Heart Activation
"Heart Activation allows the fulfillment of each person's purpose, first in the realms of Love and as the Arc of the Covenant of grace, and then as the expression ...of whatever it means to that consciousness to fulfill their agreement with God." Jeshua (Jesus)
A Free Service from Circle of Light Spiritual Center

The Messages from God at Circle of Light tell us that the Love pouring onto the Earth is now increasing exponentially, flooding hearts at this time of the Shift to the Heart. We at Circle of Light have been directed to offer Heart Activation, for anyone who desires to expand the opening of his/her heart more fully to receive this increasing influx of Love.

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Heart Activation is free. There is no monetary charge. 

What does Heart Activation do? Heart Activation awakens the divine spark that exists in the heart center of each of us by breaking through sometimes invisible blocks created by the mind. Heart Activation leads a heart to the power and intimacy of pure communion with the Love that is God, our Creator. It reminds us that we are the Love of God extended into the world as each of us, the Creator's active heart in outreach.

The ego mind is ever attempting to explain the world and to explain the spiritual path or awakening. It is not explainable in any way. It is, instead, an activation of that which is already alive within you, that which is already fully functioning. Each heart is as the heart of God. Nothing we have ever experienced in Earth life has changed that and it cannot. There has merely been amnesia, a forgetting among humanity that we are the heart of God and only Love. There has been a placing of our attention elsewhere. Heart Activation accelerates the return of our focus to who we truly are.

Yael Powell is the conduit, the heart that has been prepared through 35 years of mystical communion to be the deliverer of this Heart Activation. She has been directed to work intimately with Jeshua (Jesus) in this process. Jeshua, with other Beings of Light, using Yael's heart as a conduit, "ignites the spark in the heart center into a living flame of divine acknowledgement and worship. A heart that has been ignited to the truth of what lives within it truly is the magnetic presence of God. It is the power of Creation to open the way through illusion that Love might be perceived on every level in which you live and perceived easily."

Who should request Heart Activation? Anyone! Everyone! It can be of great assistance in opening our hearts and deepening our connection with our beloved Creator, releasing any separation from Love and opening up our lives. Heart Activation does not require that the person be physically present with Yael or even present by telephone. The Activation is done through her connection with Spirit during meditation. All that is required is your sincere written request.

God has asked us through the Messages to do all we can to make this available to everyone possible. Therefore, we are asking a simple exchange. We ask you to commit to sharing the information about Heart Activation with a minimum of five people. To do this please send the Heart Activation information directly to them. You can also use your Facebook Friends, email lists, forums or other internet connecting links or sources to extend this Heart Activation for us. You are also welcome to donate money to Circle of Light in gratitude for the Heart Activation. It will be put to excellent use, we assure you. Use the Donation form at the bottom of our pages.

We do not know and therefore will not be notifying you of the exact moment when the Heart Activation will take place but we would be delighted to hear your impressions of any changes in your life that are forthcoming. Sending all of you our deepest Love, Yael, Doug and ShannaPra at Circle of Light.

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