of what is inside, we grow deeper and deeper in Love with each other. The distance that we are experiencing momentarily is here I believe to validate the power of love. The power and beauty and majesty of love itself and that same power that resides within us. To come to respect that power and to see that it is used for the highest good of all, only through the heart of love. Russ and I are growing more sensitive to this and we laughingly agree when I say to him, "honey, we are turned on all the time." This is a most creative powerful energy and I am thankful for the purpose that our distance has served.

There are two things I want to mention that were significant to us. The very first time Russ and I spoke to each other on the phone, his watch stopped at the moment of the first hello. We spoke for two hours and time stood still until we hung up! Amazing! Well, I guess that is the energy that twin souls can produce. One more thing is the flames we feel all around us at times of intense union. God is always in the midst of our union and at these times of intense heart, we feel God’s presence ever so much more.

Twin Flame Love

Who are you that you would feel the depth of my love and not be afraid?
Who are you that you would look into my eyes and see the beauty of my soul
and want for more that you may remember your own ?
Who are you that you would let go of the shadows of the past and exchange
a life of pittance to one rich beyond your dreams?
Who are you that you would feel my touch and by being touched hear the music
within your heart...
It is I, Your beloved,
I am always here, laughing, singing, dancing with you
You are the delight of my soul
My heart sees you and feels you and knows no other whose beauty and
truth and depth of love embraces so completely
I am here with you always my love, my darling.
Fear not the shadow of what may be for in that is the pittance of the former
existance. Remember, together we go, singing and walking, yet in the silence
our hands clasped as one we listen to the sounds of life strumming to the harmony of our love
Be not afraid for joy awaits your homecoming


Between worlds

On this full moon, I feel it all
the longing to merge, the fear to let go
for all our intentions and fading dreams
there is a heart that understands -
a love that blesses
for every sense of failure and dispair
there are hands that lift up and gently kiss away the tears
and I would be there too, despite my fears, I am
dark as the night sky and bright like the sun
and standing in the chaos I would be your mirror
reflecting back the sweetness of your great love
together, we watch as universes crumble and galaxies are reborn
yet I am not afraid, for I feel your hand in mine


God's Love for us is eternal. A CONNECTION WITH A TWIN FLAME IN CONSCIOUSNESS, Anonymous

My Twin and I have had many 'experiences' together, but one I'd like to share with you. It was witnessed by my brother who was in another town two hours away! I had been very ill, just had surgery, my physical body was shutting down. I no longer had the strength to argue with the nurses and physicians that their choice of treatment was not helping but hindering my recovery. I went to 'sleep' and followed the 'musical notes'. There were many various notes, but I knew where I belonged, as my 'note' felt like home, very familiar, very comfortable. It was so beautiful, there are no words to describe where I had to see it, to feel it!

Jared, my Twin (for some reason, that's what I've been calling him), was the first to greet me, as usual. We were surrounded by majestic light, hundreds of Angels, Archangels, Masters...and I mention Masters as I see them often with Jared; there are three or sometimes four Masters, attired in black, buddha like robes, with hoods over their heads. Their faces are not covered, but one cannot see them, they are 'blank'. They have come to me personally a few times before.

In any case, I was revelling in this Glorious place, gaining strength, feeling the great love all around me, but also hearing and sensing the love from friends and loved ones who were still here on Earth. My brother, whom I mentioned above was in another town, was praying for me at the time. We somehow 'connected', and he saw where I was, who was with me....named them all the next day...those he knew, described this place in great detail to me several times...each time recalling another 'piece'!!

I had a choice as to whether to stay or return. Obviously I chose to return as I felt there was more for me to do...and I wanted to complete my 'mission'.

Jared was by my 'side' day and night, helping me, He took me to our 'Secret Place' and told me to go into the lake, when I was so craving a drink. When I was a child, I loved a drink that was bottled by a company from my hometown. It was made by 'Crush' and they had many flavors, but my favorite was grapefruit. Jared and I never question each other...we just 'know' and so I did as he asked. The 'water' looked like ordinary water...LOL...but he told me to drink...get my fill...and so I did. The drink was grapefruit crush...and as I swam further, I came upon another flavor, then another, but the 'flavors' never mixed. When I awoke, I felt so refreshed, my physical stats actually improved!!

