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Heart Activation - The most important service we offer.
A free connection with Jeshua (Jesus) via Yael's meditation to open the divine spark in the heart center.

Personal Support Services
We all offer different kinds of personal support. Here you may request support for relationships, spiritual questions and help in integrating the Messages from God into daily life.

Weddings and Holy Unions
As well as being a spiritual center, Circle of Light is a wedding chapel. We offer beautiful weddings with receptions to male/female and same sex couples.

Sacred Marriage
We highly recommend our Sacred Marriage for those who feel the Twin Flame connection deeply in their relationship.

Circle of Light Wedding Chapel offers many options for Weddings, Renewals of Vows, Holy Unions and Receptions. Especially popular are Weddings on our Circle Deck, open to Beaver Lake and the Ozark Mountains beyond. We are inter-denominational ministers and honor all religions and spiritual pathways. We also perform Holy Unions for same sex couples. A special service we call Sacred Marriage is offered for couples who wish to make deep spiritual commitment as a Twin Flame heart.

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Jennifer and Erik Watkins January 17, 2004
Jennifer and Erik Watkins
January 17, 2004

At Circle of Light we bring the gift we have been given of the Twin Flame relationship to sparkling life through the Sacred Marriage in our Wedding Chapel. Here, under God's direct guidance, we offer a specially designed ceremony in which "two Light-filled beings with open hearts can declare their intention to fully manifest here on Earth as Twin Flames," dedicating their hearts and souls to God. The beautiful setting of Circle of Light on Beaver Lake surrounded by woods and mountains evokes the New World and adds a radiance to the Wedding Chapel.

Sacred Marriages can be legal marriages in the "eyes" of society or not. People who are already legally married may elect to do the Sacred Marriage ceremony too. The purpose of the Sacred Marriage is to sanctify the relationship, to firmly establish God at the apex of the union so that God may weave around the couple "a circle of light that will be fortified from that moment on by every being of light who is working with humanity."

During the ceremony which is performed by Yaël as Minister, God encases the Love of the couple in a golden column of light, making of it the Wings of SoulMates, "the flames of freedom that are Twin Flames." The service includes the creation of a living sanctuary, a sacred "temple" in which the choice of living the truth of Love is ever renewed.

God has told us that the Angel of the union that exists for every SoulMate couple is wrapped around the sanctuary. The purpose of this Angel is to amplify every choice for Love and to assist in ever renewing the chalice of Sacred Love that the couple become together. The Angel also amplifies the choice of the couple to live exclusively through the heart.

During the ceremony the couple promise to honor the truth of each other and to ever give Love to each other and together as a couple. The following are excerpts from the Sacred Vows that are stated to each other in the Sacred Marriage ceremony during the segment in which the Sacred Temple of the Marriage is created with God.

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Tom and Cynthia Morin
Febuary, 2001

Tod and Kristy Beia,
November 2004

Amber and Jerry Hinton
October 2005

Giorgio Pinna and Tiziana Paggiolu,
November 6, 2005

Rene Rioux and Lise Fournier
April 2009


At Circle of Light we also offer traditional Weddings, Hand Fastings, Holy Unions and Renewals. Please see our wedding websites at and