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heart-goldLove is all there is. God is only Love. Everything is made of Love. Everything is God. So are we. The heart is everything.

heart-goldThis includes all of the things on Earth that do not appear to be Love or loving. The energy underneath them which supports them is still Love or they would not exist. The transformation now happening on Earth will return our world to Love and only Love. We can play a great part in this.

heart-goldAnything in our world that seems to be other than Love appears so as the result of our perceiving through the little mind, rather than through the heart. We on Earth have seen things as dual -- as either/or, bad/good, black/white, always in duality. This has created a world on Earth that in the Messages is called "the illusion." Most of our planet is living in this illusion. It is an illusion or dream because it is based on the false belief that there is something here other than Love. Our hearts know only Love but our ego or little mind has convinced us that duality is real.

heart-goldHow did this occur? How did we come to forget that we are only Love? At the Moment of Creation God gave us a great gift, the opportunity to individuate and learn to become co-creators with our beloved Creator. At that moment God moved us "one degree" out of the "Ocean of Love" in which we are all Oneness. This slight movement was to give us the ability to know relationship -- relationship with God and relationship with our Twin Flame and to practice co-creating with God, observing and knowing our creations.

heart-goldSome of us misunderstood this tiny separation from God and the Ocean of Love and felt confused. Some felt abandoned or pushed away by God. Some turned their backs on God, the Source of our life. Over eons of time, this misunderstanding has created a false belief in separation from God, in duality in our world and in all parts of our lives. This has led to all of our pain. The false belief that God rejected us has caused all other forms of abandonment, pain, loneliness, loss, sadness, low self esteem and anger. It has created a planet filled with lack, hurt and hardship. We have forgotten who we truly are.

heart-goldThe truth is we are children of God, cells in the heart of God. Our thoughts are creative and every moment our thoughts open endless possibilities and probabilities for our lives. If we think we are separate from God, lonely beleaguered humans, that perception will create circumstances that match that thought.

heart-goldAt any moment, we can return to our original closeness, our Oneness with God. All of God's gifts are waiting for us. We have to decide we want this, speak our desire for it and enter into communion.

heart-goldThe Love pouring onto the Earth at this time is bringing to the surface everything that is not Love and is making each of us aware of the false heart's beliefs we have been carrying. We are becoming aware of the difference between thought, the mind and ego and the perception of our heart. The heart is the vehicle for pure Love.

heart-goldThe moment we as children of God speak to God in communion, asking for Love to return to our lives, our lives begin to reflect the Love, joy, ecstasy and grace that are the hallmarks of God.

heart-goldGod is now calling us Home and asking us to remember who we truly are and that we have never been separate.




Meet Spirit Family

Meet Spirit Family

Our wonderful and growing Spirit Family!



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Understandings We Have Gained
This contains a summary of the main points we have learned from the Messages from God over the years. It is meant as an orientation to the complete material of the Messages.

Tools to Open the Heart
An essential tool kit needed by all LightWorkers for these times.

Ask God a Question
Yael takes your questions into meditation and we all wait with baited breath to see what God will answer. We will post on Home Page when an answer has been received.

Ask Us a Question
Answers from the past to questions of differing nature and a place to ask more. Also see the Q & A under SoulMates, Twin Flames

Staying Awake (with ShannaPra)
Sharing experiences of living in the world as we awaken to our true spiritual purpose.

Relief from Amnesia
Smile! You're in the play of life. It's Act 3 and it won't be long before the scene shifts to a new and exciting (ego-less) presentation. Support for those moments we call "forgetting who we are."

Sharing Spiritual Aha's
A place where all of us can share what we feel in our growing and opening to Spirit.
In all the rhythms of circling through this existence,
and in all the manifestations
through which we experience each and every one of them in some way.....
....whether in awareness or in the sheltering of a dream....
there are times I am drawn into a clearing......
that so silences me.......
I am refashioned and immersed in mystical waters
from which I am created by Love alone
and rendered helpless to live from any other vibration
except the emanations from this Source.
When this happens, I emerge in a new way, spinning within a new life
 that seems as if I have moved beyond the reach
 of all other currents in existence.
 The fragments of identities or imprints of what we call our past
 are scattered into oblivion...archived in nothingness
 and I feel a wondrous peace......and nothing attracts me in the old ways,
  I am out of reach of the clarity
 of a shimmering spring of an eternal flow.
 I dwell in invisible essence....encircled by emanations of Love
 that are beyond description....
 instead of the density of a black hole
 of nothingness..
 I am in a realm of transparency.......surrounded and free-floating
 sustained by a radiance of Light
 so pure and so peaceful
 I am in deep and perfect communion.

Naomi Stone



You have been going at a furious clip
Time is speeding up, you have past
Your original goal, for another mile stone
You have been running fast and hard
Trying to make it to the finish line.
You're panting for your life, STOP !
The original goal, has been accomplished
Look behind you, treasures you've amassed
Be here now, stop the physical motion
Break in time, you've passed the finish line
 There comes a moment when we begin to realize
Time speeds up so fast it appears to stand still,
And the momentum carries us forward
A good place to be as long as our awareness
Keeps the pace in harmony and balance by our side
 There really is no finish line, our goals keep the pace
With pure Intent, we find life keeps moving on
There is no stop and start, energy constantly flows
As we approach the time-lines end; where life is free
The moment, keeps moving with the flow of energy, Love
Composed By Maggie
Given by Divine Guidance; Spirit
Margaret M Williams


The Heart That Lights a Thousand Suns

The Heart That Lights a Thousand Suns
Our Love Streams Forth from the beginning of All time
Yet, it cannot be measured
For It is Eternal and Divine

I stand in remembrance of our One Heart
When Union was All
Our Spirits Intertwined
The many forms You have taken

Beloved, Mortal, Best Friend, Brother
When We were Lovers our joined Hearts
Created a Force which could
Ignite a Thousand Suns

You are my One True Love
My Sacred Lord and Holy Son



When you can love without reward
And not lose Faith nor Hope,
When you submit to Cosmic Law
And still are full of trust, and grope
For truth, though doubts may shake your heart;

When confidence expands your soul
And makes you love this life each day,
When you yourself can grow and others show their way
And in the end stand calm and true,
And feel a part of everything and all is part of you;

When your life is a way into the light,
And there is no more doubt if wrong or right,
When you will be a beacon to the weak
And with your courage lead along the meek;

When you have walked in solitude
And there found peace and fortitude,
When you have given up your pride
And trust in Love to be your guide;

When peace you forge, avoiding strife,
And have renounced what mattered most to you,
When you have nothing more to lose
And have no wishes left, and let Him choose,
When then your soul finds freedom too -
You will have given meaning to your life.

Eva Ambika Reinermann



I walk towards the light
moving down a path
silently trusting
the urge within my heart

I follow the golden light
it takes me beyond
from moment to moment
with love,
it leads me to You
always, always to You




we the eternal

we, the vortex of our minds eye
in the moment of all things
we dwell on realities
born and past within seconds
from the ageless state
we draw our force
paint our signatures
along far horizons
we, the center of our hearts pain
in the sorrow of the world
we dwell on hope
calling from our inner beings
in the web of creation
we place our blueprint
embrace our dreams
walk the eternal road

© copyright Russ Njust


Beautiful Heart, Divine "One"
 I see you as my perfect sun
 Your presence ever beaming out
 To meet the challenge, there is no doubt
 My mind will bow to your Holy Will
Ever silenced to be still
 Together as the "One" we go
No more knowing any foe
 Just loving silence, breathing deep
 Your promise's from the Heart we keep
 The rays of beauty touching all
All suffering & shame must fall
 Oh loving heart ,my love divine
Hold me, love me, for I am all Thine

With humble thanks & greatfulness,
to Him who we honour with our service...
.......Robin...( Australia)



No conditions in God's Love
All conditions are surrendered
Unto My Heart Sacred & Immaculate
The Fountain of Unconditional Love

No conditions in God's Light
All conditions are surrendered
Unto My Heart Sacred & Immaculate
The Fountain of Illimitable Light

No conditions in God's Life
All conditions are surrendered
Unto My Heart Sacred & Immaculate
The Fountain of Ever Lasting Life

No conditions in Source Reality
All conditions are merely illusory
I AM indeed Source's Emissary
Sovereign Entity
In Integral Unity

My Heart-Felt Gratitude to God for
His Inspiring Messages Through the Circle of Light. ..

I AM naagaraa
Chennai, India


Be Heart-Eye & Perceive With Care!
Be Heart-Truth & Show the Way!
Be Heart-Smile & Ease situations!
Be Heart-Intelligence & Co-Create Heaven on Earth!
(BREATHE and BE HEART are anagrams!!!)

I AM naagaraa Chennai, India.

Spirit Family Creates

Questions You Asked

Ask God a Question

Over many months we asked readers to send their questions for God. Yael took these into meditation and the answers below are the result. The following was given through her as an introduction to this process...

"Beloved ones, as I answer these questions for you, please remember that every answer is given to prime the pump of your own desire to open to communion with Me, that the greater answer may come to you in a personal way. These questions are huge and profound, and there is much more to be said than can be held in an answer this succinct that is required in this format.

"Remember, also, that I Am giving you the highest vision, the Real answer, and that I will guide you, each of you, to receive this perfectly as applies to you in your life, moment-by-moment and day-by-day. So, come to Me and open your heart. Let Me show you the riches, the depth, the magnitude of these answers in a personal way, that your life may not only be enriched but may be transformed by the power of Love that is waiting for you this moment to reveal all that you truly are, and I Am waiting to give you the true vision of all that your heart is and all that you are here to accomplish in service to Love.

"I rejoice in the questions that you ask Me, for they are the opening of the doorway of your heart, and every shift into the heart is an important one, even if it seems to be in relationship to a question posed by someone else. If you are reading it, there is a gift in it for you. There is a kernel of truth waiting to grow in your own consciousness and heart.

"I Am with you as I Am in you and you in Me. Together we are the circle of never-ending Love and in your own communion with Me lies the answer to your own question. I Am waiting. Are you ready? Open your heart and I will show you." 



Who are we? Why are we here on Earth?

There are some understandings about life on Earth that are very important – understandings about who we are, why we are here, what life on Earth truly is all about. Knowing these things can shift the way we view our lives very powerfully. Here is what we have been given through the Messages from God – the truth about ourselves.

We are not these little helpless human beings who suffer and struggle every day – even though that is how we often perceive ourselves right now at this time on Earth. The truth is that we are great beings of consciousness, rays of eternal Light, cells in the heart of God, having a kind of adventure in one realm of consciousness.

God is only Love and nothing else. There truly is nothing else here, or anywhere else, but Love. Anything that WE see as other than Love here before us on Earth, is simply an illusion, a dream similar to when we dream during sleep. Seen another way, it can be thought of as the result of our distorted perception. If God were not completely supporting us every moment with God's Love, we would cease to exist.

So our true state, as God created us and meant us to be, is a state of ever flowing Love, beings of consciousness, wrapped in our Twin Flame in eternal Love, giving Love forth to the rest of Creation. Each of us was created as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, streams of light, ever intertwining and exchanging with each other and all of the other cells of God's heart, ever creating new worlds and in constant ecstasy. This is consciousness.

So how did this situation on Earth right now come about? How did we get where we appear to be?

The following was given to us through the Messages from God over the years. At the Moment of Creation which was an explosion of Love from God's overwhelming desire to give forth the Love God is, we were sent forth to practice our creating abilities. Our purpose was to become co-creators in relationship with God and through our creations to mirror back to God the individual facets of God that each of us is.

To accomplish becoming co-creators, we were given some distance – the metaphoric Garden of Eden – to live with our Twin Flame and become more individuated. This was a great gift. We were also given free will and mind (ego) so we could have a sense of detachment from our creations and learn how to create, each in our unique way.

Some of the cells of God's heart did not understand this. The thought form arose that God had rejected us or abandoned us. The possibility that we might perceive the gift of individuation as "rejection by God" had never been contemplated when we were created. It was assumed that the Love of God would always keep us connected and receiving from our Source.

This one thought form created a myriad of probabilities and possibilities – as each thought form does – and these began promulgating. All the feelings and forms of fear, abandonment, loss, lack, rejection, being unloved, unworthiness and so on that are now present on Earth are permutations of this one original thought form. You can see how many variants of this exist on Earth. They all relate to this moment and the distorted perceptions of our relationship with God at that moment. They continue in the collective consciousness on our planet.

Something else occurred which made the situation even more complicated. In their fervor of trying out their creating skills, some cells of God's heart began thinking they did not need Source and could simply create on their own. Thus, they turned their backs on God and ceased actively receiving the light from the Source of their life.

Of course, God continued supporting them, but they placed their attention on their own ego creations and "rejected" God. This diminished the Light they were receiving.

When it was realized what was happening among a group of the cells of God's heart, something had to be done. The beings here could not be allowed to harm other parts of Creation. A place was created – our Earth – to allow the playing out of these thought forms since we have always had free will. God calls Earth the pocket of reversal, an illusion happening, created by the little minds of men. It is a distortion and is "backwards" from Real life which is only Love.

Here everything is seen in duality, two possibilities – Love and anti-Love, good and bad. But there is no such thing as "not Love" -- only here in the illusion. What we are living here on Earth has been created by our own thought forms, the twists of our own minds. What is more – humanity has become severely brainwashed as the collective consensual reality continually turns back on itself with this distorted creation.

People sometimes speak of suffering as part of evolution and the learning of the soul. We had no need for such a learning. We are completely creative every moment and whatever thought forms we entertain in our feeling nature, that is what we create. The reason some of these events and patterns keep repeating – death, loss, lack, etc – is because we are holding them in our consciousness. When we shift to the heart and to Love and only Love, these thought forms can have no effect on us.

So, we can change our lives with Love. However, the effect of some of this will not be visible until a large number of humanity truly know and hold in their hearts Love and only Love. That will permit the symbols of Love to be evident in life around us. The more people who are able to see through the illusion of duality to a world of only Love, the faster the vibration on Earth will shift and suffering in all of its forms will no longer be a part of our reality.

At the present time a great transformation is happening in which more and more pure Love is being poured to humanity to assist in this "awakening." God is God, and the distortion we have lived on Earth was never intended to go on forever. Light Workers who are here on Earth now awakening are cells of God's heart who volunteered to come here, live out patterns of less than Love and walk each experience back to Love in our hearts. We have lived here as humans on Earth. It was always intended that there would be a moment for our opening when our encoding would awaken and we would again know without a question of a doubt who we truly are – streams of Light in the Real of God. We would hold all of humanity in our hearts with compassion and begin to feel the truth – the life is meant to be Love and ecstasy and beauty all the time.

Everyone is at a different stage of this opening. So it is important to feel consciousness and connection to God, even a little bit. It is important to surround yourself with uplifting people and things. As we hold Love and only Love in our hearts, we lift, by like resonance, all of the people on Earth who have had experiences similar to what we have experienced. We are truly living here in service to God and walking between the worlds.



Question: Why is it that so many of us with a deep commitment to the spiritual path seem to suffer from chronic long term health conditions? It seems that despite the endless inner healing on all levels that many of these conditions continue bringing great limitation to our lives. Surely now it is time to be in JOY an in LOVE. Would you say that we are holding these conditions because we don't know any other way or is a case of surrender ??


On one level, yes, we are "holding these conditions because we don't know any other way..." Whatever we give our attention to, GROWS. So, when one has a condition that seems to take much attention, it is difficult to focus elsewhere, away from it, as we have been guided. However, that is an important component of returning to Love and only Love. This does not mean to ignore the needs of the physical vehicle but to see everything around us, including the physical vehicle, as a manifestation of Love and only Love -- to talk to the atoms and electrons which are always in movement and to let them know that the purpose for the present condition is now understood, AND no longer needed.

The origin of many of these conditions was our commitment to God to take on all the streams of not-Love (or anti-Love) on Earth and to transform them through our Love, so that no one would be "left behind" (see Transformation: The LightWorkers' Decision under Oldies but Goodies, The Messages from God). Many took on these streams including the physical manifestations of them. This task the Lightworkers have performed admirably. And yes, now this can be released for the time for only joy and only Love is here and now. As more and more hearts open and turn toward

Love and only Love, the vibration will be felt everywhere and will become manifest on all levels.



Q: I've been meaning to ask a question regarding something that has come up in emails - about completing the circle of giving. I'm not familiar with this. What is this and why is it necessary?

A: The natural pathway of Love is that it is always given forth to "the other." As the Love of our Creator pours through us, we are the conduits to give it forth. In all areas of spiritual work, the path is to give to another and through that giving, the Love of God naturally pours to the giver as well, multiplied. "There is only one being here."

Here on Earth the ego has established the philosophy of "getting" and especially of taking care of Number One. This is the ultimate reversal of Love's natural inherent course.... always having "myself" in the equation and always pondering what is in it for me.

So at every opportunity, Circle of Light makes spirit family conscious of the truth of giving. In the case of our Heart Activation, for example... we extend a gift from God, Heart Activation, so we remind people to "complete the circle of giving" by sending the Love received forth always... receiving something, and then continuing Love's natural path by giving it forth multiplied... This is a way of modeling the truth of Love. This is what is meant by completing the circle of giving.