Thank you so much for letting me share this with you! There are so few people who would understand these 'stories'. ANONYMOUS  


A Spiritual Overview

Deep within the heart of every being on Earth is the yearning for his or her SoulMate or Twin Flame (we use these words interchangeably). This feeling was placed there by God. The activation of this yearning at this time is part of the spiritual opening occurring now on Earth in which we are remembering who we truly are. The path to the Twin Flame is a doorway into ourselves, into the very heart of God, the wholeness of God we are.

To understand the Twin Flame, we must stretch for deeper understandings of the truth of humanity. All beings on Earth who call themselves “human” are in their greater being “cells” in the heart of God. This includes every person on Earth, no matter how he/she is expressing in a body or in this Earth life. As cells in the heart of God, we are grand and glorious streams of Light, of consciousness, deliverers of Love.

Being on Earth in bodies is only one adventure we have experienced but we are here purposefully, to return the life streams created on Earth to Love and only Love, the true reality of all life. There is nothing more important for the current transformation on Earth than the opening of every heart to Love. In the past, so many people have been closed to Love. The opening of hearts occurring now is the critical shift which will change our world in the ways that we all desire.

The reason we are drawn to seek our Twin Flame (or SoulMate) is that the Twin Flame IS the other half of the very essence of us, the being with whom we were created in spirit by God at the very Moment of Creation. At the moment of that “Big Bang,” the desire of our Creator to give forth the Love that He/She Is created an orgasmic explosion of Love from which we emerged as the multitudinous facets of that Love.

At that time, each of us was created as a Twin Flame “pair,” a unique and individual cell in God's heart with its own signature or vibration -- one being but with two streams of consciousness. These grand forces called Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are the primal elements of Creation itself, the Father/Mother aspects of our Creator, the electrical currents of Creation. They are present in us as they are in our Creator. This is not, however, about gender of bodies on Earth. We do not speak here of bodies at all. Being in bodies on Earth is only one of many adventures we have all had as beings of consciousness.

So, each being does have a Twin Flame, unique and individual to you. However, this Twin is not someone outside of yourself. Your Twin Flame is an integral part of your own energy field that is and has always been with you -- before, during and after your life in a body. Even though you may not see or feel this being at this moment, you have never been apart from your Twin Flame, nor can you be. You were created together and you are the same energy, eternally one.

The Love of Twin Flames is Love in its highest ideal, deeply felt through the heart as pure, natural, completely trusting, tender and eternal. There are no expectations, demands or needs to be fulfilled from personalities nor external criteria to be met. It is based on divine feeling and spiritual truth, and deep inner knowing. It is totally unconditional.

The path of all true Love is giving in an outward flow. God is calling every one of us to be willing to open our hearts to this kind of Love in the deepest possible way to be a part of creating a world of Love and only Love. This is the essence of Twin Flame Love.

From the Messages from God, April 2011

"Only Love can heal the illusion, Love that is Whole, that is One, that is Real -- Love that is the truth that I Am Everything. From this Source, the heart is revealed and that revelation is ever brand new in the glorious expression of Creation happening now.

"Until this communion, this receiving of Love is established within each precious one, the search for the Twin Flame creates more illusions, looking to the world to find Love that heals, when the world is the result of the belief in separation to begin with.

"And so it is that I turn everyone within. I turn the heart to Me and ask each to remember that I Am present and that each life is such a gift to be received in gratitude, allowed to bring forth the fullness, the hologram.

"Once the heart is established as the mode of communion and the direction of the search is the Source of all Creation…when communion is established and this inner guidance is received, then the Twin Flame heart is revealed in its entirety as an experience of the fullness of God I Am, uniquely expressed as the forces of Creation, as a heart at the center of All That Is.

We invite you to continue to read about SoulMates, Twin Flames...


Q. I have been having an intense connection with someone. I thought this person could be my SoulMate but now all sorts of difficulties seem to be surfacing. ? How do I know if this is my Twin Flame?

A. We invite you, first, to read our sections on this website about SoulMates or Twin Flames. Over the years the Messages from God have greatly expanded our consciousness and our understanding of Twin Flames. We have come to realize that the divine relationship that is called the SoulMate, the Divine Complement, the Twin Flame, is far greater, grander than anything we know as relationship on Earth. For a moment we ask you to make a leap in consciousness beyond your questions about a specific person and ponder the following.

The Messages from God have shown that, indeed, each of us was created by God at the Moment of Creation with a Twin Flame (or SoulMate). So, yes, each of us does have a Twin Flame. With that Twin Flame, we are a unique and individual cell in God's heart with its own signature or vibration -- one being but with two streams of consciousness. These are referred to as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, the grand forces or electrical currents of Creation (the "two who are one").

