Ask God a Question

Over many months we asked readers to send their questions for God. Yael took these into meditation and the answers below are the result. The following was given through her as an introduction to this process...

"Beloved ones, as I answer these questions for you, please remember that every answer is given to prime the pump of your own desire to open to communion with Me, that the greater answer may come to you in a personal way. These questions are huge and profound, and there is much more to be said than can be held in an answer this succinct that is required in this format.

"Remember, also, that I Am giving you the highest vision, the Real answer, and that I will guide you, each of you, to receive this perfectly as applies to you in your life, moment-by-moment and day-by-day. So, come to Me and open your heart. Let Me show you the riches, the depth, the magnitude of these answers in a personal way, that your life may not only be enriched but may be transformed by the power of Love that is waiting for you this moment to reveal all that you truly are, and I Am waiting to give you the true vision of all that your heart is and all that you are here to accomplish in service to Love.

"I rejoice in the questions that you ask Me, for they are the opening of the doorway of your heart, and every shift into the heart is an important one, even if it seems to be in relationship to a question posed by someone else. If you are reading it, there is a gift in it for you. There is a kernel of truth waiting to grow in your own consciousness and heart.

"I Am with you as I Am in you and you in Me. Together we are the circle of never-ending Love and in your own communion with Me lies the answer to your own question. I Am waiting. Are you ready? Open your heart and I will show you."