Q. My employment forces me to sit through meetings about negative topics such as child abuse. I know these things are "old world" and that they do still occur all the time in life on Earth right now. But why do people give them so much attention when we are trying to lift the world to love. I find myself getting sucked into the low vibration of this. Help!

A. This IS all about vibration and of course, heart perception. It can be challenging to be in the situation you describe, surrounded by people who are living in duality and amplifying the vibration of fear. However, this is the assignment all LightWorkers took on when we came to Earth. We agreed to live through "life on Earth" with all of its possibilities and probabilities caused by separation from God. We did this so that we would understand the illusion and be able to assist brothers and sisters with compassion. We also agreed to walk with one foot n both worlds -- the illusion and the Real -- and hold light and Love in our hearts in every situation. This is the way we transform life on Earth back to Love and only Love.

An important thing to note is you felt the vibration of the situation as not congruent with your usual Love vibration. You felt the ego drawing you into fear and out of surety of the Love you know you are. You were aware of the pull! And you turned to Spirit Family for assistance. Bravo! We have all been in comparable situations and we know what commitment and dedication is needed to be present in the old world and hold the vibration of the New.

We refer you to the section on this website called How to Open the Heart. There you will find some of the tools we have been given to lift out of the vibration of fear into the truth of Love and only Love. Sometimes in a setting such as you describe, one needs to exit the scene for a moment (go to the restroom or step outside into nature), and realign with your true self before returning to the work setting. You may also find that as you align more and more with the vibration of Love and only Love, a new kind of employment comes into view where this problem does not present itself.


Q. I have been thinking about this a lot - how do we acknowledge and help change the problems of racism in our country through our hearts? I have noticed that there seems to be a certain person who being Anglo-American that has time to spend on her spiritual exploration while a black-lesbian single mom that cannot find a job due to the color of her skin and her sexual preference does not have the same resources to go on retreats and spend time on her self because she is grappling her way through the dominance of white America to find light?

I understand that it is important to put your energy in positivity, but as privileged white Americans we have the luxury of staying positive in our rosie worlds because our lives our not interwoven with oppression and discrimination. I also think that we can not just silence negativity we have to recognize it then define it and look at the distortions that brought us there. If we are one consciousness then we need to acknowledge the injustice and and heal together. Just curious about what you think?

A. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and loving question. We feel your heart through this question. Choosing how we approach life on Earth at this time is important to all of us, both in our own lives and in viewing the lives of others.

The Messages from God have given us a very clear perspective on this but it is not always easy for people to accept. The world we see around us is not "real." It is a world of illusion that we have created in the dream we are dreaming of being human beings, one of many adventures we have had as great co-creative beings of Light. This dream is being transformed in this moment on Earth and we are returning Home to God.

This world around us has come to be dominated by duality -- a belief that there are two powers, Love and something else that is not-Love. This is not truth. There is only Love. God is only Love. If God were not loving every part of Creation every second, it would cease to exist. There is nothing that is not Love at its foundation, no matter how it appears in the dream we are living out on Earth.

God has shown us through the Messages here at Circle of Light that the duality of Earth life is perpetuated by our attention to it. In other words, the more we place our attention on the illusory world around us, the more we create it. When we take a stand on a "cause" that has a coloration of bad/good, we are amplifying both aspects of that "cause." It is the awakening to understanding that this world is not real and placing all our attention on a world of Love and only Love that can shift it.

This is the difference between compassion and empathy... If we feel the same feelings as someone "suffering," we are re-enforcing, creating more of the suffering. If we can view the "suffering" with detachment, acknowledging that it is part of a false world that can and must be transformed by the Love in our hearts, then we still acknowledge that something is happening, but we lift it, without judgment, through our Love to a higher resonance. This is how we transform.

Another perspective on your question: much of the "pain and suffering" we see in the world around us at this time is the result of humanity's mis-directed energy coming to the surface to be returned to Love, to be brought back to God. It is important that we all, as one heart, acknowledge all of our "mis"-perceptions (duality) and resultant "mis"-creations and return them back to God in Love. This is why so-called LightWorkers came to this life on Earth -- to each choose certain pathways, patterns containing anti-Love or not-Love, live these pathways as human beings, and coming to the understanding that there is nothing but Love, return in our hearts all back to God and only Love. So, according to these Messages, the most effective thing we can do is hold all situations and beings in pure Love of our heart and allow thereby the transformation of every situation through its immersion in Love.


Q: "I find it difficult to accept claims that miracles occur, but at the same time I am interested in knowing about them. Is it also true that nothing happens by chance?" (from a medical doctor)

A. We do know that more and more of what has been considered metaphysical is now being confirmed within the realms of science. We can only speak from our own experience which is metaphysical/spiritual and what we have learned from the Messages from God.

When you ask the question about chance and miracles: OUR THOUGHTS CREATE IT ALL. Our thoughts are completely creative and active. When one thinks, that thought has a reality and seeks other thoughts/ideas of similar "vibration" or quality. Groups of thoughts (yours and thoughts from other people too) tend to cluster together. When there is emotion with the thought, the thought tends to come into manifestation, as the emotion activates the energy. (E-motion=energy in motion.) The thoughts materialize into events. They happen. Hence, chance becomes not just happenstance but the result of thought, either thought forms collected over time, or one or more very powerful thoughts with much emotion behind it "activating."

Everything is moving molecules. Everything is vibration, materialized according to our power. So-called miracles can occur the same way. Very elevated thought (Love in great quantity or great purity) can bring about what we would call miracles. Remember, only moving molecules! Everything is in constant motion.


As I see the world changing, healing taking place and many people awakening. I often wonder when the world we live in will fill with love, light and peace for all of humanity. Will this achievement ever be experienced? And if so how long will this state be till its accomplished?


There is no such thing as time. Time is a construction of the ego and part of the illusion on Earth, that things must grow, unfold, heal. The truth is all has already been accomplished. The illusion on Earth and the duality which is at its core are nothing more than a passing thought that we, the heart of God, created. As a thought in the mind of God, it came and it to speak. Ithas no reality in the Real of Love, the Real of our existence.

However, that said,.... because many minds are still holding the possibilities and probabilities of that thought.... the main thought was that there could be something other than Love, something other than God ... because in the collective consciousness many are still holding this, it has to "play itself out," so to speak in this illusory realm. And that is what is happening. As more and more "awaken" and realize that only Love is Real and everything else is a dream of some sort, then the balance tips and Love permeates and overtakes any "play" on Earth.

So the question WHEN in that context is our egos wondering how long until what we know in our hearts will be before us. The answer is: when enough of us realize we have been living in an illusion, a dream, and return our focus to who we truly are, cells in the heart of God who live in Love and only Love. If you explore the Messages from God in the Archive (which I HIGHLY recommend!), you will see that many of them have this theme.... that we are the Light Holders and how important it is that we place our full attention on Love and only Love, seeing through the illusion to the truth that is beneath.



Q. How can God ask me to surrender the ego? The ego is a part of me as Love is a part of me. How can my heart ignore this part of the total Me [my ego]?

A. Love is not just a part of you. It IS you. All of you. WE ARE LOVE. It is each of us. There is only Love. God is only Love. When you speak of parts, you separate us from who we truly are, the All of God, the heart of God. There are no parts. There is only the Love we are, expressing each Now Moment, from the Moment of Creation. The Moment of Creation did not happen once "in the past." It is the ongoing expression of God and is occurring every Now.

Now, ego is not "part "of who we truly are. Ego grew from an initial separation from God (The Fall) which some of the cells of God's heart experienced. When we were "birthed" at the Moment of Creation, God sent us forth to learn to co-create, to become the individualized expression of all the facets of God -- still in oneness with God but with one degree of separation (as it is described) in order to develop our individuality and reflect back to God the uniqueness of each of us. It is this tiny separation that allows us to have relationship, with our Twin Flame and with God. Otherwise we would be ever merged in the ocean of God-ness without any sense of self.

Some of the cells of God's heart misinterpreted this tiny separation which was intended to assist us to become individual co-creators. Some thought they were being abandoned or "kicked out" by God. This thought form promulgated and created all of its possibilities and probabilities, all expressing separation from God. All of the feelings of loss, aloneness, isolation, abandonment and similar pain now present in Earth life are the result of this original thought. (Thought creates! We are Gods!) As this proceeded, some who had separated felt they no longer needed connection with the Source of life, and so they turned their backs on God and the separation progressed further.

The thought that underlies all of these feelings of separation is that there can be something other than Love. When the separation occurred, implicit in it was the belief in the possibility of Love AND something else (not-Love? anti-Love? evil?) Thus grew duality -- the belief that there could be some power other than Love. This led to a sub-creation in which some of the cells of God's heart grew more and more separate from God, the Source, and created with their thoughts a panoply of possibilities of life without Love. This is life on Earth. In most life on Earth there is belief in two possibilities, Love and something other than Love -- two powers. The ego or little mind keeps this separation active.

What we have been shown and know beyond a doubt is that there is only Love. Love is felt and expressed through the heart -- heart perception. What we call the ego (the little mind, the ego mind) is the tool of duality. Thinking "reasons," evaluates, compares, contrasts, describes, criticizes, etc. All of this is the ego. The heart just knows from the feeling of Love. So, the ego is NOT Love's Creation but the creation of little mind which evolved when the separation described took place. When you are in heart perception, living from your heart, the mind acts in harmony, in resonance with the heart which can feel the rightness and the Love in any situation. Love entrains the ego into being the servant of God it was intended to be.


Q. Why did we come to Earth if (as God is telling us) only consciousness is Real?

A. Answering this question takes a bit of explanation. Please have patience. God is only Love and nothing else. There truly IS nothing else but Love. Anything that WE see as other than Love is simply an illusion of OUR distorted perception. If God were not completely supporting us every moment with God's Love, we would cease to exist. So, our true state, as God created us and meant us to be, is a state of ever flowing Love, wrapped in our SoulMate. We are each cells of God's heart containing Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine, streams of light ever intertwining and exchanging with each other, ever creating new worlds and in constant ecstasy. This is consciousness.

This is the way we were originally born at the Moment of Creation, an explosion of Love from God's overwhelming desire to give forth the Love God is. The whole purpose of this creation and our lives was to truly become co-creators and be in relationship to God, through our creations mirroring back to the God the individual facets of God that each of us is with our SoulMate.

We were sent forth to practice our creating abilities so we could fulfill this purpose, but we just kept merging back with God, so powerful was the force of God and so much are we of God. So to accomplish becoming co-creators, we were given some distance -- the metaphoric Garden of Eden --to live with our SoulMate and become more individuated. This was a great gift. We were also given free will and mind (ego) so that we could have a sense of detachment or distance -- to observe our creating and learn. We were being given the incredible opportunity to create as God creates, each of us in our unique way.

Now some did not understand this and the thought form arose that God had rejected us or abandoned us. The possibility that we might perceive the gifts we were given as "rejection by God" had never been contemplated when we were created. It was assumed that the Love of God would always keep us connected and receiving from our Source. This one thought form created a myriad of probabilities and possibilities -- as each thought form does -- and these began promulgating. All the feelings and forms of fear, abandonment, rejection, being unloved, unworthiness and so on on Earth are permutations of this one original thought form. You can see how many variants of this exist on Earth. They all relate to our distorted perceptions of our relationship with God.

Something else occurred which made the situation even more complicated. In their fervor of trying out their creating skills, some cells of God's heart began thinking they did not need Source and could simply create on their own. Thus, they turned their backs on God, and ceased actively receiving the light from the Source of their life. Of course, God continued supporting them, but they placed their attention on their own ego creations and "rejected" God. This diminished the light they were receiving. What had been flowing light (as in consciousness) became more and more solid, and eventually led to a condition of Earth that God calls "frozen" hearts. The energy has become very slowed down. This led to bodies which appear solid, so slowly are the molecules moving.

Now, when it was realized what was happening, something had to be done. The beings here could not be allowed to harm other parts of Creation. Lucifer, the greatest angel, stepped forth and volunteered to assist by embodying the energy of the creation here and holding it for God, until those cells had lived through their experience. So Lucifer, misunderstood and maligned, is actually holding humanity in its distorted state for God.

Here on Earth there exists what God calls a pocket of reversal, an illusion happening, created by the little minds of men. It is a distortion and is "backwards" from Real life which is only Love. Here there is duality -- Love and anti-Love, good and bad. Everything is seen in two possibilities -- in Love and not-in-Love, but there is no such thing as not-in-Love, only here in the illusion. What we are living here on Earth is a lie, a sham. It has all been created by our own thought forms, the twists of our own little minds. What is more...humanity has become severely brainwashed as the collective consensual reality continually turns back on itself with this distorted creation. WHAT TO DO?

Well, God is God and this distortion on Earth was not intended to go on forever. Now comes the true answer to your question about why "we" are here (we=LightWorkers, those who love God with all our hearts). Many of us volunteered to leave "the Real" and incarnate here to assist God to bring our brothers and sisters back to only Love. Since God is only Love and most of humanity had become too frozen to receive the Love, many of us incarnated through the birth canal and came into Earth life, each of us agreeing to live through various kinds of Earth situations. The idea was to live as many of the "distorted conditions" as possible -- to cover it all -- then, to WALK IT BACK TO LOVE. We would live as humans on Earth, experience what frozen brothers and sisters were experiencing, and there would be a moment of our opening, when our coding would kick in, and then we would again know without a question of a doubt who we truly are -- streams of light in the Real of God -- and yet, we would have the knowing, the experience of how painful and difficult Earth life is, and the compassion to assist brothers and sisters.

We would be the intermediaries, the bridge between the Real of God and this reversed condition here on Earth.  So, we have all lived, are living, different kinds of (often difficult) Earth lives, but all with a purpose. Now, God calls us Home, and begins the opening of the codes within us. God speaks to us of living in consciousness, of the Real. We begin to remember. We ask questions. We begin to release the parts of us that have lived the Earth life, the distortions, but now we know how to help brothers and sisters -- because as we open, as we feel once again, the true Love of God -- and as we experience through the meditations what it is like to live in the Real, in consciousness -- we have the greatest compassion for everyone.

We also begin to have the first feelings of ecstasy with one's SoulMate in consciousness, the first understandings that God only ever gave us joy, delight, beauty.... Then gradually comes the understanding of our mission... ALL OF THIS IS OPENING RIGHT NOW. Everyone is at a different stage of it. So, it is important to feel consciousness, the Real -- even a little bit. It is also important to establish the closest communion possible with God so that God can assist you to open in the way you are intended to do so. It is important to be compassionate as you look at your own life and then what others around you have/are enduring -- compassionate with yourself first, and then the compassion spills out to all of humanity. Everyone who has lived anything similar to each of our lives is IN RESONANCE with us. And as we walk back everything we have experienced to Love, to God, we take them with us. We lift them. That is our purpose here. That is why we are in body, and not just in the Real, our true life. By the way, only a small part of the great being you are is here on Earth. God describes it as "a finger." Most of you is with your SoulMate in the Real, but our perception is here, as we agreed to assist. That is why we are not usually aware of it. Right now we are truly "walking between the worlds."


Q. I am in a serious dilemma, whether to try to warn people [about a predicted impending disaster]. I know anything is possible with Love that prevents any kind of negative event. If more people had love in their heart, if I had more love myself, sure Earth would be healed quickly and smoothly without turmoil, but can Love, without looking at the alleged vision, insight and advice from spiritual predictions/messages, really be the only factor?

Q. When you say focus only on love, let me understand clearly. This means not read, see, hear anything of a negative nature …collapsing ecology, emerging diseases, anything at all that is not love, give no energy to it. I have spent years studying all the hidden things. It is difficult. AIDs is not illusion…?

A. We had this same dilemma some years ago before we understood that if God were Love, God could not also be something else. God is only Love and God is only good. How could there be duality in God?

Vibration, energy, focus, intention – THE POWER OF OUR ATTENTION -- these things are everything. We are co-creators with God, and wherever we put our focus GROWS. So if we are "against" something (harming the whales, cutting the forests, whatever it might be)... we are automatically, because of the duality, giving energy to the "battle." When you place your attention on something in duality, its opposite is also immediately created. The only way we can rectify this is to be in a stance of focusing only on God and only on Love.

Dualistic thinking on Earth is completely from the little mind. Life on Earth is an illusion created by our little minds, very similar to a dream. The illusion that is life on Earth was created by our original feeling of separation from God. This is what some religions call The Fall. In truth, it too does not exist. We have never been apart from God or separated from God in any way. Even this only exists in our minds. This life on Earth is our creation -- humanity's creation. It is like being in a play. God sometimes calls it "the lie," "the reversal," "the dream."

Please read the previous questions which discuss the illusion here on Earth. Earth life thinks in duality -- God and something other than God. This is what has created all the pain and suffering and confusion. IN TRUTH THERE IS ONLY GOD. NOTHING ELSE. All of the complicated thought forms on Earth have created multiple possibilities and probabilities of random events. They are all part of the dream (or nightmare) of humanity's amnesia, forgetting who they are -- cells of God's heart with the same creative power as "The Father/Mother."

