You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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Levity is the symbolic expression of the force of Creation that is ever ecstasy and joy, that is the magic of recognizing your heart's creative ability and receiving directly from Me the abundance supply of all that could ever be needed for you to manifest more creations of exquisite beauty, more wonder as you paint on the palette of life, all the while infused with waves of laughter that are the pulsing of the Twin Flame heart eternally. With every pulse, the Moment of Creation is completely alive, directly within you. As the creative heart of God I Am, your palette for creation is limitless.

Yet, every particle with which you create, every sweep of the colors of Love and joy are made of the substance of pure consciousness, as Love is awakened to more -- more awareness of itself as fully creative, expressed as you in ecstasy. Because the substance is only Love, consciousness is the Light it is emitting. It is impossible for there to be any other consequence than pure joy and cosmic laughter, ecstatic bliss and wonder -- with every creation expanding, whirling forth to blend and dance, to partner with the other creations of the endlessly creative heart of God I Am.