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Q. I have been thinking about the statement 'There's no way that Love can hurt.' In the past I've felt that I've loved several men, but it wasn't reciprocated and it hurt. So I'm wondering about that statement. Does that mean I didn't really love them? that it was just some kind of ego need that I thought was Love?

How can people who are "in Love" fall out of Love? Never being married or divorced, I never quite understood how people who love (or loved) each other can be so cruel to each other. So is this all ego stuff? Do I even know what real Love feels like?

A. You have got it! That was NOT Love. What we often call "Love" on this planet, what we see everywhere (movie stars, magazines, TV etc) are generally mass manipulations of ego. When you really give Love (to a man, to a friend, to anyone), you have no expectations. You are in a giving mode and not a getting or expecting mode. What you were calling Love certainly could have been some kind of ego need. We have all done this over and over because this is what is reversed on this planet. The focus is on getting instead of on giving. When God talks about the illusion in the Message, this is a big part of it.

When people first "fall in Love," that is the only time many people feel real Love. They are in their hearts, not their little minds. They don't care what other people think. They are just feeling Love. This is the way we are meant to feel all the time! Can you believe it? We are supposed to live in ecstasy and joy all the time. What happens in marriages is that the ego, expectations enter in. Other people enter in telling the couple that they should expect this or that. They look around and feel they should be like those around them. They are unable to hold their initial beautiful feeling because there is too much pressure from the rest of the world around them.

Twin Flame Love is Love at its highest ideal. The Love between Twin Flames is deeply felt through the heart as pure, natural, completely trusting, tender and eternal. There are no expectations, demands or needs to be fulfilled from the personality. It is based on spiritual truth and deep inner knowing, and is totally unconditional.

Twin Flame Love follows the natural course of Love which is giving, with no expectation of return. Love is always making more of itself and always giving outward to others. Love given through an open heart then receives what has been given multiplied, and continues the cycle of giving in service to God and to humanity. Twin Flame relationships are not yet frequent on Earth. God is now calling every one of us to be willing to open to this kind of Love in the deepest possible way -- the Love that is the reflection of the Twin Flame within -- to be a part of creating Heaven on Earth, a world of Love and only Love.