However, this is not about gender of bodies on Earth. We do not speak here of bodies at all. Being in bodies here on Earth is only one of many experiences we have all had as beings of consciousness. Anyone here on Earth with whom we create relationship could only be a reflection your Twin Flame, because the Twin is an energy form that is so much larger, grander than bodies on Earth that a body could not "contain" it, merely reflect it.

Think of it this way: God has told us that if we imagined a huge picture frame that had a tiny dot down in the corner, that dot would represent us in a body on Earth relative to who we are!

So, the Twin Flame is NOT simply another person in a physical body to whom you are attracted on the Earth plane. Your Twin Flame is an integral part of your own energy field that is and has always been with you -- before, during and after your life in a body. Even though you may not see or feel this being, you have never been apart from your Twin Flame, nor can you be. You were created together and you are the same energy.

A great transformation is occurring in our world -- a return to the truth that Love and only Love is Real. There is a great ever-expanding out-pouring of Love to each of us from our beloved Creator at this important moment. This is opening hearts rapidly and bringing people all over the planet to feel an increasing desire for deep relationship, true Love, the Love of the SoulMate. People are feeling new experiences of Love in their lives on all levels as never before.

There is nothing more important than this Love. Every opening in any heart contributes to the increase of Love on Earth. The opening of hearts is the critical shift which will change our world in all the ways that we all desire. In this or any relationship in which you are involved, do your very best to open your heart. Release judgment, comparison, contrast, demands, expectations the best you can, and ask God through your heart to lead you in all your relationships to the highest heart resonance possible. Know that if you ask for this, you will be guided and your heart will open.


Q. I have recently met my SoulMate but he is married and lives in another city. I too am married and have children. I am wondering what to do. Should I break up my relationship to be with him? Please help!

A. We invite you to read all of our sections on SoulMates, Twin Flames. The answers you seek are there.

At this moment on Earth we are in a powerful period of transition in which hearts are opening very quickly, creating many Love attractions and different scenarios. Many people contact us concerning situations in which the opening of the heart has drawn two people together, one or both of whom are currently still in a commitment to another partner. Hearts are opening at different rates.

It is important to understand that the SoulMate or Twin Flame is not another being in a body on Earth. Relationships on Earth are reflections of a much deeper truth. This is described in the SoulMates, Twin Flames section and in the previous letter as well. Anyone here on Earth with whom we create relationship could only be a reflection of your Twin Flame, because the Twin is an energy form that is so much larger, grander than bodies on Earth that a body could not "contain" it, merely reflect it.

If you are experiencing a strong attraction to someone who is not free, it is of utmost importance to re-establish a deep connection with God and ask that the highest good of all be served. The little mind often leads us to believe that a change in our life situation will solve everything. The truth is in desiring Love, you have drawn to yourself someone who is not fully free, as you yourself are not. This means that your own heart is not yet fully open. Otherwise neither of you would be in a committed situation. You would be free!

There is nothing more important than LOVE. Every opening in any heart contributes to the increase of Love on Earth. The opening of hearts is the critical shift which will change our world in all the ways that we all desire.

Please make a connection with God a strong priority in your life and hold in heart the partner with whom you have commitment on the waves of Love you are now feeling. Ask in your communion with God that the highest good of all be served. Each situation is individual but a strong communion with God is the way to expand all hearts and assure that Love will prevail and avenues in service to Love will be opened for all concerned. Do know that God will never judge and the truth of God is Love for all. If it seems best to make a change from prior commitments, it is strongly suggested doing this only after deep communion with God and the assurance of one's heart.


Q. Is it as significant to meet the twinflame in the physical as it is in the ethereal? Is the twinflame energy represented by only one form on this planet, or can the energy be manifested in any form?

A. We invite you to read all the information about Twin Flames in this section of the website. The Messages from God have explained that life on Earth is not real. It is an illusion. Therefore, the bodies are also an illusion. Life in the bodies on Earth represents a very tiny aspect of who we truly are. This is explained in the answers to some of the questions under Welcome Back, Questions You Asked. You may want to explore there as well.

The Twin Flame is a spiritual phenomenon. The Twin Flame is an eternal gift from God, always present (even when not perceived). The most important contact therefore is in consciousness or Spirit. The Twin Flame energy may be reflected in different forms on Earth at different times. Again, this is vibrational and follows the Law of Resonance (like attracts like). Whatever your resonance, that is the resonance you will attract to you in another person.