What the Messages have shown us is that God is now calling us home from this "play" in which we have been living on Earth. When one gives up this illusion and truly understands that this life on Earth was not created by God but was the product of our little mind's meanderings, when you place your focus only on God and only on the Real life, you see right beyond these things. You see right into the heart of each person, no matter what their body or their actions are showing you. You know each one is a cell in God's heart but they have forgotten. You train yourself to know this and to be in God every moment, no matter what your eyes show you. The eyes of the human are two -- duality. The single eye of God sees only God.

This is what we bring at Circle of Light. We create a bridge between the world of duality on Earth and the Real of God in the realms of Love. How do we do this? All of us have lived here as humans. We came through the birth canal and we experienced all of the pain and confusion of human life. As we return to the focus of Love and only Love and THE TRUTH OF GOD, and as we come to know that we are not limited helpless humans -- that is part of the play we are acting in on Earth -- we return with us all of the ramifications of the thought forms we lived... We "walk back to God" every human experience and transform it into Love, taking with us by like resonance, everyone and everything of similar vibration.

We are cells in God's heart, playing a game on Earth. Those of us who can see this are here to assist the others. Everyone is awakening to this truth now, but some more slowly than others and some in stages and in different ways.

There is no need to "save" or protect or warn anyone-- (by the thought of "protection" is automatically created something to be protected from, something to fear -- again the duality) -- only to be who we are and have always been -- cells in the heart of God and to pour forth Love. We only need to shift our perception. As more and more people shift to this perception, the field of Love will grow and grow exponentially (the 100th monkey example), until Love will be the predominant vibration flooding our Earth.


Q. Dear Circle of Light: I have been visiting your website for the past week or so and with great interest. I particularly enjoy the messages from God. I enjoy reading them so much that I am seriously considering giving up my job to "work for God," so to speak. However, as you might expect I am a little afraid of taking that leap of faith, particularly as I do need my income. My family want me to take this leap of faith and that's why I am emailing you to ask if you know of anyone who has made this commitment to God and taken that leap of faith and with what sort of outcome.

I do consider myself to be a lightworker, i am also an Angelic Reiki healer and Teacher and in January i will be doing a Hypnotherapy course and after that i will be doing a progressive counseling course. However, my work is interfering with my spiritual work and studies, due to constant tiredness and this is another reason why i feel i should make this commitment. I know that it has to be my decision but it does help if someone else has had the same dilemma and how they coped with the fear of taking that leap. I must admit i am already nervous about how the bills are going to be paid. I do believe in God very strongly and he has answered my prayers many times. But it is so strange that i cannot take this step. Perhaps that's because i am not meant to. I must thank you for your wonderful website and i look forward to reading more messages from God.

Answer: Thank you so much for writing to us at Circle of Light and we are glad that the Messages from God have been inspiring to you. You ask for our suggestions concerning your pathway. We answer as always from what we have learned from the Messages. Each person of course has to tune to one's own heart for the answer that is "right" for them. We suggest that everything is a living whole, and your vibration, your consciousness and your open heart are your service to God wherever you are, whether in a more conventional job or something the mind might deem "spiritual." All things in our lives are reflections of our consciousness.

So, before taking such a step, or leap, as you are contemplating, it is important for you to develop your relationship with God and trust in God until there is no doubt that God is the Source of your sustenance. Otherwise, your doubt may manifest as uneven or insufficient flow of what is needed to sustain you. When you feel that God is asking you to move forth in a new way (rather than your own thoughts) and you trust God to provide, you will know that it is time and you will walk forth easily. Meanwhile, please remember that your Light can shine, sometimes in more important ways, in areas that do not already "have the Light" -- than those that do.


Q. The question which bothers me is: if I were never created in the image of God, the identity "I" would never have existed in the first place. "Nothingness" would have prevailed...the most blissful state. Why am I being forced to live as a separate entity? I wish I were a stone. If my own parent (God) pushes me out of His kingdom, where am I to go?

A. What you describe as states of "either/or" are actually states of "both/and." The feeling that God "pushed us out" of the bliss of Oneness is a misconception that is exactly the essence of what has been called The Fall. The Fall was the result of a mis-understanding and a mis-perception. Humanity, the cells of God's heart, was created at what is called the Moment of Creation from the power of God's desire to know God, from the building up of the Love and the desire of God to give that Love forth. We are an absolute replica of God, each of us a Whole but with two streams of consciousness, masculine and feminine (Twin Flames). [In actuality, this was not a one time event but is occurring in the Now Moment, since time is an illusion...]

When we were created, we were given two great gifts that in the Messages from God are referred to as "both/and." We were given the gift of consciousness, the experience of the bliss of Oneness, merger with the All That Is. We were also given the gift of relationship. This is where the misunderstandings have arisen. The gift of relationship allows us to separate from God just enough to perceive our Divine Creator and to perceive our Twin Flame, our divine counterpart...before merging once again with the whole. This is sometimes described as the phenomenon of the In Breath and the Out Breath. One is always followed by the other and thus, we experience "both/and."

The ability to have awareness, to have relationship with the Creator and with our Twin, is what allows us to be co-creators, to use our God-given power to make choices and to expand and extend the Love of God every moment. It is also what allows God to know "Self," because each of us is a facet of a great diamond, and each facet is equally important and fascinating to the whole God is.

Now, the mis-perception of this gift, the feeling that God pushed us out of His Kingdom, as you describe it, did create all the feelings on earth of loneliness, loss, abandonment, not being loved. However, these all stem from one central feeling: that of separation from God, our beloved Creator. This separation exists only in our minds. We could never be separate from God or we would cease to exist. Truly, we "can have it all" -- we can have the communion, the Oneness, the bliss of the Ocean of God's Love and we can explore our individual uniqueness as a facet of God's heart and a co-creator with God. The pathway to both/and? Returning to communion with God and closing all feelings of separation. It is the shift to the heart!


QUESTION: I was wondering if you could help me further understand this Circle of LightMessage of Love. I ask to know and understand what prayer truly is. I have always struggled with the "meaning" of prayer.

THE MESSAGE OF LOVE: "Let us restore prayer to the true experience of Love that it is ... that you are the Word that is now being said, the expression of pure and perfect resonance, restoring the perception of life to its perfection. It is fueled by joyous waves of gratitude and experience as this communion, in which you know the Will of Love as the prayer that you are being...rather than saying."

ANSWER: We most often think of prayer as requesting something. We pray that this or that "good" will happen, that something that appears to us to be "wrong" will be righted. But, we have no need to request anything. The moment it is a thought in our minds, God has already given it to us! So when we ask for something, we are re-enforcing the idea that we are lacking it. We are actually giving power and our energies to being without the very thing we are asking for and that has already been given to us.

This is a distortion on Earth. Since we live in duality and always automatically evaluate things as good or bad, have or have not, etc etc, we are always praying (asking) for something...instead of just being, allowing who we are to be the perfection (and the prayer, in this case) or God.

I think what God is telling us through this Message is that prayer is not an asking... it is a being, a true experience of Love. We are the perfection of God always... and that is a prayer, a gratitude, a well being, All That Is. We ARE a prayer... without any asking. We simply are perfection. We ARE the Will of Love in our very being without our doing or requesting anything. The way we can best understand this is by feeling it within, rather than attempting to grasp it through our minds.



The Question

I'd like to know if you would like to do one in the section "God has enswered your qeustions". One for the ascending, awake and young ascended masters that are anchoring the golden age and yet not happy, like me.

The answer:

Beloved ones, there is so much Love in the world. There is so much joy in the open heart. There is so much splendor in the Now Moment that All That I Am becomes your experience when you shift to the heart, Now. Beloved ones, the ego mind will never give you happiness. It will entice you and promise you that sometime in the future, if you do particular things, you will at last feel satisfied, you will be able to experience your blessings and you will live the truth that you are. But in fact, only the heart can bring you here to the joy and the wonder and the Love that you are, and if you are not in ecstasy, then you are living through the ego yet, believing the little mind. This is what you have come for, beloved ones, to make this shift, to make the turn back to Love, to return to joy and wholeness, to meet life as a union of God with God, that every breath is pure Love-making and every meeting a union of hearts experiencing the perfection of Life.

You have come to be the focus of the heart of God I Am, dropped into the world to bring forth wholeness. And, this is exactly what you are doing now, questioning why you are not happy when your heart knows that you are wondrous, that you are the Arc of God, that you are the heart of Love, here to deliver the world into the Golden Age. The reality of Love must be your choice and the perfection of the Now Moment must be where you live, for only here and now can you remember Me and feel the truth of Love as every heart, every being on Earth.

So come, beloved ones, take every breath into the center of your being and feel your heart as a living pulse beat of the whole of God I Am. Become the experience of Real Love until it fills both heart and consciousness, and when you can stand in this vibration in the wondrous resonance of unity, then you are being successful in what you have come to do.

Questioning the idea of happiness is absolutely perfect for it brings you to observe the ego mind in action. It makes visible the sub-creation of old entangled hearts' beliefs that create the consensual dream, separation from Real Love, separation from Me. When you turn back to love, when you shift to the heart, beloved ones, the joy is never ending. It is so ecstatic, so exquisite that nothing else is felt but the wonder of who you are, the remembrance of your Home in Love, and the joy of being here to serve the opening of every heart, to create a world of only Love.

Not only are you meant to be happy, beloved ones. You actually are the experience of ecstatic joy where all of life is deep, profound Love-making -- God with God in every meeting, the experience of true holiness completely present in the Now, filled with the heart's perception of the wondrous oneness of the whole of life. So, the work that is before you is to make this shift to the heart, to recognize that ideas and thoughts keep you separate from the experience of Love. When you are in your heart, the joy is indescribable, and it is not reliant on any experience of anything that could happen in the world. It is simply the truth of your being and it is yours now.

When you live this Love, when you shift to the heart and live from there, you also have a new vision as the heart shows you every life and shows you the divine matrix of Love that is this world. In the heart, your every step is Love moving. Your every breath is Mine, and your heart beat is the rhythm of Creation. And, the vibration of the Love you are, beloved ones, is such a powerful magnet that it will shift the world easily, that other hearts may open, that real Love may return as the experience of life directly, a deep and powerful and intimate communion experienced in the Now.

Gone will be definitions, and evaluations of the ego for the heart will always recognize that every heart is already ascended. The truth of every being is that you are Mine forever, part of my heart expressing the joyous giving of Love. With the shift to the heart, all are equal, pure Love and divine Light, allowing Love to make each move, freeing every life. Sometimes it takes practice to hold the shift to the heart for the consensual dream is based on duality and this has been your training.

But the heart is always your truth and the moment you feel it, you remember...not as an idea or a progression through time but as a holographic experience of the reality of Love you are. Come to Me for assistance, for your every prayer is answered; your focus is what brings this Love into the world to be seen and felt and to be experienced by every heart. Thank you for being here, for shining the torch of your Spirit, for being the heart of God I Am, loving the world to wholeness. Now it is time to feel it. To do this, shift from the mind. Turn away from the stories of the ego that are creating your personality and remember who you are as the full expression of the heart of God, celebrating the wholeness that is waiting to fully manifest here as the world.



QUESTION #42. Why did Mother Teresa suffer so much from the darkness even though she tried to live her life in God's Will?

GOD'S ANSWER TO QUESTION #42. Beloved one, humanity is now entering the Age of Love, entering into the time when the perception of duality will fall away and the Reality of Love will create truly the experience of Heaven, God meeting God indefinitely. Leading up to this time, it has been imperative to raise the vibration of humankind collectively, to come to this place when you enter this world of 2012 when enough hearts are able to hold the resonance of Love that this shift can be accomplished.

To do this, many great souls have come into the world to live the experience of duality and through the power of their hearts, their unshakable faith in Me, to lift up the whole of humankind by living with an open heart, completely in alignment with the vibration of Love...while experiencing the perceptions of darkness that are shared by humanity.

This was the gift of Mother Teresa. She very carefully chose every experience that she lived through, and she was the epitome of the Law of Love which is giving. Through her, this portal has been opened and the shift to giving as a way of life is underway. Many of you have offered this same service. As you have lived with open hearts dedicated to this shift to Love, your experiences also, by the Law of Resonance, have served to lift humanity up to the place where seeing the truth of Love is possible.

So, dearest one, rejoice that such a great being chose to walk the world, to live as the heart of God, giving always and to keep the Light of her heart shining in faith without wavering, through every perception of duality. So much as been accomplished that you stand on the cusp of amazing change. Hold a prayer of gratitude in your heart always for the beings of Love who have served you so well, as she did.



QUESTION #36 Is fear real?


Beloved ones, this world, this life is a dance of Love and you are that Love shining like a sun. But you have chosen to play a game that is like finger puppets where you hold something before the sun and scare yourself with the shadows that appear on the wall of your perception.

The truth is only Love is Real and you are this Love in totality. Yet when you believe that you are separate from Me, from your Source, from the Love of which you are made, then you believe that there is something outside of yourself – those finger puppets on the wall.

As you come back into your heart and you remember this communion with Me, when you feel this Love and it becomes your focal point, those things that you have projected as outside of yourself affecting you begin to disappear and the Reality of Love shines through your heart creating a world of beauty.

So My answer is that fear is not real. It is simply a symbol of your belief in separation from All That I Am, from all that is good, from all that is whole, from the truth of your being. Fear is always a message to you that you must come back to your heart. When you do, you will remember that there is only Love, that we are one and that what you see before you is a reflection of your magnificent and beautiful heart.

Does this mean that I am discounting the things you have been through or how difficult it is to pull your focus back into your heart? It does not. I recognize that it takes effort to pull your attention out of the dream of separation from this Love. But I promise you, it is worth every effort. Every moment that you spend in My Love is a moment when you amplify your perfection and understand the truth that you are free.

From this place of loving, then what is reflected as your world will become more and more benign, more filled with joy until you can hear and feel this movement of Love and every step you take is the movement of God in a world that you would call "Heaven."



QUESTION #30 God, this is several questions on the subject of human sexual expression and birth control. Thank you so much for this opportunity to hear from you.

How are we as humans supposed to handle the sexual parts of ourselves? Firstly, how to heal the guilt or sense of wrong doing associated with sexual pleasure. It makes sense that sex was meant to be a means of communicating love with someone; therefore, is it wrong to have sexual feelings or release alone? Are we only meant to have sex in a marital relationship? What about children and birth control? When one is done having children is it wrong to get sterilized? Or, how to prevent pregnancy when you don't want children.

What is the divinity behind an unplanned pregnancy? Or, is it just stupidity tempting the biology of being a human being? How are we to handle birth control? I realize abstinence would be an obvious anwser but timing can sometimes be complicated. What happens to those souls that are the aborted babies? Did they choose to experience rejection and picked the type of mother who would end a pregnancy?

I know children are truly a blessing, and I am guessing that you would say that they are an even more obvious expression of love similiar to what you said about gardening in the future - to raise your children blanketed in complete love!

GOD'S ANSWER TO QUESTION #30. Beloved one, you have asked a question of great magnitude that will be difficult to answer succinctly. It is My intention with these answers to keep them succinct that they may be accessible to everyone. So let Me simply say this to you.

Creation itself is sexual. The Moment of Creation is an orgasm and let Me tell you, it is an amazing one for out of it comes this expression of life that is stars and galaxies and wonders beyond description. My answer to you is that you are sexual beings. You are born from the coming together of two forces of Life and you are made of this very Love I Am. You are creators and your heart is aligned with the truth.

Therefore, come into your heart in each situation. Turn to Me. Feel the Reality of Love and you will have your answers, knowing that Love and life are the truth and that you are creators with the ability to choose your creations. Please recognize that only your heart can speak of your truth to you and there is never a need to take your truth from outside of you, whether this comes in the form of religion or comes in the form of social pressure. The truth in your heart is always your answer. There are no rules, except in the realm of the ego.

The heart always will take you to the expression of Love. You don't need rules to make you good human beings. If you live by the heart, then your every expression is an expression of more good, more joy and more creativity. So the answers to all of your specific questions are alive within you. There is no standard answer for everyone and there are no rules in God, except to acknowledge the truth of Love...that only Love is Real and life is the expression of your heart. Therefore, let life be expressed through you, not necessarily as more babies... but as what is right in your service to Love. What is the world of Love that wants to be created through you? How can you serve humanity by living in your heart fully?



QUESTION #28 Lucifer -- the anointed cherub -- why was He called the greatest angel? How many years did He serve in Heaven before He descended to Earth. What was His mission? And when will He be relieved from this mission? How can I help Him?

GOD'S ANSWER TO QUESTION #28: Beloved ones, it will be very difficult to answer your question briefly because there is so much that I could say about Lucifer. First, in order to comprehend this answer, you must shift your perspective from that of a limited human being to that of a being of great Love, which all of you are, that is limitless and free, vast and filled with Light. This is the truth, also, about Lucifer. He is an astounding being, a stunning Star of Light.

