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You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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by Shanna Mac Lean

This book is a fascinating, intimate account of a profound Love with one partner in physical embodiment on Earth and the other in an ethereal dimension. This amazing inter-dimensional Love story, meticulously documented, captures the divine essence of SoulMate union and opens a new pathway for Twin Flame Love. Eternal Twin Flame Love creates a bridge, a template for relationships to come in this time of transformation on Earth. This is a Love story that will bring hope to every heart on Earth. It is recommended as a demonstration of how to connect with the true Twin Flame within, through consciousness and the heart, the prerequisite for reflection of the Twin in a body on Earth.


"Every morning as I awake, I come very slowly back into an awareness of being in a body – in my body, in my bed, in the beautiful setting of Circle of Light. I am conscious now of my physical surroundings and I feel the breezes and see the trees nodding to me through the window. Beyond my view I can sense the presence of the pristine lake. I close my eyes again. I am enveloped in gentle waves of ecstatic bliss that wash over my whole body and spread like sunbeams out into the room and beyond. There is a feeling of timelessness and the breath of angels in the air. A smile forms on my face. 'Good Morning, beloved,' I whisper.

"We speak our morning greetings to each other, our outpourings about the incredible blessing, the comfort, the devotion, the tenderness, the mutual adoration that we feel for each other, and suddenly we are speaking to our Beloved Creator. Our unending gratitude pours forth, first in words, and then on the waves of continuous bliss that flow from our one heart – gratitude for this relationship, this utterly divine and extraordinary gift from God, this absolutely amazing Twin Flame Love. We pledge our heart, our energy, our being, our life, our consciousness – everything that we are – in total service to Mother-Father-God in passionate gratitude for the gift of each other.

"Now we feel the blazing fires of our open Twin Flame heart, the passionate flood of sensations throughout our being of the overflowing substance of Love as it rushes outward. We place an image of all of humanity and Mother Earth in our consciousness, and allow the surge of this outward flow, this blissful joy to wash over our beloved planet and every brother and sister on it. We feel the rays of golden-white light from our Twin Flame heart seeking the hearts of our brothers and sisters and touching each heart with the Love our Beloved Creator is sending through us. We thank our Creator and hold the image of every heart of every being on planet Earth as vibrant, awake, alive and in Love with its heavenly SoulMate, the being with whom it was created.

"May I share with you how these mornings, these treasures of the heart, these divine communions came about?"


heart-orange"I often receive books from my spiritual author friends, and was pleased when I received a copy of Shanna's new book, ETERNAL TWIN FLAME LOVE, The Story of ShannaPra. The first small miracle happened when I randomly opened the book and my eyes were drawn to an excerpt from Messages from God dated November 30 (my birth date). I skipped through the book reading various segments of Shanna's incredible experience, and as ripples of 'angel bumps' radiated through my body, I knew immediately that this was a book that I had to read in its entirety. I could hardly wait until evening so I could begin to read Shanna's story from the beginning." Ronna Herman, channel for Archangel Michael

heart-orange"I met a man three years ago who started me on this Twin Flame journey. I knew nothing of Twin Flames when I met him but a very dear friend recommended that I read 'Eternal Twin Flame Love: The Story of ShannaPra.' What a beautiful and amazing story of the power and purpose of Twin Flame Love. This beautiful book was my introduction to the other books in the Say 'Yes' To Love series. My first adventure on the path of Twin Flame Love didn't last but then I began feeling the spirit of a man, who had recently crossed over, and so I read ShannaPra's story again. Now I come to find that both these experiences on my Twin Flame journey were only leading to awakening my heart to my True Twin, the Eternal Flame of my heart. Now I find myself being drawn back to the story of ShannaPra once again to help me on this path of Eternal Oneness. Never underestimate how much your own personal story is helping others like me. A big Thank You to you both Shanna and Pra for sharing your amazing journey with us!"

heart-orange"I have heard so many stories on soul mates / twin flames / twin rays but they all had one thing in common: both individuals were physically on the earth plane together. My experience was different and thus I felt so out of place. I didn't dare share my story for fear of being shamed, reprimanded, judged or ridiculed. Yet, many times I was given confirmation upon confirmation about what I was shown - of the Being of Light that I truly am (and who we all are). I was strongly nudged to read your book. ShannaPra, thank you from my heart for being brave enough to share your story in print! I cried when I read it for it so mirrored what was (and is) happening to me! It was the confirmation I had prayed for. Thank you for this gift! Now that I 'KNOW,' I can put my human doubts behind me and continue strongly on my path with a grateful and humble heart."

heart-orange"Your book was a page turner. I already finished my first reading of it. Your book has given me faith again... There must be more in store for me in the Twin Flame connection. In addition, I found your book to be a 'delicious' read. Your style is very enjoyable and accessible. It had a fresh/different style and tone. Reading it felt like a friend was telling me a great story over a steaming cup of tea in front of a cozy fire."