The Twin Flame energy is the purest Love. The form or person before you will reflect whatever of pure Love your heart is or is not able to hold at any given time. This is why at Circle of Light we encourage people to open the heart so that the person before them may contain the highest energy of the Twin. The condition of your heart is what is reflected in relationship.

The body or person before you is only a container for your own reflection.  There is no objective reality, only the reflection of your own deepest truth. The energy CAN manifest in different people at different times. We say, the Twin Flame has been peeking through the eyes of every person with whom you have been close, because the Twin is wanting the closest connection with you possible.


Q. Can the Twin Flame appear twice? My understanding is that each has only one Twin Flame, that the SoulMate relationship is the one for which we must strive, but that the SoulMate relationship will not break up one that already exists.

My strong belief is that I met my Twin Flame. He was in my life for a relatively short time. After a 5-year absence, Twin Flame "reappeared" a few months ago. I am in a long-term relationship with someone else. After a very rocky start, this relationship is now blossoming into something that is becoming quite extraordinary, with potential for even More and Better! My question, then: Is it possible to manifest Twin Flame energy in another - that is, to actually create a *new* Twin Flame? Or perhaps my current partner has always been my Twin Flame, just very well hidden?

A. It is indeed possible to "manifest Twin Flame energy in another," and for the Twin Flame to appear "more than once." Your Twin Flame is always with you and has always been with you. In every relationship we have ever had, the Twin Flame has played a part. This is because your Twin Flame is not a body but an energy that is a part of you. You are a cell of God's heart with two consciousnesses, inseparable. Now at the time of what we call "The Fall" when a large segment of humanity turned its back on God and the duality of our present world was the result, we became so separated from our Source that we also became separated from our Twin. Since that time our Twin has been with us energetically but since we have been seeing with our little mind or ego and not with our heart, the Twin has not been available to us.

If you can encompass that we are NOT solid, but are rather collections of moving molecules -- truly in the Real world we are streams of Light wrapped together with our Twin -- then you can imagine how your Twin Flame might at one time show a reflection of himself through one person, but at a later time seem to be reflecting through another. The key to connecting with the Twin is the opening of one's own heart, since everything that is inside of us will be mirrored on the outside through the symbols of this world.

So, perhaps at an earlier time your Twin was attempting to connect with you and chose the first person you described. At that time your heart was just beginning to open. Now as your heart has opened more fully, you have manifested another relationship better able to reflect the energy of your Twin, and so you quite correctly conclude that the Twin is now showing himself or manifesting through a different person.


Q. I listened to the Meditations from God and was confused by the many references to the twin flame heart. I was born with a medical condition that does not allow me the choice of ever having a partner - or soul mate or twin flame. Life, for me, is a solitary journey.
It's tough, but I've been working on coming to terms with it, and accepting the terms of the life I find myself in. Surely, such conditions of life need not get in the way of the spiritual journey. I've been telling myself that I don't need a partner to find the peace and love that is within me - I don't need any "other" in order for me to remember who I am, and awaken in God

A. Thanks so much for sharing so openly. We can truly understand your frustration concerning all the references to Twin Flames in the meditations if you are viewing the Twin Flame from the perspective of a "limited physical body on Earth." And of course, you are so right -- conditions of physical bodies on Earth do NOT need to get in the way of the spiritual journey. However, you DO have a Twin Flame and you can connect with her.

As you read the information given on this website, you will see that we are not just these little bodies on Earth. We are vast beings of consciousness and Love, and these little bodies we see on Earth are like a tiny finger of who we truly are. The real who-we-are was created as one being with two consciousnesses, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine -- sometimes referred to as the one who is two -- streams of light who are always together and always in Love, moving in and out of each other. They are completely as one except that each has an individual consciousness which permits them to not just be merged but to have awareness and communication with each other.

Now, here is the most important part. The Twin Flame is NOT another person in a physical body, but rather a part of your own energy field that is and has always been with you. You have never been apart from your Twin, nor can you be. You were created together and you are the same energy. People spend their lives traveling around looking on Earth for the elusive Twin, but the Twin is right with you -- within you, surrounding you, part of your energy body. .

Now how does this relate to your experience? God asks us through the Messages, again and again, to make the connection in consciousness with one's Twin -- through the heart. The heart is our passageway to what is called "The Real" -- who we truly are in God as pure consciousness and pure Love. This is what is meant by all those references in the meditations. They do not refer to a physical person. They refer to one's greater being, the other part of one's self who is present as the vast stream of light in consciousness.