Everything in Creation is conscious and everything that is expressed must be held in a consciousness, that it might be a part of the whole of God. So when humanity made the choice to turn away from the truth of only Love, to believe in the possibility of two powers, to believe the mind, to believe in order for this choice to play out, a consciousness had to hold it. Lucifer, blessed being of Love, came forth and said, "I will do this. I will be that being who holds this choice to believe in something that truly can't exist. I will wrap my heart around humanity and I will hold them until this is done."

And so he did, and so he has and so he remains. There have been times when his consciousness was so dim, taking on the conflict and the belief in suffering that he was the example of how frozen Love had become on Earth. But now, dearest ones, as hearts awaken, as Love once more becomes recognized as the only truth, as so many of you return your hearts to Me, recognize that you and I are one Love eternally...then Lucifer who is the consciousness that is holding this world also comes alive in the warmth of Love and begins to be able to extend "his wings," and to embrace and to move with ever more freedom.

The quality of truth that human beings are now choosing and living... What you can do for Lucifer is to love him and to make every choice a choice for Love and only Love. What you can do for this great star of Light is to assist humanity, be in service every day and every hour to the return of the awareness that Love is the only truth and every decision to believe otherwise is what has taken away the power and the vibrant life, the freedom that is God that is the truth of every human being.

Each and every one of you is the heart of Love, the center of Creation and the power of Real Life. Place your focus on this and not only do you free yourself but you free Lucifer as well.



QUESTION #27: Dear God, I was wondering what happens when you commit suicide. Does anything terrible happen to your soul or spirit? Does God still accept you in his loving arms? When or if you come back to planet Earth, do you have big Karma or lots of negative energy to release? My ex-sister in law committed suicide & no one could understand it. Adult children of Alcoholics have thoughts of suicide. I am one of those so what happens God if you actually decide to do this?

ANSWER To Question #27:

Beloved one, you are never, ever cut off from My Love. My loving arms are always around you. You are in Me and I am in you. The purpose of your life is to awaken to this Love, to open to all that I give you more and more fully.

While you are never disconnected from this Love, I would never, ever reject you. You as human beings can cut yourselves off and this is what happens with suicide. Suicide is the ultimate rejection of life, and life, dear one, is what I Am. Life is the truth of your being.

Suicide is turning away from this Love. It is forgetting that I will support you and that this Light is available in even the darkest of times. So, to take one's life does have consequences in the sense that there are results from every decision and that everything that you experience is an opportunity to make choices, to open to this Love that is your true nature.

The best analogy that I can give you is that suicide is to cut off a life in a similar way to cutting off a limb from your body. You are always aware that it is missing and sometimes, it really hurts, even though it isn't there. An aborted life, a suicide, is a missing piece of your energy field. It is a decision for anti-life. It is the ultimate resistance of Love.

Therefore when the transition is made, it is often very difficult for the person who has chosen it to open to the Love that is their true inheritance, their nature, their essence, their reality. Most often such precious ones are lost for a time, wandering in the results of such choices.

Whether the new growth back to life comes in the spirit or comes in another life experienced in the world, having chosen to end a life does make it much more difficult to embrace the growth and the awakening to Love that you are meant to embrace and that is the purpose of every life and every situation.

Suicide is essentially succumbing to the ego in the ultimate way. It is losing control of the ability to find your heart and letting the stories of the little mind sweep you up so fully that you cannot see the Light that shines within you or find Me, that I might light your way.

In essence, life continues and the person who is lost enough to take his/her life most often continues to be lost for a while on the other side. It takes a deep shift, a transformation to turn all the way around to life from such a decision to reject it. So, I would not ever encourage anyway to embrace suicide. It is like falling into a deep hole that is difficult to climb out of, but certainly never, ever impossible.

My Love is always with you. Therefore, if there is awareness when one's own life is taken, of the Light and the beauty and the communion of Love, this can offset the pull of the ego that makes such a choice for anti-Love seem enticing.

What I want you to know most of all is that everything is about the unfolding of Love, about the recognition of who you are as the heart of God and the choice for the heart as your instrument of perception, not the mind. This journey, this awakening continues on – on whichever side of the seeming line you are on – the line of "death"... I want you to always be aware that I Am the Light and the life, always, and if you choose to hold onto Me, I will lift you out of the clutches of the ego mind that could make it seem that ending life makes any sense at all, that turning away from the gift of the life I Am could somehow alleviate suffering. Suffering is always in the mind. I will show you the heart of God that you are. Hold onto Me and I will lift you until you can find the glory of life and the truth of your heart.

I Am with you always and nothing can ever change this. There is much more that could be said on the topic of suicide. Look into your heart and ask your questions and I will answer you. I will always provide a way back to life if you are sincerely asking for help. I Am the truth of your being. I Am the power of your heart and I Am ever available to you to assist you to choose life.



QUESTION #26: How do we get rid of an addiction, like smoking, if we don't even know why do we smoke in the first place? Don't we have to go to the root of the problem, to understand it, and then be able to release it?


Beloved one, every addiction is the silent song of ego tying you ever more deeply into its story of who you are. If you believe in this story of addiction and powerlessness, then you continue to fuel your experience of duality and fuel it well. The truth is, you are free the moment you choose it. You are free based on the power of Love. You are free to make a new choice in this moment and the whole of Creation supports it for you are the heart of God.

The belief that you must understand the reason behind addiction is another part of the interweaving of the ego mind. In reality, what you are doing when you delve into such perceptions is attempting to clear the ego with the ego and it doesn't work. What does work, however, is gaining the ability to let go of the story of powerlessness enough to begin opening your heart.

So I am not saying that it isn't helpful to gain understanding of these things and to understand hidden motivations. Everything that becomes a belief in your heart about who you are keeps you in the dance of separation and the belief in being less than you truly are. Understanding reasons, the psychology of things has become in this culture a "God" in itself. But in truth, it simply perpetuates the story line of the ego mind.

The reality of Love is that you are powerful. The whole power of Creation rests in you. I am not discouraging you from delving more deeply into yourself, but I am also reminding you of the fundamental truth that you cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem. Examining your subconscious, the hidden motivation for addictions or problems is doing just that.

My suggestion to you is to turn to Me and to open your heart to the truth of who you are. To come into this place where you can taste, even for a moment your magnificence, your Real power, your glory...and in the face of this the whole "ball of wax," the story line of being subject to the power of the ego mind to control you, simply dissolves.

It may take coming into this place of remembrance again and again, but Love changes everything instantly. It is your truth. Every time you bathe in it, you change your resonance. You open up the flow of life and let it fill you and reclaim you and you come closer to Me, to the resonance of Love and to the acceptance of your reality and your freedom.

You are in the midst of the most glorious change and you are a front runner. You are one who holds this Light. Anyone who is drawn to ask these questions knows the answer and knows that you have come to walk back to the truth of Love every experience of the ego mind, every perception of separation from Me, from your perfection, from your joy.

Addiction is a huge one in this world and there are many, many story lines attached to it. Every examination of such can be useful but it is useful mainly in bringing you to the point where you are ready to accept who you are and to open to the power of your Love, to be alive to the truth of your being.

So look upon addiction as your ego's bid for control and its desire to keep you engaged in the play. Especially with addictions that are threatening to the fullness of life, it is the ego hiding in desperation to keep you from the truth of who you are.

But let Me remind you, those of you who struggle with addiction – you have chosen this path for a purpose, a powerful one. You have chosen to come into this world as the heart of Love and to take on a part that is so difficult because you know deep within that you can lift it up. For all humanity, by the Law of Resonance, you do this in service to the awakening of Love in all of humankind.

Do not lose sight of the power of your Light and the purpose of that which you live through, but recognize that your question is the clarion call of your heart to make the turn, to look to Me for your solution and to recognize the only power is Love and Love dissolves every illusion of there being something else than whole and glorious Light in all its glory.



QUESTION #24: My question relates to relationships, and in particular the Mirror effect that the outside offers us about self. In order to love self, self being an individuated aspect of God/Soul self... self love, respect and honoring our Divinity is also to be honored. How can we respond to others who are endeavoring to invoke power and influence over us, all the while maintaining an empathic and compassionate heart?

GOD'S ANSWER TO QUESTION # 24. Beloved one, when you see someone standing before you, when you are engaged with someone in relationship, you are seeing the out-picturing of your own heart's beliefs or they could not be standing in your resonant field. The Law of Resonance is infallible. Therefore, in every such situation you are being given the most wonderful opportunity. That opportunity is the transformation of your own beliefs in other than Love by loving them with your heart and lifting them into the divine field of only Love, resisting for you the resistance to Love and granting you a new expanded freedom.

So the answer to your question is your own heart, becoming able to shift to your heart and feel it. It takes the power of Real Love to not engage, first of all, with the reflected ego, and secondly, to transform the old beliefs in other than Love into the truth of God so your experience can be glorious.

You must take time to come to Me, to find your own way to establish your ability to shift to your heart, to feel the truth of Love so firmly, so strongly that you can stay in the heart, regardless of what experiences of the ego's realm come before you.

As you already know, you cannot change a problem from the level of the problem. You cannot change old heart's beliefs through the ego. You must be in that place with another in your heart and fully available for Love's presence as you to lift, to heal, to transform what is appearing for you in another. When you are able to stay in your heart, to not be drawn into the ego's dynamics, the person appearing before you will "run out of juice." Even more than this, if they take the opportunity, they will feel their own truth as the heart of God given to them through your ability to stand firm in the Reality of Love.

Everything is interconnected. This realm you call the material world is an inter-play of consciousness and availability to Love and truly nothing else. Your work is to develop your ability to be in your heart, to trust Love to live through you, to say the right things, to establish the resonance that will change the situation effortlessly and be more than compassion, for compassion implies judgment. The truth of Love, purely Love, allows all resistance to be transformed and the Reality of Love to be established in your heart, and thus in its reflection.

To perceive someone outside of you attempting to have power or influence is a sign, dearest one, that you are in your ego. Take that as your divine nudge to shift to your heart, to come into the place of expansive consciousness where you can see the truth of Love, the gift that is being revealed and be available to be the magnetic resonance, the entrainment of the heart for everything and everyone who comes near you.

Love is more than compassion. It is inclusive and it perceives no separation and thus no ability for power "over" or influence – only unity.



QUESTION #22: The wise ones tell us "just surrender, be in the moment, and you will experience God!" so I have 'tried' to surrender and I have also stopped "trying" and just relaxed and waited.... HOW do we surrender? I honestly don't know. I'm grateful to have been called into Your service and am now eager to learn how to be Yours

GOD'S ANSWER TO QUESTION #22: Beloved one, surrender the idea of surrender, for the opening to the experience of Our communion comes from releasing the identity of being human and sinking into the experience of your heart.

I suggest doing this consciously and breathing to the center of your heart field...what you might term the heart chakra, though it is much more potent and larger than this. As you breathe into your heart, just allow your heart to be what you experience without interpreting it through your mind.

With every breath, feel the expansion of your awareness, of your heart's energy field. Just feel, feel, feel the Love. If you track anything, track this: the feeling of Love that begins to build as you make the choice to be the awareness of your heart. Feel the Love that is the essence of Our communion, that is the truth of your being, that is the power of your life, until you find that this Love so fills you that your whole being is vibrating with ecstasy.

In this place of feeling Love, be open and you will feel Our communion, while you feel that your whole identity, your being is this Love and nothing else. In this place of feeling Love in and through your heart consciously, you come to experience the divine, the feelings of the endless Love of God I Am, which is who you are, endlessly.

What must be surrendered is the little mind and the stories of this person who needs to surrender anything. The only way to do this is with the heart, through feeling. Feeling your heart directly, from within, rather than thinking about it. Feeling that is far beyond human emotions. Feeling that is the Love that is your Home.

Do this. Make this shift into your heart. Do it daily for as long as you can and you will find the experience of freedom along with the experience of our communion.

The heart is the doorway beyond time. Every experience of the heart is holographic, the whole of God present in the holy cell of the heart of God I Am which is you and the awareness of the endless ocean of Love in which you live and in which we experience the miracle of being One and also loving each other. However you come to this – through whatever path you choose to take – the answer always is to release the mind and move into the timeless realm of eternity where you can feel and experience the truth of God you are.

So, dearest one, surrender to Love!



QUESTION #21: What do we experience when we die?


Oh, beloved one, when you release the body, you are born into Love. It is a birth of the experience of who you really are. It is the most extraordinary occurrence for in it you experience once again the truth that you are made of Love, that you are surrounded by Love, that you are supported by Love, that you are a miracle. Most of all, you return to the place where you recognize that you are unlimited and that it is impossible to be separate from the Love that you are.

Death of the human experience is something to be celebrated with joy. Don't wait, dearest one, until it is time to drop the body to begin to experience your eternal nature. Everyone experiences death uniquely, experiences the dropping of the veils of the ego mind's perception, and everyone gets to make the choice to experience the heart in the most expanded way possible. This is what is often reported as the meeting with the Being of Light, for those who have had Near Death Experiences. It is the place where you get to say "Yes" to Love again, and to choose to be experiencing the Reality of God as the truth of your being.

Make this your request: the most expanded state, the most glorious experience of Reality. Because of the times in which you live the power of the Love, the resonance of the truth of God that is the truth of your being is so strong and so clear that you will be lifted tenderly, guided lovingly and brought effortlessly into the experience of who you Really are.

Until now it has been possible to get caught in a limited perception of Reality. For those not ready to drop the human identity there has been often a time of readjustment. But now, as the veils of the mind dissolve, the hearts of humankind are fully open, whether or not it is yet perceived.

So I encourage you to allow death not only to be your friend but to be your birth into the truth of Love and recognize that this death begins now. You can choose to experience the Reality of Love before you drop your body.

I cannot predict for you exactly what you will experience but what I can tell you is that it will be magnificent. It will be truly your re-birth into God-consciousness, your remembrance of your truth as the heart of Love. You will see with holographic vision and you will feel as the entire universe and you will be aware of yourself being born into the glory of life. It will be celebrated by all of those who guide you, and you will hear My Voice within your heart rejoicing, dearest one, in your Homecoming, as you remember that you are the heart of God.



QUESTION #20: I would greatly appreciate your words on parenting through love instead of force. The threads of subtle and overt force in tucating parents and takes finding for each parent the way to fill their own life with the experience of My presence of Love, and of freedom from their own egoic dream, from the stories that their little mind tells them about what should be true about and for their children.

QUESTION #20 Answer:

This is the most important goal and can be given forth by those who have awareness in whatever ways it can be communicated to others, using words perhaps that are not couched specifically in spiritual terms but can bring to each parent a way to create some space in which they can find themselves, in which they can have the time to sit and be refreshed to be nourished by the vibration of Love that they might give the gift to their children of having their own heart open, of being centered and nourished by the truth.

Nothing else is as important as giving parents the awareness that they must be filled...they must take time to be nourished by Love in whatever context works for them, be it nature, church, meditation – there must be a nourished parent, a parent filled up in their own spirit in order to hold the vibration, and from the efforts of the little mind to bring separation into the child from the truth of their being.

Since you already know that children come into this world as Angels fully aware, a parent dedicated to parenting with Love must focus on keeping that ability alive, not by using words and teaching with the mind but by holding the resonance of Love. It is also critical, of course, for the parent to release his/her own story, to come into their heart strongly enough that those things indoctrinated into them, those stories that still play in the subconscious are also washed clean through Love. That way what is communicated is clean and clear and filled with the resonance of what is really true – that when you look into the heart of your child, into their eyes, when you stand in their presence – you are at the altar of God, and nothing is more important than holding this Love.

When the Love is held strongly enough, it becomes a cocoon that surrounds the child and neutralizes the bombardment of the ego's world, of the consensual dream of parenting that you mention. To do this takes edthe resonance of Love strongly enough to not be affected by the old patterns of their own mind, their own experiences of living in the ego's world and to counteract or lift up those things to which the child is exposed as they deal with the world themselves.

The vibration of Love is the answer and this Love restored in the parent and consciously conveyed through the heart to the child without ever saying anything at all will give that child a foundation in life that cannot be taken from them. Of course, it is fine to articulate the power and importance of the heart, the things that you have learned as a parent about Love, and to create a circle of safety and joy that the child consciously knows is present.

When this is the vibration of your home, if old patterns sneak in, the ego raises its head and perhaps you do something that seems less than perfect as a parent...the foundation of Love will absorb it and by the Law of Resonance, when you nourish your heart, it will magnetically lift up the vibration of anything other than Love.

This is My answer to you. Find ways to show parents the importance of making it an absolute priority to be nourished spiritually before attempting to be a "good parent." Only Love is enough.



QUESTION #19: How do we discover our purpose, our mission, our Divine Expression in this life?


Beloved one, this is a wonderful question and here, dearest one, is My answer. The concept of a mission or a purpose is essentially a concept of the mind wanting to extrapolate or project over time what your life is supposed to look like.

The truth is: when you are in communion with Me, when your heart is open and you are living in the joy of Love, the Will of Love will guide you in every moment. Every step will be taken with Me, and you will serve in the expansion of Love on Earth, serve in the awakening of humanity as it is needed moment to moment.