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Words From Our Readers

"Reading the Messages from God
is like communing with God. Even
if they are addressed to humanity,
they can also be a very personal

"I thank you, thank you, thank
you for being brave enough to
share these Messages... for
'going out on a limb'..."

"These Messages are stunning,
clear, beautiful, re-activating,
stirring to the core of my being.
This material reminds me of

"Words are so inadequate to describe
how these books have touched
my life. It's what I always thought
relationships can be..."

"I proceed very slowly reading
these Messages. It's as if it
weren't my eyes that were
reading them but my heart."

"These messages are a flow of
Love so beautiful, so clear, so
full of truth and understanding
that they are like a drink from
a mountain stream. These
messages are the road home."

"Your words touch the deepest
parts of my being and bring tears
of joy to my eyes every time I
open one of your books. The
messages are beyond profound."

"Without reservation, I claim
[these Messages] as the most
critically important information
flooding the consciousness of
humankind today!"

"Oh, my dear friends... I just finished Magic Cat Explains Creation last night and I can only say, Wow! I wept for the first 100 pages. Yael and Doug Powell of the Say YES to Love books have once again been pure conduits for a most profound message of Love! Magic Cat's messages through Yael are deeply insightful and touch the very altar of the human heart!

"I have yet to meet a soul upon this planet whose life has remained untouched by the divine love of an animal. Almost every spiritual tradition has promised that one day the animals would communicate with us. At long last, the time has come. Magic Cat's wisdom and spiritual vision will have you weeping too in recognition of the truths he's shared. Thank you, thank you, dear Magic Cat (although I'm sure he has received my gratitude already through the ethers)."

"This is the most beautiful book I have ever read. My tears were soft and sweet for our beloved nature allies. Can you imagine? Magic Cat's voice is brilliant and true. Yes to animal communication!

"All the years I have looked into my cat's eyes and wondered what they were perceiving--knowing he was alive to the mysteries of the universe--a true messenger. Together we shared a sacred place. With a silent gaze and visits to the place of one shared breath, I wondered how to get 'there' from 'here.' Our silent heart embrace is in this book. Not with thinking but the book provides a real experience into OUR own truth.

"Thank you for showing me what my cat has been shining within his emerald/golden eyes--glittering worlds that HE is a master of. Now I know how I can begin to truly listen and hear him. Magic Cat teaches of the Real World that calls us home--It is our birthright. It is accessible. I am claimed by Nature Spirit as daughter once again. WE ARE. Animal Lovers Unite! This proves what we always knew was true. We are not the only say in this deal...silly humans. Thanks Magic Cat. I respect your words. I love you!"

"I have been reading the beautiful book that Yael and her Magic Cat so co-transparently parented into print, and it has left soft radiant pawprints and purrs in my heart. This particular book has reached me, or I have received it, most deeply of all Yael's published works to date. It touches me in a primal place and I will be savoring and sharing it with others for some time to come. I like to read it with our cat, Dougal, curled up on the bed near to or nestled next to me. I would have previously written "asleep next to me," but this book has awakened me to the fact of his presence (Being-as-Dougal) whether his eyes are open or closed. I'm grateful for this book, which is a cat-chment place of great treasures on so many levels for us All." 

"Jesus and Mary Magdalene: The Eternal Heart of Love is an exquisitely integrated expression of affirmation and praise for the holiness of our mortal lives, our sexuality and of Mother Earth. At the same time, it is a love song and a bridge to the infinite realms of Spirit. It's all there in one unifying ecstatic hymn of joy and most vibrant divine awakeness. I believe it will inspire many hearts, and will help free readers from limiting concepts of Christ and of our sacred intimacy with one another."

"I just finished reading The Eternal Heart of Love and wanted to say thank you dearly for doing your work to bring us this masterpiece. It is the best book I ever read. I laughed, I cried, I felt joy and passion among many things as I related my own twin flame experience. God bless always."

"This book just has to soar. The energy of the Jeshua/Mary book has a living light of its own! I'm astounded. No words to describe. I am deeply appreciative of its energy and what it took to bring it through. The world changes when I read it to a living truth, very present, very now."

"This is the most beautiful book I have ever read! It is of such a high vibration that I could feel the difference with all the density and heaviness that's been keeping me down. It is so much above any earthly vibration that I could feel myself lifted up to a purity I've never sensed. Yes, the word that comes to me is 'purity,' love described in the purest form ever! It truly is the perfect book about the perfect love. I feel that for the first time I really understand Jesus' mission on Earth, and not only that, but I understand my own purpose for being here."