How does one make contact with the Twin in consciousness? Well, first you have to believe that such a thing is possible. You have to KNOW with all your heart that these bodies are only a tiny expression of us, and that we are much MUCH more.Then, there has to be a certain amount of trust in God, that God's Love can be expressed in so many ways and that the Twin is God's gift to us -- a part of us that loves us as God loves us -- a Love of such purity and depth of feeling that it mirrors God's Love for us and lifts us right to God.

This is done by opening your heart and calling to your Twin Flame. GIVING LOVE is the key. Twin Flame Love is not about "getting" anything. Getting is an Earth ego concept. We are talking about a Love that is divine, that inspires and gives of itself with no thought of return. You can make this connection during meditation, in quiet moments, by simply intending and "acting as if." As you give Love forth you will begin to feel "something" through your heart. It is a beautiful way of loving God -- loving your Twin -- and actually loving your Twin Flame takes you right to God. There is no separation. So, you begin by believing, then making the contact and as you continue to pour Love to your Twin, you begin to feel in your heart their presence... It may come as little waves of feeling or an upliftment...people feel the contact in different ways. Gradually you will feel the ecstatic waves that are the hallmark of the Twin Flame in consciousness. As this grows, you can use your Twin Flame heart together to take all of the magnificent journeys on which God leads us through the meditations.


Q. It's been said that nothing is outside of ourselves and everything we see is a reflection of within. Does this include our SoulMate? If our SoulMate is within us, what is this urge we feel to find our perfect mate?

A. God always answers our questions at the level of understanding of which we are capable at any given moment. Initially in the first book, God Explains SoulMates, it was explained that we were created with a SoulMate/Twin Flame and that together we were the Masculine and Feminine parts of a cell of God's heart. God asked us to say "Yes" to Love to draw this SoulMate to us (the carrot!). At the same time, it was explained that the Twin Flame is really an "energy," a part of ourselves that has always been and will always be within us. A reflection of this energy can "embody" in another person who can stand in front of us here in this play on Earth. When this happens, the SoulMate or Twin Flame mirrors our own heart exactly -- including all our heart's beliefs that are impediments to Love!

In Book II, God Unveils SoulMate Love and Sacred Sexuality, we learned about the true, awesome power of the two reunited as one and especially the transcendent nature of SoulMate Love and sexuality -- its atomic qualities. We also learned more about consciousness and the realm of the REAL beyond the bodies. We found out that sacred sexuality wasn't just about body parts (smile!). We learned to create a relationship with our SoulMate, Twin Flame in consciousness, first, connecting in meditation through the heart.

A key understanding was that while SoulMates are one cell in God's heart, there are still always two consciousnesses in relationship, the two who are one. The Soulmate relationship mirrors our relationship with God. The whole purpose of Creation was for God to have relationship with the cells of God's heart, so that we could show God to God and add to and amplify God's Love. Otherwise, we would simply merge back into God with no differentiation at all -- just one big lump of Loveness!

Now, as we have grown and our hearts has opened, God has further explained that Twin Flames are indeed one living, moving stream of Light in the Real, in consciousness, always giving Love to each other in ecstatic union. "This giving of Love, this alignment with life, you, together with your Twin Flame...builds and builds as you feel so loved and appreciated, as you feel Me loving you. You feel our beautiful Oneness and you feel the glorious ecstasy of at last being with your SoulMate...  Suddenly there is no difference -- between you and Me, between you and your God's Creation and definitely way beyond the 'little mind.' "

We can only know this through the heart and thus, the shift to the heart is now our highest priority.


Q. Is it possible for homosexuals to experience the type of soulmate relationship described on your website, and if so, how do the masculine and feminine energies complement one another in a relationship such as a homosexual one? Thanks.

A. That is a wonderful question and we are happy to answer it from what we have learned from the Messages from God. God has made it very clear to us that the coming together in relationship on Earth that is a reflection of one's Twin Flame, the true Twin Flame from the Moment of Creation, has nothing to do with gender in the body on Earth. We have come into these bodies in different genders at different times of our incarnations.

Relationship here on Earth in the bodies reflects the much grander phenomenon of our creation by God as two halves of a cell of God's heart -- Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine. The important thing is that in every relationship reflecting a Twin Flame connection, one half is carrying the Divine Masculine and one half is carrying the Divine Feminine. This refers not to gender, but to the grand forces of Creation. These people may both be in female bodies, or both be in male bodies. This is frequently observable in a same sex relationship.