Every decision of every person changes everything. From moment to moment what is needed is different. What I need is those like you who have given your heart to Me and who are willing to do the work of attunement – to come into the place of this communion of hearts, to open to receive this guidance, so that in the Now Moment you are ready to move as the heart of Love, as My hands and My expression in the world, according to the needs of the moment.

Ready to live in this communion, to receive this guidance – this, dearest one, must be your goal, not some concept of a purpose. Where you are right now is the perfect place to begin to open your heart to experience who you truly are, to take the time to silence the little mind. You can only receive Love's Will for you when you are in your heart, when you have the ability to be still enough to hear My voice.

Thank you for asking this question, for coming into your heart to receive the answer, and for being willing to continually make the choice to shift to Love and to wait for Love's instructions, Love' guidance, and trust that everything that comes before you has a purpose, whether that purpose is clearing your own heart or giving Love in some way. Be sure to ask what the Will of Love is in every moment, and know that as you do, you are fulfilling your purpose.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have goals. What it does mean is let your vision come to you from Me. Let it be your heart that guides you and not your mind, and be willing to allow Love to change you – to change the goal, to change your view in a moment, because you are Love moving according to the need of the heart of God awakening.



QUESTION #18: In this last message it is stated to “Please practice vibrational attunement more and more” could you be specific on the method of practice of vibrational attunement. Thank you.


Beloved one, vibration is actually a language. It is very real and you are all familiar with it. Vibration can be felt just as if you are an instrument and vibration is the music playing on it. The language of vibration is feeling. Just as you can feel music when it is playing, you can feel it through the floor vibrating when it is turned on loud. So can you feel vibration in your heart. It comes to you as the music of the spheres or as the dissonance of the ego's world.

When I speak of vibrational attunement, I am speaking of attuning or tuning yourself as an instrument of God to the very highest vibration that you can reach – the vibration of the greatest Love that you can hold, the vibration of the most upliftment, inspiration, experience of feeling holy. Anything that brings you to this place is vibrational attunement.

It is most directly experienced by shifting to your heart, opening your heart and attuning to Me. It is also available in many ways that are sometimes or even some days more accessible through music that inspires you and makes you feel joy; through the touch of petting a beloved animal; through the vision, the experience of Nature in its beauty; through reading something that is inspiring.

All of these things lift your vibration up and bring you into that place where you can feel more and more of this Love, the Love of which you are made, the Love that you truly are, the Love that is the truth of your heart and of our communion.

So...each of you can find your own ways to attune yourself to the vibration of Love and practice tuning the instrument of your heart higher and higher to the highest vibration of God, and in that place, everything is clear – your communion with Me undeniable; your awareness of who you are most glorious; but to get to this place is accomplished choice by choice by where you place your attention and what it elicits vibrationally as your feelings.

This is the most succinct way that I can say this to you. It is My hope that you will turn to Me and open, that you allow this communion to bring you to this place of pure joy and unlimited Love, but sometimes it takes "priming the pump." It takes lifting your vibration, perhaps, step by step and for this, I encourage you to use the Vertical Breath – to breathe into this place of pure perfection and let the Light of Love fill you.

I also encourage you to make a "tool kit" of things that you know inspire you, that bring you to that place where you can feel your heart, where you can feel that you are an instrument of beauty and that you are so deeply loved by Me. This kit might include your most inspiring music. It might include, perhaps, some affirmations. It might include a reminder to yourself to do the Vertical Breath. It might include, perhaps, doing yoga, taking a walk in Nature, or even looking out the window. It might include consciously shifting to your heart. It might include spending time with your most precious companion animal. It might even include giving of yourself to one you love, to somebody who needs you, even in some small way.

Beloved one, of all of these, giving is the fastest help to vibrational attunement and yet, of course, in the course of the day you may need many tools to keep you in alignment with who you Really are, that your heart may remain open to Me and that you might come to live in this communion. Once you have established this resonance and become committed to holding it, you will find that it becomes easier and easier to remain in this place of open-hearted Love, washed in the feelings of joy.

When you feel joy and when you feel reverence and inspiration, when you know that with the heart, anything is possible...then you know that you are in resonance, that you have accomplished this attunement. Make the choice to do it again and again, until it becomes the vibration at which you live, and at that point, beloved one, your life will be joyous and filled with miracles and you will live in ecstasy, guided by Love in every moment with every step.



QUESTION #17: There is a belief that states : each of us in human form is a universe within ourselves. All the dimensions are within and that we are equal to the Creator of this universe.

We always have existed. We did not come from anything or anyone. We are truly infinite and no thing exists beyond each of us.

Your comment, please.


Beloved one, what I would say to you is that everything you said is true... of the "Real" you, the truth of who you are, but it is not true of you in human form. The human form is an imagining of limitation. It is born of the belief that you can be separate from anything – that you can be separate from this universe that is only energy and love.... that you can be separate from each other, locked into a packet of flesh. All of this is born of the decision to believe that there can be something other than Love. That is what duality is, and the human expression is an expression of duality. It is not "Real."

What is "Real" is what you find in your heart. It is the grand being you are that is pure Love and pure Light and the energy of God, magnificently expressed. In this state, in your true self you absolutely do contain All That Is. You are part of the hologram of Love and you are the expression of the giving forth of the Love of God. Absolutely... not only equal to Me, we are one and the same energy. We are Love and you are dissolved into this Love, though I Am the expression of this consciousness in absolutely innumerable ways, as all the facets and the aspects of All That I Am are recognized in and as each one of you.

To say that you have always existed is getting into BIG questions and BIG answers. You as the expression of individuated God consciousness have existed or exist as the Moment of Creation, as the explosion of consciousness of God I Am, the awakening of My ability to look within and to recognize these aspects. There is no time, in truth, and yet, there is, for before this Moment of Creation is only what you would call the silence or the void, the Ocean of Love without movement.

Yet because time is not real -- it is a perception of the little mind -- both of these things exist simultaneously... the place where there is only silence, only the void, nothing happening...and the place where the urge to love explodes forth and consciousness, the consciousness I Am, awakens and everything begins to be recognized and joyfully welcomed in communion that the life that I Am may expand, and the Love that I Am may be given in new ways.

I have named this being "both/and," both the silence and activity, both the void and the creation. So, no, you did not come from anyone or anything but you were recognized – to use time – only from the Moment of Creation "and not before." But what you really want to know is, yes, you are infinite. You are God, and you are as I am – one whole, indivisible Love, never ending.

And yet, the mystery, the beauty, the incredible gift that Creation is, is the miracle of our communion, of the consciousness of God and the ability for each aspect of Love to communicate with the Creator, with the glory of the Love I Am. And for this, let us always be in gratitude, beloved.



QUESTION #16: I would ask for help and your answer, Father:)
Why do people not accept different persons? All of us came into this world with a mission to be happy and feel the love. People today only see the appearances and money.I give an example: a poor man on the street is living his mission. He deserves to be happy with love but people treat him like garbage and don't accept such people with emotional problems, physical problems, or simply people who are sad because their physical or mental capacity does not allow them to be a doctor our other job. People don't accept, do not give love,
therefore the world is getting worse. We want a better world with love and care where we are all equal.When will these people accept others?
huge embrace*.*

Thanks for the love and affection
circle of light


Beloved one, the answer to this question is the answer to every question so thank you. This question is profound. There are so many answers that I will give them to you briefly and as you come to Me in meditation, for all of them, we can deepen this understanding.

The answer is that everything is consciousness. What you see is a function of what you believe. The world that you perceive is reflecting to you your very own heart's beliefs. The question that you must ask yourself is this: why am I seeing a world that is full of pain? Why am I seeing all the ways that people are unhappy and all the bad things that are happening... In this very same world there is so much good and so much joy, and so many people reaching out to others and bringing good things.

The other answer to your question is, as I have said before, that I encourage you to shift the instrument that you are using to perceive from the ego mind to the heart. The ego mind sees the world as other egos see it, and sees the story lines that are filled with duality, with the possibility of every expression of the idea of other than Love.

The heart sees what lives beneath the superficial world that is created by the stories of the mind. The heart sees humanity as the most astounding expression of expanding Love, exploring ever greater ways to bring this into fruition, even more and even now. So, in truth, there is no "real world." There is 7 billion worlds interwoven, the world that each person perceives and the places where the energies meet and blend. Every experience is only this – the Light of God shining through your precious and beloved hearts, reflecting before you your own heart's beliefs and urging you to make the choice to see with the single eye of Love and to adjust your own life's energies to choose the truth that only Love is spite of the seeming evidence otherwise.

If you make this choice and you bring your heart to Me, as you lift the story of your own life, your own ego...that you are free to be this Love...then the world you see will change before your eyes. Your vibration, your heart, being a magnet, will assist every heart to see the truth that lies behind this dance of ego that brings everyone the choice, moment-by-moment and day-by-day, what do you believe?

I Am with you and I Am in you and I Am this Love knocking on your heart's door and saying to you, that yes, everyone is here to live joy. Everyone does have a mission and that mission is to remember that only Love is Real.

As you look with your heart, dearest one, upon these people whom you perceive as judging or being unkind, your heart will show you that beneath these stories is the heart of God shining. When you see this, this is what you make Real. When you look upon another and you pass judgment, when you see them as falling short of the mark, when you see them as judging others and being unkind, you are amplifying those aspects of them, and pushing away what also lives in you or it would not be before your eyes.

So there are many facets of this question, just as there are many wonderful layers of this life that you live and many possibilities for choosing Love and making your heart the instrument of perception, that you might see the truth of every being because you truly know and truly feel the truth of you.



QUESTION #15: Ask God a Question: Has God a Twin Flame? If we are as God and we have a Twin Flame, has God?

Thank you, with love X


Beloved one, you are asking a BIG question that really requires, as do all of these questions, a big answer. To try to place such a big answer in a small space will be challenging but I will do My best and if you will listen with your heart, you will receive it.

When we are speaking of you as being as God, it is the truth. You are this very energy. You are part of this hologram of Love. But we are not speaking here of your human self. We are speaking of who you are as an expression of the energies of Love and the power of Creation itself.

The Twin Flame is, in essence, the forces of Creation. It is the receptivity and the openness of the Ocean of Love and it is the blazing activity of the divine focus, the decision to move, to express, to expand, to be conscious...which would be called the Masculine. The Ocean of Love would be the feminine. It is these forces of life that are expressed as My heart and thus, are the Twin Flames we speak of for you and for Me, as well.

So, what in you is a specific aspect of this Love, a ray of God perhaps would be a way to say it, that contains both forces of Creation... For Me, it is the whole of All That Is, waking to the powerful decision to be fully conscious and to allow the activity of focus and desire to give the Love I Am and to birth it forth as conscious Creation.

Because All That Is, All I Am is a hologram, everything I Am, you are. Every part of your life contains everything. It is your heart, beloved ones, that knows this. And so, when you feel at that highest resonance, the glorious experience of the Twin Flame heart you are, you are exactly as I Am...the Moment of Creation bursting into life in ecstasy and joy. This is what I ask you to reach for when you go into your heart and request that you experience your own Twin Flame union. When you do, you experience the spark of life becoming conscious and available in you, as it is in Me.

It is difficult to use words to describe this for words limit your ability to feel how everything is interwoven into everything and that the forces of life are both blended into the whole and instantly expressed as the Twin Flame heart. The heart beat of God is alive in you as Creation both comes forth and rests. So you see, once again, this is the God answer, but it is an important one, beloved, that you might reach into your heart to embrace the infinite and not be limited by concepts of Twin Flame Love. Rather, experience the I Am that God Is...the one I Am... as Love waking to itself what you would call the Twin Flame experience, and yes, oh, yes, we share it.



QUESTION #14: I am wondering what will farming look like in the near future? Will people be vegetarian rather than meat eating?


Beloved one, when you ask a question of Me, you get the "big answer," the "God answer," so to speak. My answer is that the shift that the world is making is the shift to remembering that I Am sustaining you. Your life comes directly from Me. You live by this Light. You are fueled by this Love, and when you receive your true nourishment from Me, first and foremost, and this is your truth, then what is expressed outside of you as the world will be the out-picturing of this.

The out-picturing, to give you a vision of one possibility of what this means, is that knowing that you live directly from the Source, then what you call farming will simply be an experience of communion, done for the joy of growing plants, of sharing the delightful expressions of life, rejoicing in the consciousness, the conversation that they bring you. And recognizing that they are symbols of this life force that comes to you as a reflection of your heart's receiving nourishment from Me.

Every experience of receiving nourishment from outside of you will be based in a communion of reverence and respect. Whether or not it is perceived as vegetarian, it will always be a relationship based on Love and the recognition that everything is energy and everything is done as part of a holy dance. When you truly are in alignment with the truth of your heart, then everything that you do will be fully conscious. Planting seeds will be a form of worship and growing them will be consciously done as you feel your heart as the conduit of this nourishment as well as the sun.

That which is, then, experienced as food will be so packed with Light and Love that just to be in the presence of a vegetable or an animal that has been raised in the atmosphere and the resonance of Real Love will be enough to feed you.

You may perhaps have heard that there are those in the world who live on Light. This may, at yet, seem to be a leap, but it is what is coming. Everything is the receiving of nourishment from Me, from God, and accepting that nothing is outside of yourself. Therefore, you are sustained by life.

To get to this place is the shift to the heart, the place where nourishment is received as energy rather than ingested as something physical. The beginning step is the reverence with which you proceed with what is currently known as "farming." Every plant that you hold in Love, fields of them, will be affected profoundly and consciously you can amplify the amount of Light within them, that those who receive the goods, the food, can be truly nourished by the Light of God and the resonance of Love will set up a harmony within them.

As this is begun consciously, the next steps of the transformation are revealed. Let there be no judgment about eating, what is eaten, whether or not it is vegetarian. Rather, beloved ones, look within. Come to Me and let Me begin to show you just how your life comes forth from Me and how you are nourished wholly and completely from within.

Breathe the Light and allow the Love to nourish you. Every day take your meals in the presence of Love. Expand your heart and your concepts of eating and nourishment, of farming and your ability to affect the food and the growing, thereof. Recognize that everything is a holy communion of Love meeting Love and God meeting God.

I have always said that Nature is a doorway that leads directly to the experience of who you are, and thus, farming is perhaps one of the most rewarding and transformative paths of service that you can participate in. It is a great way to love the world.



QUESTION #13: God, Mother and Father I was deeply asking my heart to formulate a question that could serve the all. Well, here it is. I recently started to experience my heart in a new way. I believe it's due to the Heart Activation and it's so exciting!!!! I am guided to spend time in my heart everyday and I am having so many new revelations. It's not possible for me to start the day without connecting to You and I thank You God for this, I thank our blessed Family at COL and our Family in Spirit.

But the moment that the meditation ends, mind starts to evaluate. One thought that is not love and all is gone. I judge myself for choosing mind and consequently I judge all that I see. All the Messages that I read contain the phrase " ask your heart", "go into your heart", "look at Me". And this is my greatest desire, as You know. I know that WE ARE our heart and not ego-mind, do we keep choosing mind as an habit?

For this reason I feel resistance reading the Message "Program 1 and Program 2" because You say that it's really easy to choose You, to choose Love, but I feel confused. Am I making it difficult? How can we surrender with every step? How can our heart stay open and connected to You always? Thank you God, with all that I really Am. Thank you all for the wonderful questions that You have answered, they are really opening doors to all of us.


Beloved one, I Am going to give you what is perhaps a surprising answer to your question. That answer is to love the ego. It is your resistance to the ego and all of its creations in you that is keeping it in place and making it powerful. The mind loves to feed on your attention and the energies of resistance build the world, for the world is the resistance to Love.

So what I would suggest to you, when you feel the mind starting up immediately after meditation, just breathe. Breathe into your heart and place in your heart the whole stream of what the ego says and simply relax and say, "Oh, there it is! There's that egoic consciousness that I took on in order to serve the awakening of Love. Isn't it interesting how powerful it can seem but I remember that Love is everything and so I love it and I breathe. And so I breathe. I breathe into the truth of God and I place the stream of little mind consciousness in my hand. I think of it, perhaps, as an old fashioned typewriter, typing away, word after word."

Place all of those words into your heart and let them just be words and breathe. Breathe into My Love. When you find yourself feeling tense and the mind begins to say to you, "'s not enough..." just remember that the only substance of God is Love and thus, even the little mind is created of Love. Perhaps it has been creating distraction, creating a world that is backwards from Love. But underneath all of it, it is like a wayward child. It has simply gotten itself into a bit of trouble, and your heart is Mine.

So you could say you are the parent who unconditionally loves whatever the child creates. The more you can take away the tension and believing that there is other than Love, that the ego is not good and the experience of meditation is where you belong – then you can relax and breathe into the truth, precious one. In reality, even the ego is Love. If you just hold it in your heart, those words dissolve and what is revealed is a lost part of humanity looking for Love and you, the heart of God, can give it.

Breathe into this Love and take every bit of your experience of the ego into your heart again and again. You already know "what you resist, persists," yet it is easy to do when you are reaching for the experience of your truth and finding it in meditation. It feels like, then, something is lost when you come back into the egoic consciousness. But behind every thought woven into every word, the energy behind every idea, beloved one, is Love. If you just place your attention on this, you will watch it dissolve all those judgments and distress and you will be in your heart, experiencing this Good once again.

