Dear Friends of Circle of Light:

There is a pdf version of the Memorial Booklet that was distributed at the Celebration of Life service for Yael Powell on February 18, 2018 in Eureka Springs, AR.  This contains many of the expressions of Love that you sent to us. Click here to download it.

Yael Hana Powell took her last breath with me and a few friends present at 9:11 on 1-3-18 She is free - the pain has ended - her Spirit soars!!


Welcome to Circle of Light! We are here to share with you Messages from God received by mystic Yael Powell in her daily meditations over the past 35 years. These Messages from God assure us that each of us is known and deeply loved by our beloved Creator. God is calling now to every being on Earth to open the heart, our heart of Love, to God at this powerful moment of spiritual awakening on Earth.


The heart of Love is the true instrument of perception. As we open the heart to God, not only do we draw reflections of the heart of Love into our daily lives, but our heart of Love becomes a magnetic field for entraining the heart of Love of all of humanity. We become pure conduits for the Light and Love of God.

Love is all there is

* Know that we honor all words for God. We also honor all
who seek to embody the Love of God perfectly on Earth.

Excerpts from The Messages from God

“Beloved ones, there is not a moment when I Am not loving you. Not a single second when I Am not in your heart. Every part of your body, your energy field, your being, every particle of Light and wave of Love you are…every bit of it is receiving endless Love from Me. You are loved so profoundly, so limitlessly that a wellspring of My Love for you is always feeding you. No matter where you turn your focus, whenever you look, whenever you open to feel, here My Love is – totally present and tenderly alive for you.”

“Whether you are deep in the world, enmeshed in the problems and the stresses of the illusion, or you are flying free, boundless energy in the Real of Love – wherever your focus, I Am with you. I Am loving you and bringing you the treasure and the joy of the miracle of our relationship that is the living breath of the All of God.”

"I ask you to place all your trust in your heart. In Love. And in the experiences that you begin to have - experiences of the joyous communion that is the All of Life. I promise you that it is real -- that life is a fluid joyous whole of living dancing molten Love. It is the illusion of the mind that isn't real. As you claim the Love you are in Me, every moment will be filled with wonder; every day a glorious communion with the unity of life. Your days will be filled with grace, your moments overflowing with an abundance never dreamed, an abundance of the ecstasy of life where every second is a universal treasure."

About Yael

The Pen in God’s Hand”

The Messages from God come from Yael Powell's 35 years of daily mystical communion with God. In the tradition of Hildegard von Bingen and other mystics, Yael found God's loving voice through experiences of great suffering transformed into Love. (Read Yael's story under About Us on the navigation bar.) Yael writes in her notebooks or talks on tape exquisite guidance for humanity during her daily meditations.

YAEL SPEAKS: My life has been a study in dramatic contrasts – from the depths of human darkness to the greatest heights of Light and Love. Through my communion with God that has come to be these Messages from God, I have come to understand that it is my heart of Love that helps to open the door to brand new possibilities for all of us, as together we transform a world of limitation into a world of joy, Love and wonder.

While these Messages from God didn’t begin in their current form until 1983, the Light was always present in my life. At the age of 5, I had found myself connecting in consciousness, through my heart, with what I now understand as my Twin Flame. READ MORE...

"I took the leap of faith
from my shadow cliff of doubt,
All I left behind
were the chains within my mind.
I felt something softly hold me ~
God's loving hands enfold me,
I knew the I AM within
was the same I AM as Him.
At last I was homeward bound.
My soul has leaped for joy
and finally I am wholly found."

This magnificent painting,
Leap of Faith, and its
poignant accompanying poem
are the work of visionary artist,
Ann Van Eps, who kindly gave
us permission to share them here.
Visit Ann's Gallery at

The Shift to the Heart of Love

The Messages from God guide us out of the limited mind into a shift to the heart of Love, bringing us a world of only Love. Through the Messages, God leads us to a grand perspective in which we open the heart, and every facet of life becomes about Love, a reflection of our beloved Creator.

The shift to the heart of Love and the activation of our hearts lift us to such a high vibration that we magnetically entrain every other heart to Love, just by their being in its proximity! Every aspect of life on Earth is transformed and brought into resonance with joy, beauty, perfection and Love. The shift to the heart of Love is the doorway to a life of ecstasy in a world of only Love. To support the Shift to the Heart, Circle of Light makes available a new, free offering called Heart Activation. This is a opening of hearts through a connection to Jeshua (Jesus) with Yael Powell's heart as conduit. We highly recommend that you READ MORE...

The Heart is Everything


One of the most important topics of the Messages from God is SoulMates, or the words we prefer, Twin Flames. The Messages have vastly stretched our consciousness about the divine partner and what Love truly is. The Love of SoulMates or Twin Flames, is Love in its highest ideal. The Love between true SoulMates or Twin Flames is deeply felt through the heart of Love as pure, natural, completely trusting, tender and eternal. There are no expectations, demands or needs to be fulfilled from the personality. It is based on spiritual truth and deep inner knowing and is totally unconditional.

Twin Flame Love follows the natural course of Love which is giving, with no expectation of return. As Twin Flames open the heart and give Love forth, their heart of Love then receives what has been given, multiplied. They expand the cycle of giving in service to God and to humanity. God is now calling every one of us to be willing to open to this kind of Love in the deepest possible way -- the Love that is the reflection of the Twin Flame within -- to be a part of creating Heaven on Earth, a world of Love and only Love. READ MORE

From the Messages from God:

“Dear ones, each and every Twin Flame couple will truly bring the Moment of Creation back to Earth. You shall be such a great manifestation of Love that, in your presence, time shall cease. All will be held in Holy Communion. The pendulum of cause and effect comes to rest because Twin Flames are My heart and shall thus entrain all in their presence to Love.”