Q. What about SoulMates at different levels of spiritual development? I was recently reading on another website, and this particular writer expressed that soulmates would not and do not come together until both have reached a certain level of spiritual maturity. Otherwise ego will enter into these relationships and destroy them.

Based on your experience and knowledge of the twin flame relationship, do you in fact find this to be true? Is it possible that soulmates can come together and be at different stages of ascension and awakening (i.e., one more spiritually "mature than the other") and what are the implications when and if this is the case.

A. At this time, Love is pouring onto the Earth from our beloved Creator and hearts are opening as never before. This is drawing people to the reflection of their Twin Flame in another as never before.

It is true that the Law of Resonance, like draws like, the basic spiritual law that governs everything, is always operative. Hearts are drawn together by like vibration. So, if two people are deeply drawn together, their hearts are calling to each other. This does not, however, have to do with "spiritual maturity." Some people who appear to be spiritually focused are still not in their hearts. They are still in a mode of getting (ego) -- even wanting to get to ascension, for example, rather than giving which is the pure energy of Love and of the heart.

Though someone can appear to be very "spiritually sophisticated," he or she is not necessarily more "spiritually evolved" than another who may be very heart centered. Of course, we are never to make a judgment about another. This does mean that if two people have a deep and powerful heart connection, it does not matter how seemingly "awake" one or the other is...the energy of the heart and their Love will lead them forward to God.


Q. I have been thinking about the statement 'There's no way that Love can hurt.' In the past I've felt that I've loved several men, but it wasn't reciprocated and it hurt. So I'm wondering about that statement. Does that mean I didn't really love them? that it was just some kind of ego need that I thought was Love?

How can people who are "in Love" fall out of Love? Never being married or divorced, I never quite understood how people who love (or loved) each other can be so cruel to each other. So is this all ego stuff? Do I even know what real Love feels like?

A. You have got it! That was NOT Love. What we often call "Love" on this planet, what we see everywhere (movie stars, magazines, TV etc) are generally mass manipulations of ego. When you really give Love (to a man, to a friend, to anyone), you have no expectations. You are in a giving mode and not a getting or expecting mode. What you were calling Love certainly could have been some kind of ego need. We have all done this over and over because this is what is reversed on this planet. The focus is on getting instead of on giving. When God talks about the illusion in the Message, this is a big part of it.

When people first "fall in Love," that is the only time many people feel real Love. They are in their hearts, not their little minds. They don't care what other people think. They are just feeling Love. This is the way we are meant to feel all the time! Can you believe it? We are supposed to live in ecstasy and joy all the time. What happens in marriages is that the ego, expectations enter in. Other people enter in telling the couple that they should expect this or that. They look around and feel they should be like those around them. They are unable to hold their initial beautiful feeling because there is too much pressure from the rest of the world around them.

Twin Flame Love is Love at its highest ideal. The Love between Twin Flames is deeply felt through the heart as pure, natural, completely trusting, tender and eternal. There are no expectations, demands or needs to be fulfilled from the personality. It is based on spiritual truth and deep inner knowing, and is totally unconditional.

Twin Flame Love follows the natural course of Love which is giving, with no expectation of return. Love is always making more of itself and always giving outward to others. Love given through an open heart then receives what has been given multiplied, and continues the cycle of giving in service to God and to humanity. Twin Flame relationships are not yet frequent on Earth. God is now calling every one of us to be willing to open to this kind of Love in the deepest possible way -- the Love that is the reflection of the Twin Flame within -- to be a part of creating Heaven on Earth, a world of Love and only Love.


A great transformation of unprecedented importance is occurring in our world beneath all that we see around us. It is a return to the truth of our being and the truth that Love and only Love is Real.

A grand, ever-expanding out-pouring of Love is bathing each of us from our beloved Creator at this important moment. The result is that hearts are opening rapidly and these openings of the heart are bringing people all over the planet to feel an increasing desire for deep relationship, true Love, what many call the Love of the SoulMate.

There is nothing more important than the opening of hearts to Love. Every opening in any heart contributes to the increase of Love on Earth. The opening of hearts is the critical shift which will change our world in all the ways that we all desire. We at Circle of Light wish to do our best to add to the growing understanding of what this Love truly is and how it relates to personal relationships on Earth. We, therefore, share with you what we have been given through the Messages from God at Circle of Light.

We Are God Awakening.
Love is all there is. God is only Love. Everything is made of Love. Everything is God. So are we.

