"...where gratitude leads, miracles follow...
The Messages from God
Praying Gratitude, Giving Forth Love This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A beautiful way to establish immediate connection with God, our beloved Creator, and to open the heart is to PRAY GRATITUDE. It can be helpful to make a mental or written list of all the many things, people, areas of your life for which you are grateful. You will be amazed! It is common for us to focus on our "problems" but when we truly give attention to what we are constantly being given in our life, we are opening our heart.

Thank God deeply and sincerely for each one, adding others as they arise from your focus on gratitude. Do give special note to prayers of gratitude for other beings in (and beyond) your life and for the good that they are receiving in their lives. This turns our attention outside of ourselves to the next aspect of Praying Gratitude which is giving forth Love.

Once we are attuned to Gratitude, we activate the essence of Love which is GIVING. Love is always given forth. This is the natural pathway of Love. On Earth we have come to think of Love as something we desire to receive and we are often preoccupied with the lack of Love, feeling as though we are being denied something.

The true movement of Love is always giving itself forth. As Love is given outward, it creates more Love which then returns to the giver many fold. Once again this Love is given forth and the circle of giving continues to grow.

Make a list of all the people to whom you can give Love in this moment. As you hold each of these beings in your (Twin Flame) heart, see each one in perfection (not with any limiting condition whatsoever). Pour Love passionately to each one. God may bring others to you requesting that you hold them in Love. You will know.

All of the above can be done each day before arising or at bedtime, as well as any time during the day. There does not have to be a formal setting;it can happen while driving in the car, walking to work or doing daily tasks.


We strongly recommend that you click on this link and read a Message from God entitled Real Gratitude, May 2011.

In this Message, God lifts our consciousness to a new level of understanding about Gratitude. We are shown that Gratitude is beyond thanking God for people or things present or desired in our Earth life. Gratitude is the essence of Love itself. From the Message: "When you are alive from within and the song of gratitude sings your name, then your view of life is very different. Your resonance goes instantly into the center of all things and ignites the fire of this glorious remembrance that life is a stunning miracle, that relationship of Creator and Creation is the greatest blessing – that every breath is a song of exquisite Love that rushes through the hologram and sees itself in everything." This Message is "a must read"!