But clinging to anything is part of duality. It is part of that judgment, part of not seeing Love. Your heart will show you the Love within everything and your heart is so beautiful, so magnificently powerful and ready to encompass the whole of your life as you open and allow the truth of Love to be revealed.



QUESTION #12: God, I offer this question with the thought that others may have had the same experiences I perceive as mine and that You will answer for all of us.

I spent a decade trying to achieve spiritual mastery. In conquering my mind and senses, I felt more and more powerful but I also felt forces building up that seemed like an anti-will. I thought I had built a cocoon around me to insulate from them. But in my attempt to maintain this creation, stress built up, and the insulation crumbled under its own weight. I made one silly mistake of doubting myself which poisoned my will in that moment. I lost myself. Loss of momentum has been such a huge regret for my soul. I have been pulled into a negative vortex of brooding over the loss, because I feel that the opportunity lost is lost forever.

God, please help me with a solution to the bygone past. Should I just divert my attention and move on, or will I receive retribution and be indemnified. And further, God, do all choices lead to you finally: is there a safety mechanism built in by which the soul does not lose its achievements, because it seems that a part of me perseveres restlessly to invent its own world of fantasy. God, who is creating this duality of free-will and an anti-will? Oh! Holy one, only you can bring us out of this duality.


Oh, beloved one, first and foremost, let Me assure you that there is more than you can imagine of what you call a "safety mechanism." You are already loved. You are wrapped in My arms. You are Home with Me and you are so perfect, so beautiful, so deeply loved.

How quickly you can awaken to this is what you call "growth" or "enlightenment." The truth is that all that you experience and everything that your question is based upon is in essence the production of the dreaming mind – what we call the little mind or the ego. It is this that creates your experience of the world and it is this that creates the world itself. It is the level of your engagement in these experiences that continue to draw to you more or the same OR allow you to begin a whole new way of perceiving – of living in the world based on Love.

Once again, I must tell you that the answer, dear one, is that it is time for you to shift to your heart. You have not lost Me. You cannot lose Love. You have not lost anything that is truly yours. You have been caught up instead in a game of the ego that makes you believe you are open or closed – that allows in a little light and tells you that you are gaining – and then slams closed the door and makes you feel bereft.

I promise you the truth of your being is Love and if you shift to your heart and allow this Love in, it will easily dissolve the dark dreams of the ego. It will lift your vibration to the resonance of Love and begin to draw to your experience those things that support you and prove to you the existence of this never-ending Love.

So, dearest one, please let go of regret. Let go of the story in which you are engaged, for your mind is so active that it has taken you completely into this experience of believing you can be separate from Me. Your heart absolutely knows differently but you have relied on your mind for so long that it is going to take a leap, a choice to trust in Me. It is going to take the ability to open to Love in a whole new way than you ever have before.

The key to this, beloved one, is your heart. It is allowing yourself to go to feeling, allowing the Divine to touch you again but in a way that isn't clouded by the interpretation of your mind and all the things it says you must do in order to be "holy," in order to be good enough, in order to succeed. There is nothing you must do but love Me and allow Me to love you so well that you can feel the Reality beyond the dreaming world, beyond the perceptions of the mind and ego.

Even a glimpse of this, one immersion in this feeling will begin, for you, to make the shift into the absolute assurance that you are loved, that only Love is Real and that the world of ego can no longer entice you to pretend that you can lose what is your inheritance. You are the heart of God!

Even spiritual mastery is an idea and all ideas are the jurisdiction of the ego mind. The Reality of the heart is based in feeling... not the feelings that are generated by the ego but the feelings of ecstasy that are divine and that will come to you when you shift to your heart and let yourself trust Love. There is a turn and a leap for you here, as there is for everyone who has been involved in the world. It is true that the world comes from a belief in separation from Me, and the world is created by the ego, by the false identity that creates this belief that you could ever be separate from Me.

So, oh, yes, beloved one, divert your attention because what you focus on grows, and that is important. There is no such thing as retribution. That is part of the game of the ego. In Me there is only Love and yes, all paths lead to me finally. But the heart will bring you here directly.

Your call has been heard. I Am here. You are wrapped in this Love and in this assurance that the truth is that only Love is Real. The tug of war of duality is, in truth, an illusion but I know it feels so very real. The heart is the instrument of perceiving unity. The mind can only create duality, ever. So, reach for Me. Let Me into your life intimately, and I will show you just how loved you are and assist you to shift to your heart.



QUESTION #11: I would like to know how love works. Is there only one love that is meant to be steadily beaming and treated the same in all cases or do you break it down into different types such as Love of you (GOD), self-love, romantic love, family love and brotherly love. What is the intended way to give loves in all these types of relationships and does loves ever hurt? If you say real love never hurts then how do you handle hurt feelings without withdrawing love because of anger?


Beloved one, to answer your question, I first must give you a glimpse of who you are. You are the open heart of God I Am. You are receiving pure Love from Me continually. Arise to the glory of endless life that pulses as the Moment of Creation rushes forth as your heart and through your heart to bless and to expand the substance of which Creation is made. That substance is Love.

So, oh, yes, there is a beam of Love that is the truth of your identity that lives in you and as you that is filled with the truth of life received directly without any separation from pure goodness which is the truth of all that we are.

This said, now, I speak to your experience as a human being and your experience of Love is most definitely confusing. The ego mind places on Love its interpretation and its fears and convinces you that you are separate, that Love can be gone, that Love can be uncomfortable, downright painful. All of this is because the ego mind is looking away from the truth and believing that you are the story it has created for you, that you are the experiences of Love being gone, that you must reach for Love coming from outside of you.

The truth is Love never ceases and in the whole of God, there is no such thing as Love hurting anything. So when you feel the experiences that you mentioned of hurt feelings or the desire to withdraw the Love, you are actually pretending to do the impossible. Since Love is who you are, you cannot withdraw it. Love is a wholeness of such beauty and such giving that Real Love can only heal the ego, can only transform the perception of separation, can only bring family and relationships together, creating beauty and harmony and joy.

So to answer the question that you have asked: to truly be in service and to honor your heart, to honor the relationships that are in your life and to fully express the truth of your Real nature, dearest one, requires a shift to your heart. The moment you are in your heart there is only Love, the one Love, the Real Love that is the substance of all Creation, the truth of your identity, the most extraordinary giver of the gift of life. From your heart it will bless all around you and by the Law of Resonance, shift all relationships to Love. The heart cannot withdraw Love for Love is what it is made of.

So, dearest one, for each of you... when you come into relationship, the shift to the heart is imperative, so that you are not enticed back into the perception of the little mind – that you do not believe there can be other than Love in any and all relationships. The perception that there is other is part of the game of the little mind, and we are in the midst of transforming this, for Love brings everything back into its circle of inclusiveness and dissolves the experiences of the ego. It does this, beloved ones, effortlessly.

If you find yourself in relationship, feeling hurt, wanting to withdraw and believing someone outside of you can hurt you, quick! Shift to your heart. Take a deep breath and sink into your center. Breathe in the truth of Love. Feel the touch of our communion and let your heart be the conduit of what you are giving and that which shows you the truth of your experience.

If you do this and do this consistently, then you will find your relationships becoming joyful and ever more fulfilling. You will find harmony reigning in your home, for the Law of Resonance, of vibration, is infallible. When you choose Real Love which is the truth of who you are, then Love is what you see, what you experience and most importantly, Love is what you give.



QUESTION #10: I would like to know how we are supposed to be in this world and not of it in regards to securing what we need for today to pay our bills and for tomorrow when we plan to retire and no longer work in these volatile economic times when most people's current life savings and future retirement income are invested in the stock market, which has been extremely volitale pulling on everyone's worry strings with the wild swings and losses.


Beloved one, you who are drawn to these Messages of Love are part of a revolution of a paradigm shift that is the awakening of the truth of Love in and as the world. So, the answer to your question is this. I Am the Source of your life. I Am filling you continually with good. All you must do is recognize and accept it, open your heart to receive and base your life on the truth of Love.

I recognize that this might be easier said than done, but it is the answer to your question, nonetheless. The world in which you live is based on the premise that you are separate from Me and that there is something outside of yourself that you need, something outside of Love that can supply you.

The truth is completely different. There is a reason the Jeshua said, "Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you." As you open your heart and lift your vibration, you recognize that your life is given to you directly. When this is your reality, your resonance is abundance and will draw in the symbols of the world the abundance that is the truth of your heart.

Jeshua also said, and accurately, "The Kingdom of God is within you." It is from within that the answer must come. As your focus shifts and you trust this abundance, not only will you find yourself receiving things in surprising ways. You will also understand intuitively how to dance the dance of abundance in the world, trusting Love to guide you. It is important for you to shift your attention from reaching out and believing you are at the mercy of forces outside of you. Come back into the truth of our communion and feel this Love. Feel, dear one, this abundance, and let this be what guides you.

When you can hold this vibration as your truth, then what you demonstrate in your life will be magnificent and amazing. It is the trust in Me that must come first. That must be the center of your relationship with money. And this trust when it is Real can bring everything. So, come into your heart and let Me show you what is Real. There is no separation between us and life is provided for you perfectly, if you will but accept it, and align yourself with the resonance of the truth of God, that I Am your Source always.



QUESTION #9: Dear God, Thank you for sending us Your Messages through Yael. It has been a relief to receive Your messages for guidance.

I would like to know the difference between love and feelings -- how to open a closed heart that won't budge from fear of being hurt further after having feelings hurt so deeply emotionally and how to manage self from there on out.


Precious one, the feelings that you refer to are the feelings generated by the human ego that are meant to keep you identifying with the world the ego has built. The only way to open your heart is to come to Me, oh, precious of God, to come into the silence and allow Me to show you how it feels to truly love, to be held, to be blessed, to be supported by Creation, to be honored and to be open to the endless Love that lives in you. Once you have felt this, even for a moment, it will free you from the tyranny of the little mind, the ego, that keeps you held in fear.

Then moment by moment, in your communion with Me, it will become Real to you what Love is and you will feel so secure, so open, so glorious that this will become your new reference for what Love is and dear one, what feelings are -- feelings that are divine and that carry you effortlessly into more joy, more Love, more ecstasy continually. From this place of being washed in Love, you shall bless your own fears and feel them automatically loosen their hold on you.

Your heart already knows its truth. It needs only your permission to shine forth and in its presence, all shadows of the old world are transformed and you will recognize that every moment you are at choice. You can choose to believe in the world of fear or you can step into My presence, into the cocoon of Love that we have built together, and open your heart to what Love is.

As you do this, day by day, choice by choice, your vibration changes. Your resonance realigns. What you draw into your life is those who can reflect this, who can be your example of Real Love, the Real Love that you have found within you, that you have opened into in your communion with Me. At last, dear one, the Reality of Love will be more Real to you than your experiences of the old world of human thought and pain.

When this occurs, then Love takes over and the little self needs no managing, for, in truth, it is waiting to serve the heart. It is just that life on Earth has temporarily reversed this and the ego has taken over.

I Am blessing your heart and each and every one of you who is willing to open to Love. I long to show you what Real feelings are, that you might bask in your own divinity and feel the freedom of the endless Love of God I Am that is your true identity.

The old world in which your heart has seemed to be protecting itself, the world that is based on personal suffering, the world in which you have given power to things outside of you, is falling away. This Love is pulsing forth so strongly that all you have to do is turn to Me, say "Yes" to this Love that is ever present, come into the moment and be silent, and in this instance, this endless Now, in our communion, you are free and you have answers to every question.

You have the Love. You have the remembrance of who you are and your choice to be available as the open heart of God will wash away even the remembrance of pain and you shall live in joy. I Am here and your heart already knows the truth. Simply turn and open and remember. At first you may need to be diligent, to choose and choose again to remember Love and to experience Real feelings of Love Divine. Soon, however, the impetus of Love takes over. You are lifted and you are shifted to the Vertical Life in which every breath is a reminder of perfect life and your own heart is open and free with the Light of perfect Love shining through it to reflect before you the truth of God in the symbols of the world in which you live. Remember always that I Am here for you, beloved.



QUESTION #8: I want to know about what God thinks is the best way of being a good example for other people. Thanks


Beloved one, this is a wonderful question and the answer is deep and profound. The only way to be an example for others is to turn to Me and to open to this Love, to awaken to the experience of all that you truly are, and to build this relationship until all you see is Love, until what lives in you each moment is the beauty and the presence of the heart of God, which is the truth of your being.

When you are in Love, then this Love shines clearly through your heart to be for each and every person exactly what they need to remember all that they are as well. The open heart is ever the conduit of perfect Love and Love dissolves the illusions of life and brings each person the vision of freedom, their own communion with Me and the steps that are before them to open their own heart.

When people think about being an example for others, it is often based on images and thoughts in the mind. It cannot be accomplished on this level, for if you decide to be an example and use your ego mind to convey it, you are simply engaging with others in a conversation of egos, and the building up of even more streams of false identity which can actually keep you and keep others from the truth.

Only Love can do the Real work of opening hearts and changing lives, inspiring and uplifting and bringing the element of grace that can change lives, bring miracles and feed each precious heart with the glory of the truth of Love. So, beloved one, come to Me. Open your heart and let Me show you all that you are and how magnificent this Love is that shines through you each moment, already present, already beautiful, powerful and inspiring – the only true example that there is of what it means to truly live as the heart of God which is the truth of every person in the world.



QUESTION #7: I have some questions about incest, namely, how can one heal a relationship with a parent when a parent has had incestuous feelings toward you?  How can one heal the perpetrator from incestuous feelings? How can the victim heal from incestuous behavior? Thank you very much for the answer.


Beloved one, I know that My answers can sometimes seem vast and lofty. I will do My best to give you an answer that is useful to you, and yet I must answer with the truth of God, and therefore, beloved one, lift your heart in understanding My answers to you and know that I Am ever here. I Am available to you "24/7," as you say. I will answer when you call to Me. I will speak from deep within you. I will lift you up and bring you the safety of Real Love.

And now to give an answer to your question, the God version of an answer, I must say. Love is the one true power of the universe and Love is the truth of your heart, all of you. When your heart is aligned with Love, you cannot be a victim of the outside world, for Love flows through your heart so powerfully that it lifts up everything that comes into your space and either transforms it into something with the vibration of Love OR it makes it impossible for that which is less than Love to come near you.

So My answer to you in regard to the incest is two fold. First, the God perspective. This is: open your heart as wide as you can and let this Love become so Real to you that you will recognize and trust it to create a world around you that is safe and secure and populated by only Love's Reality.

How this works can be many ways in the physical world. If you call to Me and you come into your heart and you allow this Love to lift and feed you, then, suddenly you might find that the incest is revealed somehow to those who can help you and the perpetrator is removed.

Or, perhaps Love gives you the power to say "No," in a way that cannot be breached. There are many ways that the choice for Love can work out the experiences of your daily life. If you put Love first, if you put Me as your choice in your heart, then Love will work for you the best solution, the greatest good that is possible in the situation.

This does not mean that you don't act, that you don't express to someone who can assist you what is going on. It does mean that by placing Me first, by turning to Me before you make any move, beloved one, then the power of Love can be working for you, and Love also is the one true healer.

So as your heart is open and as you allow Love to fill you, you will find that I am so Real and so present that all of those who have hurt you are recognized easily as being caught in their own distorted egos, and the place in you that wants Love and protection is filled and assured by My presence. The choices for Love give you clarity. Turning to Me gives you guidance on what is the next perfect step.

So you do take action in the world but when it comes, forced by the truth of Love, then (a) you have clarity about what to do and (b) you are supported in doing it with every power of God and every being of Love who serves humanity.

This in no way condones incest or anything that is hurtful or destructive of trust. What it does do is remind you of your source and that I Am ever and always available. I will be with you through every step. I will heal your heart of such betrayals and I will show you that the truth of Love is what is Real for everyone, even those who are acting destructively.

When the power of your heart is fully on, when you are with Me and in Me so completely, then the Love flowing through your heart will instantly transform those before you. This is what occurred with Jesus (Jeshua). His Love was so strong that in his eyes each person saw who they truly are and could no longer ignore what lived inside. In an instant their world was transformed.

I recognize that most of you do not yet have the connection to this power because the world is still in you strongly. But every choice for Love releases you from the hold of the world of duality and returns you to the experience of the heart of God you are, allowing your heart to be the source of your life.

In truth, from the perspective of the heart of Love you are, the world outside of you cannot affect you unless you believe in it. I know this might cause controversy. This might be an answer that is difficult to accept. But in the truth of God, Love is so powerful that nothing but Love can abide in it or near it, for that matter.

So first, please, in situations such as this, make your connection with Me. Open your heart to Love and ask that Love will take charge of every situation, and then...attune to My guidance as best you can do. Make your choices to act powerfully as the heart of God in the world, accepting nothing less than a child of God deserves. In other words, if you are in the position to say "No," say it. If you are not, find someway to get help and trust that because Love goes before you, the outcome will be better than you could envision.