We, humanity, are part of a great, limitless, unified consciousness we call God, the Source of All That Is. There is nothing outside of this consciousness and everything within it is awakening and discovering itself in the movement of Love.

Each human being is an expression of the many facets and attributes of God. Each human life expresses the continual opening of the awareness of the Divine Creator to the ever-expanding possibilities of Love. We are God revealing God to God. The living Wholeness that is God is a hologram in which every part contains and is aware of the whole. We are God beings, and whether we are consciously aware of it or not, every particle of us is fully alive and present in every aspect of life.

We live in God and God lives in us. Only on Earth in the world we have created through the perceptions of the ego mind do separations, partitions, segments, individuals appear to exist. And yet, in a mystery beyond the reach of the little mind, each of us is what is called in the Messages from God "both/and." We are both immersed in the Ocean of Love that is the magnificent wholeness of God AND we can also have the miracle of relationship, the blessing of awareness of and communion with our Source, our Beloved Creator. This communion includes God's gift to us, our beloved Twin Flame who is the reflection of God's Love for us.

What about the Twin Flame?

As facets of the great consciousness that is God, each of us is also reflecting the primal forces of Creation, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within God, the electrical currents of Creation. This pairing is what we call the Twin Flame (or SoulMate). Each Twin Flame heart expresses a facet of God with its own signature or vibration. Each is truly one being but with two aspects or streams of consciousness (the "two who are one").

Now, perhaps you are already understanding that the truth of the Twin Flame is far grander, far beyond what we experience as relationship on Earth. The truth of Twin Flames is not about bodies on Earth, or about gender of bodies. Being in bodies here on Earth is only one of many experiences we have all had as beings of consciousness.

The Twin Flame with whom each of us shares expression is NOT simply another person in a physical body to whom you are attracted on the Earth plane or whom you must "find." The Twin Flame of each being is actually an integral part of your own energy field that is and has always been with you -- before, during and after your life in a body.

Even though you may not be able to see or feel this being with your current focus, you have never been apart from your Twin Flame, nor can you be. You were created together and you are the same energy. The Twin Flame is present within, in, around you at all times. This is very different from the perspective that you are alone and separate and must search for someone to complete yourself.

The Nature of Twin Flame Love

The Love of Twin Flames, the Love you share with the being who is a part of your own energy field, is Love at its highest ideal. It is a reflection of God's Love for all of Creation, a reflection of the Love the Creator has for each one of us. Twin Flame Love is deeply felt through the heart as pure, natural, trusting, tender and eternal. It is based on spiritual truth and deep inner knowing, and is totally unconditional. The vibrational level of this Love is very different from most expressions of Love on Earth. It can be felt during meditation or through purposeful connection through the heart as we open our hearts to Love.

Twin Flame Love always follows the natural course of Love which is giving outward, with no expectation of return or getting for self. Love is always making more of itself and always flowing forth to others. Love given through an open heart then receives what has been given, multiplied, and continues the cycle of amplifying Love and giving, in service to God and to humanity. God is now calling every one of us to be open to this Love in the deepest possible way -- the Love that is the reflection of the Twin Flame within -- to be a part of creating Heaven on Earth, a world of Love and only Love.

The great out-pouring of Love from the Creator at this time is calling us Home to the essence of who we truly are. We are not limited, beleaguered human beings living a life of turmoil and uncertainty on Earth. We are great beings of Spirit, the very cells of God's heart who, by our own hand and with our great potential for creativity, have painted ourselves into a box of limitation called life on Earth. We are now being awakened and called to remembrance of who we truly are through the great power of our own hearts. The remembrance of our Twin Flame with whom we were created is a part of that return to our Creator.

How is Twin Flame Love different from most Earth experiences of Love? What about relationships on Earth? How do they fit into the picture?

The conception of Love and relationship here on Earth can present a confusing picture. On the one hand, there are romantic ideals of Love portrayed in our media and entertainment. We are told that relationships are meant to last forever. It is the belief of many people that if they just find the "right person," all will be perfect in their relationship life. This leads to the search for the elusive "SoulMate" which we have shown cannot be found outside of oneself.

The truth is that most relationships on Earth are not heart-centered but rather, based on getting rather than giving -- each partner wanting to get something for oneself from the other. External criteria are often the basis for coming together rather than feelings of the heart. There is much expectation and judgment of the partner when one does not get what one hoped for. This often leads to partnerships filled with tension and unhappiness. Since pure Love is based on giving, not getting for self, the reversal of this understanding of Love has created complex scenarios and many false beliefs about the nature of Love.