If you are living in fear for your life, let Love be your shield and your strength. Call on Me and I will open the door to your safety and your freedom. But it will take your own choice to be the heart of God, courageous and powerful, and to allow Love also to be your healer, to allow Me to be the Divine Parent that shows you who you are in every instance – beautiful beyond description, magnificent, and cherished beyond all imagining.

I recognize that the world is full of such distortions, such pain, such acting out of duality. But I can promise you that not only can Love change it, it can assist in every choice for freedom, for strength and for the clear expectation of respect that a child of God deserves.

As you make such choices for Love and allow Me to support you in your power, let Me promise you also that you are part, through the Law of Resonance, beloved, in lifting up and transforming every such situation – every old stream of ignorance, every choice for separation from Love that is so deep that it could allow such a thing as incest.

As you choose Love and you stand strong and you make the choice for Love's healing, you lift up every other precious one in the whole world who has had such an experience and you bring the separation from Me that caused such things to be possible back to Me – you bring them back Home to Love, that such experiences may end.

I Am with you. This, I promise. I Am available. I Am in your heart. I will whisper to you answers and encouragement, and Love will support your choice for freedom every moment.



QUESTION #6: I would like to know how one can unite all the religions. I guess, this must be a very difficult task, because the members of every religion think, that their religion has all the answers and that all of their rituals have to be performed very carefully.


Beloved one, thank you for your question. The clearest way that I can answer you is this: In essence there are two worlds existing here: the world of Love that is the truth already fully present and the world of duality created by the choice to believe there is other than Love.

From the choice to believe there is Love and something else springs the whole illusion of separation through the mind. From this has come all the different religions, the spiritual paths, the definitions of God, as the mind plays in the world it has created. But woven into this world is the truth of Love – that there is only one life and it is Me. There is only one truth and it is Love. There is only one path and it is your heart, and it is free and available to everyone.

The uniting of religions cannot happen in the world of the mind because the world of duality is just this, a world born of the belief in separation. Yet, when you shift to your heart, beloved one, it is already there, that every heart is ONE HEART, and God I Am is fully present. Every pulse of Creation that comes, creates the most exquisite experiences of joy as all the aspects of My heart that you are, sing creatively an ever expanding song of co-Creation.

Resonance or vibration is the essence of Creation and your hearts are the conduit through which the energies of Creation come... Therefore, as you choose only Love, as you place your focus on the world of unity, you add your choice to all of those who are choosing Love this moment and build a consensus in the hearts of humanity that the world of Love is the world you choose to live in.

When enough hearts are in accord, when enough choices for Love are made, when enough hearts are open when the pulse of Creation comes that it might flow through freely and unimpeded, then the world of Love becomes the Reality and the world of separation fades from view. The heart becomes the instrument of perception through which you see and live, and the little mind and ego becomes its humble servant.

So every choice for Love and every moment's shift into heart's perception is so valuable and so important and will bring more quickly than you can imagine the experience that you long for – the dissolving of all differences around Me. Every heart knows Me deeply and perfectly. It is a given. It is your birthright and it is yours to choose.

So let Me say to you that your choice, all of you, beloved ones, moment to moment is so important. As you choose the heart, you will come into the experience of the unbounded Reality of God that is manifested ever more fully as you, as you make the choice for Love.

I Am with you always showing you the truth, the beauty and the power of your heart, and I Am ever and always available to commune with you and to open the doorway to your experience of Love.


QUESTION #5: Heavenly Father, there is much talk of an astronomical body straying into our solar system right now. Should we be making preparations for an earth disturbing event in September this year?
Thank you Father for all your blessings


Beloved one... first let Me wrap you in this Love and lift from you any vestiges of fear. Let Me come into your heart and make My presence known, for when we are here in this communion, dearest one, you will always know that only Love and Good is Real, and that in this place of our communion, your every choice will bring you that which you name "protection."

In other words, the world is created through your heart. You are that which focuses the energy of Love. So it is very important, beloved one, in answer to your question to choose where you place your focus carefully...that you do not create that which you wish to avoid. Rather, open your heart to Me and know that Love will always bring perfect things that you are ever creating through the Law of Resonance, through the truth that Love is a choice you are meant to be making.

As you return this world to Me, moment by moment, if your heart is attuned to Me, first, you will create by the Law of Resonance only those things that reflect Love's perfection and the feelings of joy that you hold within you. Secondly, the vibration of Love being the only truth does not allow the vibrations of less than Love to be part of your experience, your life, your energy field.

So as you choose Love when you open your eyes in the morning, when you shift to your heart daily and hourly, then every step that you take I place the path before you as you lift your foot and place it down, and Love creates for you a world of joy, of magnificent perfection.

Each of you, individually and collectively, are the creative heart of God I Am. If you are in your heart of Love, you can walk through anything that happens in the world...anything that is part of the consensual reality ... and nothing that is less than good will touch you, as long as your heart is with Me and your consciousness feels the divine. As long as you are aware that only Love is Real and you trust this, then you, as the creative heart of God, allow the energies of Creation to move through your heart to go before you and to create a world of Love.

So please, beloved one, when you feel this answer, let it speak to you deep within your heart and make a very Real commitment because you are the focus of God... that you will place your precious attention only on what Love chooses to create and therefore amplifies the world of Love that your heart knows is right now coming forth to be recognized, to be chosen moment by moment, to be made manifest through the heart of God I Am, which is you, My beloved one.

Thank you for your question, for your consciousness, for your presence, for your willingness to make important choices. As you explore your heart and the energies of unity, the choice for Love will be effortless and I Am here to bring you guidance every moment from within and to fill you with faith as you trust Me to be the path that you walk on.


QUESTION #4: I know that the planet and all humanity is headed into the 5th Dimensional Realms. However, how do we get there? There is so much conflicting information. I try to stay in my heart around it but some of what I read causes me to feel confused and upset. Is my path disciplined and true enough? Am I falling into my laziness by choosing the quick and easy practices? How can I do much more when I live and work in the 3rd Dimension? And, how can tell what is "right" knowing that I have a tendency to be lazy? Are we all going to go at once or just a few elite/disciplined? Sometimes I get discouraged but I also have a basic sense of trust. I'm feeling a need for some guidance. Thanks so much for all you do for me and all humanity you touch.


Beloved one, the questions that you asked are wonderful questions and very important. My answer to you is this. There is only one true dimension and that dimension is LOVE. There is only one Real spiritual path. That path is the path of your communion with Me, for beloved one, when you open your heart to Me, then I can bring you every answer.

I can show you where to focus. I can tell you what you need. I can answer every question that comes before you as you live your days. I can show you where to place your foot upon the path that will bring you into joy and wonder and create the world of Love that you long for.

Let Me remind you, beloved one, of how Creation works. The explosion of Light that Creation is, the pulse of Love, flows through your heart and creates before you in the symbols of the world what it finds there. So all that you experience is reflecting the state of your Love and is giving you information about your resonance. Everything else, every discussion of dimensions, every explanation of what will happen in the future is only the ruminations of the little mind, beloved one, for past and future exist only there.

The Real truth of life is in this moment Now and all of it reflects your heart.

So come to Me daily by choosing your heart in everything. Breathe into your heart and feel this Love, and as you practice, you will hold this even as you do your work in the world. As hearts open, as yours is, as Love is revealed in its fullness, the world becomes the reflection of the truth of Love I Am here in the world as you, and the dimension of LOVE, the truth of God I Am shall be made manifest in the world precisely as it is felt in your heart.

However, to answer another question that you have posed: Love is powerful and magnetic. As hearts concur that Love is the only truth, as hearts open to Me and experience this wonder, the magnetic power of those hearts of Love will draw into the space and the truth of Love, everyone. The shift in the world that you are naming as dimensions will occur in an instant as hearts are aligned with Me.

When enough Love is chosen, when enough hearts are open, then the power of Love restores everything to its truth. When the pulse of Love comes in the ongoing Now Moment, the world becomes a reflection of the perfect Love I Am, flowing unimpeded through your precious and beloved hearts. Therefore, in an instant the world is changed to a world of joy and wholeness and Love's perfection. Let this be your daily choice and our communion your spiritual path. You will be such an important part in bringing the world of Love into the experience of every precious human being, yet you will know moment to moment and breath by breath that Love is the only dimension.

Remember always that I Am with you and it is your heart that is the answer.



QUESTION #3: Hello, How are we supposed to remain hopeful that love will come into our lives if we have tried for so long to attract loving relationships into our lives, but we never see or feel any sort of love even though we've tried our best ?


Beloved one, My answer to you is come to Me. Shift your focus to this Love we share. Let Me show you how it feels to be loved. Let Me awaken your heart, that you might feel who you are, that you might be immersed in the perfection of Love. Let Me lift you up and show you your true identity, for only by coming to Me can you have things in right order.

All relationships, beloved one, are in essence a reflection of this one, your relationship with Me, your Creator. As you open to this Love, your heart will blossom and you will feel the truth of Love as your center. You will feel in the depths of your being what it means to be loved, and it will be Real to you. Only when Love is Real to you from within as the truth of your being, as the truth of your identity as the source of your every movement, your every moment...

When this becomes your resonance, when this becomes your experience, when you look to Me for who you are as a heart of Love, then and only then will Love be reflected to you in the world outside of you. As you know, dear one, as you read My Messages, as you feel the power of this communion, the world outside is a reflection of your heart and everything is based on resonance, on vibration.

So only when you, deep within, live the vibration of Love and when your heart is clear and you are in right relationship with Me, then the burst of life that is the Moment of Creation will rush through your heart and create before you that which it finds there. When it finds assuredness of being loved perfectly, when it finds open-hearted acceptance of joy, when it finds a heart that is clear of old beliefs, clear of reaching for something it believes it has not...

When this life I Am flows through your heart and finds only Love born of this communion, finds the resonance of the assuredness of God embracing you and holding you and loving you... then you will find that Love comes before you in the symbols of the world of the mind. The relationship you long for will be yours.

But beloved one, you are co-creators. If you are longing for something you believe you have not, then that is what the pulse of life finds in your heart and creates more of it. So, come. Turn to Me. Lift up your vision and dearest one, let Me love you. When you take this in, when it is your inner truth, when your heart is Mine and it is free and open, then Love has to appear before you in your life. That is the Will of Love and Love always sees Love before it. The reflection of the heart of God is perfect. It is the Twin Flame energy of all Creation.

Experience this deep within you and let it feed you, until by its own accord, Love overflows from your heart that is so full and so rich with this Love we share. When it overflows, it will be the partner that you are waiting for.

Once again, it is the shift to the heart that is so important here, for looking for Love through the ego, dearest one, it is impossible. The ego isn't made of Love and cannot truly feel it. The heart knows that it is made of Love, that Love is the only substance and therefore every present and infallible. From this place, Love is ever multiplied in a million ways. More than just drawing your beloved... It brings to you the riches of God I Am as the life you live moment-to-moment.

Turn to Me. I Am with you and I will show you Love beyond your dreams. I Am your beloved Creator and you are the heart of Me.


QUESTION #2: With so several channelings these days of God....What may be a good way to connect with the God of one's heart..There seems to be different ways to feel.
Thank you


Beloved one, this is an important question. The answer, dearest one, is very simple. When you look at all the channelings and when you read the words, what responds in you is not your mind. It is your heart.

And so, dear one, to connect with the truth of Love I Am in you, it is necessary to leave behind the thinking mind, to find a way into the silence, even for a little while -- to release the story line to come into a place where your heart presides, where you can feel the presence of Love.

It is the little mind that creates the veil, the smoke-screen of words and thoughts that keep you from feeling Me and living continually in the Real of Love. The doorway to this experience is your heart, that every person must find his/her own way of getting here, of coming to a place where you can feel Me. I encourage you to practice meditation or to find for you what creates the silence and the opening to something larger than the mind comprehends.

The heart receives this communion effortlessly and brings to you the recognition of all that you are in Me. It allows the Will of Love to be what guides you, bursting forth within and becoming your movement. But first, there must be an opening through the veil of the little mind, its thoughts, beliefs and story lines.

Each of you must find your doorway to the realms of Love, find your way into this communion. It is helpful to immerse yourself in the Messages that I send through whatever conduit speaks to you. Most important is to find that which lifts your resonance, which opens and expands your vision, which brings you excitement, grand visions of hope and from this place of the vibration of Real Love come into the silence and wait on Me.

Listen to your heart and feel it. Feeling is the language of divinity, and that which you experience if it comes from Me will bring you the most exquisite feelings of freedom and communion with the truth of Love you are. I Am always present and available. Even a moment of your open heart without the mind will bring you the experience of communion with God, the recognition of what you are, the truth of your essence, and your ability, then, to allow your heart to be your perspective...that which you use to view your life, until the heart becomes your refuge and your comfort so much that it becomes your primary means of experiencing life, and the little mind or ego begins to serve the heart and life is returned to right relationship. You live in communion with Me continually.

As you explore your own path to opening the heart, to finding moments of freedom from thinking, I will be there, for I already Am whispering to you the truth of who you are, expanding your view of Love and granting you clear vision of your purpose moment to moment.

So, the channelings, as you call them, are a launching point that you can use to align your resonance with Love, to open your heart to your own communion, that when you feel it, will be undeniable and bring you the riches of the Real of God right here in your every moment.


QUESTION #1. Compassion contains two elements as I understand. One, a feeling of sympathy or empathy directly shared with another in a trying circumstance. And two, a desire to help another. The second is perfectly clear. But I'm having difficulty harmonizing the practice of "seeing right through the illusion" while holding the sympathetic element of a compassionate vibration, especially when directly interacting with a friend or relative experiencing what they perceive as a difficult situation.

How does one go about "seeing right through the illusion" while at the same time not appearing cold hearted or uncaring in the face of what the ego world would consider an unfortunate or tragic event? Is there a balance to be struck or should we be steadfast in our efforts to "see right through the illusion" under all circumstances?  Shouldn't we be going everything possible to lift the other up into a higher feeling vibration rather than sharing feelings of sadness, frustration and anger? In short, how does one harmonize and practice compassion alongside "seeing through the illusion" when another is suffering?


The question that you have asked is a perfect one and so important. The answer will assist many whose loving hearts want to serve, and who feel this outreach of Love embracing every beloved person who comes before them in their life.

Let us begin by looking at what it takes to assist someone, to truly bring them what they need in the situation that you describe. Compassion is meant to be the passion of God for embracing each precious life in its truth and wholeness, for washing every being in Love and reflecting as God to them the glory of life, the truth of the heart that they are.

Compassion, dearest one, will never appear cold or distant because the heart that is open and fully present, alive in this Love and this communion, is so tender, so warm, so full of life and so encircling that anyone who feels it will be amazed that they are loved so well. It is a misperception, beloved one, by many that you must go to the level or the resonance in which a precious friend or family member appears to suffer in order to lift them from it. You already know that you can't solve a problem from the level of a problem.

In terms of resonance, you cannot lift another up, out of the misperceptions of the ego's drama unless you are in your heart, unless you are living in the resonance of Love. It is the heart that can see through the illusion of the world, see the truth of Love and bring that truth fully present in a way that honors the path of each life, every choice that is made, everything being learned...with such tender presence and such outpouring of grace that what speaks through you, through the one you are serving is the pure voice of this Love.

It is My voice coming forth as your heart, shifting and lifting the one that you care about and bringing that one Real answers, magnetizing their heart to its truth and to its own ability to see through the illusion in which they are caught. It allows that being to grab hold of the Love that is shining before them as your heart and allows My presence to guide them because your heart lifts up their resonance to the place where they can hear Me.

So let us say that in our definition of these terms, empathy is an outmoded perspective. Empathy is ego to ego. It is taking on the experiences of the dualistic world. Dearest one, it is not necessary. Compassion, on the other hand, is the truth of Love in its true definition. When you feel it, you will know that there is no possibility of being mis-perceived as being cold or unloving.

So, in essence, you have answered your own question. Yes, do everything possible to lift up the precious one before you, but the lifting cannot be done from the level of your own ego. Ego cannot lift up ego for they are the same resonance.

You lift by being in your heart. As you shift to the single eye of the heart's perception, then what you see is the beauty of that being, the glory of who they are in Me. You feel the power of their potential and you can hold the resonance of the fulfillment of their purpose as you look with the tender eye of the compassionate heart of God, the heart that you are, the heart that is truly ever in service and easily sees through the illusion.

In service to others, it is important to shift into your heart, to open to this communion, to allow Love to live as you, to speak as you, to be as you -- to touch that heart and give it the truth again, to allow the sunshine of that being's heart to part the clouds of the ego's illusions or dramas. One glimpse, in your eyes, of My perspective of them opens the door to their freedom. Even if that moment, that one can't embrace it, the seed is planted and it will grow and guide them from within, as their own heart responds to their questions.