Here on Earth most of us have forgotten that we are God beings, and that Love Is All There Is. Our hearts have become clouded and confused by the many experiences of life here over the eons. Imagine your heart as a window pane. As the Love from the Creator pours onto the Earth, your heart receives as much of this Love as it possibly can and then reflects it outward into the world around you as events and people in your life. Perhaps there are smudges on the window pane – feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness, fear, mistrust of Love or relationship.

These "smudges on the window pane" of your heart reflect out into your world and draw to you someone who will play out the very blocks you are holding in your heart. By the Law of Resonance ("like draws like"), the false beliefs we have acquired about ourselves and about Love and relationship will absolutely appear before us in a partner or potential partner. As we open our hearts to deep communion with our Creator and begin to truly feel the Love in which we are held every moment, of which we are made -- all of these false perceptions of ourselves as other than Love can dissolve. This is why reconnection with God is the key to joy in every part of our lives, especially relationship.

But what about my Twin Flame, you ask? Is he/she not part of my being? The answer is yes. The Twin Flame has always been loving you and seeking deep connection with you, even as you adventure in a body on Earth. Our hearts are always reflecting before us as much of the purity of the Love of our Twin as we are able to hold at any given time. Every relationship you have ever had has been a reflection of your Twin Flame's Love, but also containing the fears, hesitations and blocks to Love acquired during our long sojourn on Earth.

In this period of transformation, the Love now pouring onto the Earth as never before and opening hearts is strongly activating the feeling and connection with the Twin Flame within for many people. God is calling us Home. Often this draws someone toward us for relationship in a way never before experienced. This is a reflection of the awakening Love in our hearts. Many people write to us saying that they are feeling Love in a way they never have before.

How is the shift to the heart changing relationships on Earth?

The most powerful impetus of the Love of our Creator is to bring more Love into the world on every avenue possible. The opening of hearts is creating the desire for Love of the Twin Flame and this is reflecting in different ways in relationships in the world.

You may be experiencing very strong feelings for someone you have never met, someone who is prominent in the world and seemingly not accessible but very attractive to you. You may be looking at the relationship you are in with your awakening heart and desiring some changes in the partnership. You may feel strongly drawn to a new relationship but still feel hesitation and doubt. Or you may have had communication within, through the heart, in consciousness, in meditation that you now begin to understand is an experience of your Twin Flame.

All of these possibilities are happening. If you are experiencing confusion with a current relationship, know that the highest vision that we have been given through the Messages from God makes very clear that Love never hurts. Love, if it can be held as a commitment of the heart, can always overcome any ego obstacle in any relationship. Love always creates more Love and will open both of you purely and completely, transforming any blocks to Love.

The little mind often leads us to believe that a change will solve everything. Do your best to hold the highest vibration of Love you can, to connect with your Twin Flame within as pure Love, (see below) and give Love time to work out whatever the situation to the highest good of all.

In all relationships at this time, it is of the utmost importance to remember that your Twin Flame within is always with you and that the Twin Flame is a reflection of the Love of our Creator. Communion with God is the centerpiece of our lives and brings the elevated vibration that keeps the heart open and loving. The more clearly any of us can hold the true resonance of Love present in our heart with our Twin Flame in spirit, the more loving any relationship in the world of symbol before us will be.

How can I connect with and know my Twin Flame?

Most of us have been totally immersed in life on Earth which has been about living and creating with the little mind, rather than the heart. We have been experiencing a great separation from God, our beloved Creator. This is the reason we have not been continually aware of our Twin Flame within who is a part of us and who reflects God's Love for us. To perceive the other half of our being with whom we were created, one has to shift out of the little mind, open to Spirit and feel with the heart. This is all part of the transformation now occurring which will return us to the deep Love of our Creator and its reflection, our Twin.

The true Twin Flame experience is accessed from within you in still moments through divine feeling, through meditation, through a deep opening of the heart. The starting point for anyone who truly desires to experience the Twin Flame -- both within, and/or reflected in your current partner or someone coming toward you -- is to open deeply to God. The relationship with the Twin Flame is the reflection of God's Love for us. Whatever is experienced within through stillness and meditation will reflect in the world without, before you. The beginning of each day is a beautiful time to make this connection. Speak to God and call to your Twin Flame through your heart and begin to "create more and more Love, more and more energy, more and more Light and power, more of that great atomic energy that is the essence of Twin Flame Love."

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