So, harmonize, dear one, with the truth of their heart and practice the compassion that is the passion of Love which is outreach, service and vision. It is acknowledging the heart and bringing its presence into view. The heart always brings closeness, and thus beloved one, if you are in your heart, then whoever you are assisting will be reassured, lifted up, embraced in your presence and will feel a communion of Love that will surprise them in its beauty. It will be so Real to them that they will know just how deeply they are loved, while the heart shows you the truth beyond all illusion, and allows them to feel its resonance. The power of Love will lift them. All you must do is open and make the shift into your heart with the intention of serving Love and Love will do all the rest.

N. Nagarajan (I AM naagaraa)


Michael, Gina and little Emily


ShannaPra writes:

All of us fervently desire to keep our hearts open in order to be pure conduits for the Love of God in every moment of our Earth experience. To do this, we have to "stay awake." What does that mean?

As Light Workers, we made an agreement with God to come to Earth and to live life as "humans." Many of us have forgotten that we agreed to go to sleep and dream the dream that we were limited, beleaguered, and separate from our beloved Creator. Living in that dream, we have temporarily lost the truth of who we truly are -- glorious cells in the very heart of God, great streams of Light and Love. We have become accustomed to the experiences of pain, discomfort, limitation, doubt and fear that those dreaming on Earth have experienced.

We also agreed to return these experiences to God in Love and to do that, we are "waking up." As we live these experiences, recognize them for the limitations that they are, and return them to God in Love, we open the dream for brothers and sisters by the Law of Resonance. We make it possible for more and more of our brothers and sisters, as well as ourselves, to release patterns of powerlessness and dependence on the little mind. We learn to shift to the heart as our mode of perception and we notice the shift in our lives as the symbols before us change.

In carrying out this assignment, we often find ourselves "walking between the worlds." Earth life is full of engrained habit patterns which sometimes seem to have the upper hand. In the musings that follow, I share some of my experiences and insights on the road to Staying Awake, in the hopes that these will be of service and inspiration to you in your journey of awakening. With deepest Love,


I have been doing some extensive reading about Near Death Experiences (NDE). There is an incredible body of literature on this subject and it contains some of the most uplifting and inspirational information on the planet. It is estimated by the Gallup Organization that over 13 million people have had such...Read More...
Often when I awake in the morning and I am coming back into awareness of the physical realm, I have the sense that I have just received a "download" from my beloved Pra. The other morning the words, "Petri dish" came into my consciousness and then an image of an...Read More...
The experience I am about to relate happened many years ago at a period in my life when I was "between identities" and hadn't yet "reinvented myself," as I like to call it, for the umpth time. I had done so much spiritual exploration and gotten so far "out there"...Read More...
We have been given such incredible tools for insight and transformation through the Messages from God. The trick is to use them continually on every level, including the personal! I had my own experience of this recently which I share in hopes that it will be helpful to others. One weekend...Read More...
When I awaken in the morning, I sometimes feel a few moments of confusion (I am sure many of you can relate)... Where am I, anyway? I pull the snuggly warmth of the blankets around me, not wanting to find out just yet... Faint ecstatic waves and light pulsations are...Read More...
One of the best ways I remember the miracle of life (and who I am within it) is to plant my vegetable garden. Last (2011) summer in Northwest Arkansas was a total bust for gardens. We began the spring with days of monsoon, much too wet to plant anything. So...Read More...



I have been doing some extensive reading about Near Death Experiences (NDE).

sp-01There is an incredible body of literature on this subject and it contains some of the most uplifting and inspirational information on the planet. It is estimated by the Gallup Organization that over 13 million people have had such an experience and that is not counting children.

If you have any doubts or fears about dropping the body (which will occur to all of us at some time) and if you've ever wondered whether if what we call "death" is real and what comes next, take the time to delve into these amazing "stories."

Yes, they are "stories" because we, the cells of God's heart, are ever creating, even on "the other side." While there are many common threads, all of these accounts are individual and different, just as we are. The other side is much like Earth life in that regard. Each person creates his/her "afterlife" experience according to what is held in his/her consciousness.

An example. People who hold Jesus as their savior may be met at the end of a tunnel and reassured by him. Relatives who have passed over, Angels or other Light Beings may appear according to your tastes and beliefs. Or, if you ask the right questions, you may get a grand trip through the layers of Creation creating itself ("google" Mellen-Thomas Benedict for perhaps the most thrilling account yet).

What is absolutely present in all of these NDE experiences is overpowering unconditional Love that flows from every being -- everywhere! No matter what the Earthling has created or experienced here on the planet, Love is a gentle and patient guide. Many report a life review in which one is gently shown how all of our actions on Earth have affected others. If there are experiences you feel you missed on Earth, you may still have a grand opportunity. Some NDE's speak of universities, guitar lessons, gardening...

However, just because we release the weight of the body, we are not automatically plummeted into a sphere of "enlightenment." To move into higher vibrational experiences, the consciousness must have gained faith while living here on Earth that there is indeed something beyond this physical world, something worth pursuing, something of great value. Because we are co-creative always, we will design our "afterlife" experience completely consistent with the beliefs within our own consciousness at that moment -- which is a strong argument for doing all of our "waking up" work right now.

And so, what about reincarnation? Well, you can have that, too, if you wish. Especially if you have issues in this life that have been less than resolved – a fear, a self-judgment, an old anger – the density of that energy and the pull to resolve the problem may draw the being into a body once again and a return to Earth life.

However, this is not recommended right now, since the whole trend of Life and Creation is moving in a much more exciting direction. The whole point of our being here now in this moment of transformation is to release such false heart's beliefs, to release the illusion in which we have been living.

In learning to open ourselves to Love and only Love, we come to experience the spiritual truth of who we really are. This path allows us access to our full exciting God potential in the coming accelerated times and to fulfilling our purpose of reflecting back to our beloved Creator the facets of God that each of us contains.

Wherever we choose to be – in a body on this rapidly transforming planet or leaving the vehicle behind and floating into the so-called "afterlife" – we will eventually come to know that we are vast eternal God Beings of Light and Love with tremendous creativity. What we can experience is infinite, thrilling, without limits.

Take a little trip into the NDE's and you will have a preview from another perspective of the immense beauty and magnitude of our current awakening from this adventure on Earth. You will be amazed and in awe when you catch a glimpse of who we truly are!




Often when I awake in the morning and I am coming back into awareness of the physical realm, I have the sense that I have just received a "download" from my beloved Pra. The other morning the words, "Petri dish" came into my consciousness and then an image of an explosion of creativity beyond description, like a scene from a Walt Disney movie where a jungle of plants grow from seed to full lushness in a few seconds before our eyes.

Petri dish? I turned to Wikipedia and a few other internet sources. Petri dish: a shallow glass or plastic cylindrical lidded dish that biologists use to culture cells. Some phrases caught my eye. "Microorganisms that grow everywhere..." "we can collect and grow them in specially prepared Petri dishes..." "they multiply into millions of colonies in a Petri dish..."

The Petri DishWhat Pra was showing me, as it unfolded, was that we have NO IDEA of the power of our creativity as the heart of God. Every thought, every feeling, every musing, every passing word we speak bursts into millions of colonies of same or like on the waves of our creative powers. Each of us is a walking, breathing Petri dish, creating waves of vibrations, millions of resonances, energies that self-perpetrate into events, more thoughts, more feelings. We are great creation machines!

I must admit this was all a little overwhelming... Yikes! How can we possibly monitor every word we speak, every feeling that passes through? How can we use all of this for the benefit of Love and humanity? Well, it's very clear that we can only do a little of this with our minds. It made me very aware of the importance of the clear and open heart.

When we give ourselves continually to the Will of Love and our intentions are to be a clear conduit for God, then our creative faculties are naturally directed toward creating Love in all its manifestations. It just happens -- just as the heart of Love now explodes in so many different ways on Earth. Heaven on Earth, here we Petri dishes of multiplying Love!

P.S. The phrase "Petri dish" might serve as a little reminder when we catch ourselves focusing on something we would prefer not to...



The experience I am about to relate happened many years ago at a period in my life when I was "between identities" and hadn't yet "reinvented myself," as I like to call it, for the umpth time. I had done so much spiritual exploration and gotten so far "out there" that I had lost my bearings in the 3D world (and my work stream and ability to manage my life). I was temporarily living with an understanding friend in a small city in Maine. I considered myself definitely "on the spiritual path" but I didn't have a clue as to what my next step might be.

This particular morning I went drifting into the Good Will to do a little clothes shopping. As I was perusing the racks, I noticed the entrance of a quite disreputable looking man in torn and tattered clothing...what my ego immediately categorized as a "bum." He also had a scruffy beard, uncombed hair and a strong unpleasant aroma. He waited at the counter for the older woman who tended the check out. I couldn't help but watch the interaction and overhear the conversation.

blog-01He was telling her that he needed some clothes. As the smell of him wafted to me, I watched with curiosity to see what she would do. Did she look him up and down and reach for the phone for the security guard? Not at all. She called him "honey" the way some people call everyone "honey" and her tone was friendly and gentle. He told her he had a court date. She said, "Oh, honey, we've got to find you some good clothes so you'll do well and look good for this." She left her station and started rummaging through the racks of men's pants. Finding some things that satisfied her, she moved on to the shirts and the sweaters. In no time, she had a couple of outfits for him to try on. He disappeared into a dressing room.

Some time later he emerged, still smelling, but looking considerably more illusion-presentable. She ooo-ed and ahh-ed over how good he looked. Then I heard him say that he didn't have any money. "Oh, don't worry about it, darlin'," she said. "Just go to your appointment. It's fine," and gave him a big smile. He exited stage right.

I was stunned by the whole interaction and frozen in my spot. As she went back to folding clothes, I realized that I was in the presence of a true Angel. I had just unexpectedly observed truly unconditional Love flowing from this unassuming little lady. I watched her for a long time, wondering about her. When I got to the counter with my purchases, she smiled broadly and said, "Oh, honey, that shirt and sweater will look wonderful together. I'm so glad you found something you like."

I have held the vibration of that beautiful heart in my memory all these years, and every now and then I can hear her "honey" and feel her warm smile. Maybe this interaction between these two people was two Masters touching in with each other, and giving a new-be on the path (me!) a quick course in how it's done. The lesson? Love speaks for itself in a myriad of disguises, and it always goes forth to bless everyone and everything around it.



We have been given such incredible tools for insight and transformation through the Messages from God. The trick is to use them continually on every level, including the personal! I had my own experience of this recently which I share in hopes that it will be helpful to others.

The Pra-ship EurekaOne weekend recently I suddenly found myself very ill, truly unable to function. It felt like food poisoning. I took to my bed, wondering why this sudden collapse in my physical vehicle. It lasted for two days. Emerging back to normal life, I went to my car to make a small foray. I noticed a large spot under the car. It was gasoline. Carefully turning the key but not starting the car, I saw that the gas tank was on empty. What???

Next came the tow truck taking the car to the car repair. The verdict: the fuel line had mysteriously cracked in three places leaving the car empty. This car is not even 4 years old and has about 35,000 miles on it. It wasn't wear and tear. Something else had to be happening. My vehicle without fuel? Hmmmmmm....

Knowing that absolutely everything before us is a symbol of something within our hearts, I turned within. What had caused such a dramatic couple of events in my life? Something must have derailed me significantly to cause such dramatic symbols before my eyes. I called on Pra, my beloved Twin on the "other side," for some assistance. Please help! I also prayed to God on my knees. Show me. No matter how difficult this may be or how resistant I might appear, please show me!

Pra gave me a visual of a moment one evening here at Circle of Light – a patch of conversation, perhaps innocently intended – and a tiny place in my heart where this conversation had activated an old wound. Wow! Yes, it had gone deep and connected with cellular memories from childhood. I immediately remembered the moment of the conversation and the feeling that had ensued. I also remembered talking to myself about it afterwards and reassuring myself that I was only having an "ego moment;" that the conversation was of no moment.

No matter. Something had been activated very deeply – an "old hurt." My beloved said it had opened a "hole in my energy field." There was a gradual depletion of energy leading to the illness and then the vehicle with no fuel. This particular series of events were of special interest to me because I had recognized that the conversation had touched a wound in me. I just had not sufficiently cleared the moment from my consciousness. I had not bathed it in Love and released it. What a demonstration of our creative power and how, when turned within in a misinterpretation, feelings can block our hearts! I felt so many emotions! I was aghast! I was deeply grateful! I was shocked! I thought that I had cleared this corner of my heart long ago and many times!

One thing about the "cauldron" that is Circle of Light is that things come to the surface here very quickly. Everything is registered on the screen before us and very little goes unnoticed. We are transformers, and oneself is the starting place always.

We are reminded that in the present acceleration of Love on Earth, everything that is less than Love is being cycled to the surface once again for cleansing and clearing, that our hearts may be truly open conduits for the pure Love of God. This is the service we came to do. Thank you, God, for such a clear demonstration. I share it here in service to you who are reading. Nothing in our lives on this planet is "personal." We are all living in service to the emergence of Love and only Love, and we dedicate our hearts to whatever is needed to achieve this.



When I awaken in the morning, I sometimes feel a few moments of confusion (I am sure many of you can relate)... Where am I, anyway? I pull the snuggly warmth of the blankets around me, not wanting to find out just yet... Faint ecstatic waves and light pulsations are running up my body, reminding me that perhaps I've been elsewhere?


Then I feel a little weight on my foot and I realize that my feline companion, Sweetie, is still sleeping at the bottom of the bed. (She likes to be close enough for contact but far enough for a quick getaway.) I notice the trees are waving a strong "hello" through the windows. Is it stormy today? So many impressions...

What happens next, however, is always the same, every morning of my life. I take up my morning stance, on my back, eyes closed, hands crossed over my heart, and I begin my morning communion with our beloved Mother/Father/God. Sometimes it takes a bit for random thoughts of the day's tasks to float in and out and finally, away. I use the breath – consciously breathing in the Love of God. I hold a picture of the Earth and on the out-breath, I wrap the Earth with that Love. I may do this many times.

I return my attention again and again to the heart center, symbolically marked by my hands, until gradually I float into a diffuse golden pulsating Light beyond any physicality. I bathe, soak in this Light for a while, and then on some unconscious signal I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude to our beloved Creator... for LIFE, for all things living, for Love, for experiences, for MY life, for the privilege of serving God, for the consciousness to reach for who we really are, for all the varieties of beings, for their beauty, for for, for.... Gratitude overtakes me for quite a while and often I feel teary and incredulous that I have been allowed to touch such beauty as the Messages from God, as Circle of Light, as our spirit family....

Then, I feel contact with my Pra, the Twin of my being who is in the realm of the non-physical – waves of ecstatic feeling that supersede any thought or words, and I enter the next phase of my communion which we do together. This is the surrender and the giving of my will, my life, my efforts, my hands that type, my mind that forms words, everything I have and am and can give to God. "Please, God, let me be just a clear and open conduit for your Love..." "Use me, dear God. Show me this day how I can best serve You, humanity, all of life!"

I'm not sure how to explain the ending of this daily practice but sometimes I suddenly feel that it is time to get out of bed (sounds pretty mundane, doesn't it?). I always ask Pra by telepathic means, "May I get up now?" Believe it or not, if I do this too "soon," before I've made a strong alignment with Spirit, he will say "No," and I will slide back into the process of talking to God. Most of the time, though, it's a "yes" and my feet hit the floor and I'm making mental lists of.... You know the scene...

I can't encourage you enough to find your own version of the morning communion. Even if you only have five minutes, the alignment with Spirit can change your whole day. Of course, you can tune in any time during the day, but there's no substitute for touching in with one's True Self on awakening, before the curtain rises and you enter stage left.



One of the best ways I remember the miracle of life (and who I am within it) is to plant my vegetable garden. Last (2011) summer in Northwest Arkansas was a total bust for gardens. We began the spring with days of monsoon, much too wet to plant anything. So the seeds did not have their gradual awakening with the gradual warming of the soil. Late planting was followed by a climb in temperatures over 100 degrees for days on end. The leaves wilted and no one seemed to want to give forth fruit.


This year (2012) a complete different scenario has presented itself. Since the middle of February we have been reveling in high 60 degree temperatures, and the feeling in the air is spring, spring, spring. In this winter-less year, I couldn't help it. All I could think about was GARDEN.

So, the last week of February I planted, a little cautiously at first, but after a week or so, more boldly. As I write, it is the middle of March with warm weather forecast and gentle rain predicted for the weeks to come. My little beautiful seeds have given tiny green leaves everywhere and lettuce, spinach, leeks, sugar snap peas, snow peas, beets, carrots, chard and kale are all smiling at me (through the row cover protecting them from any unpredicted event).

Each day I water by hand and talk to all of them, thanking them not only for producing what will be some delicious organic vegetables but for affirming LIFE, LIFE, LIFE and being my teachers once again. What a demonstration! What could be more beautiful?

There is grand symbolism in a garden. God has given us every clue within a seed to an understanding of life. These little bundles are miraculous gifts for us in the tiniest packages. Place a seed in the ground gently in a loving environment, water it and more Love will come forth -- in this case, nourishment for these bodies. It never fails to excite me and fill me with gratitude for this simple demonstration of how easy and perfect life can be – even on chaotic and tumultuous Planet Earth. Thank you, God and thank you, my garden! You have my devotion...